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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Simon Climie, The Songwriter

As many of you know by now, Taylor's working with Simon Climie as his producer on his upcoming CD. I was doing a bit of web surfing, and discovered that Simon co-wrote a song for one of my other "Idols" back when I was just a tyke - David Cassidy. Recently, David put out a new album called "Old Trick New Dog", and one of my favorite songs from that album, "No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross" was co-written by none other than Simon Climie. Now, I don't know if Simon wrote any songs for Taylor's album or whether he and Taylor collaborated on any song, but it's a great pop song - maybe too pop for Taylor, but I love it. Take a listen and tell me what you think...

No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross - David Cassidy

Other songs by Simon Climie can be found here.


Trixi said...

I also was a fan of David Cassidy, although my period was more of the "Partridge Family" era. I do like the song you have posted. I didn't realize David recorded during that time period. As I got older I parted ways with pop music. I prefer the pop music from the 70's.

I do like the song he did on the Michael McDonald Soul Speak cd.

There are a few big name people that have recorded his songs. Along with the people he has produced for, it looks like Taylor is in good hands.

Trixi said...

Actually Simon has 3 songs that he is listed in the credits on Michaels cd. One is his song, and the other 2 are Michael and Simon. I like all 3 songs.