Woman's Gotta Have It
Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
Song available on Taylor's new album, The Distance.
On sale now! Pick your copy today!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Taylor Hicks - The Songwriting Process

There's been a lot of excitment lately about Taylor's new album and the songs he's writing for it and the people he's collaborating with. I thought it would be interesting to go back and look at 2 GoFish videos he did a while back about this very topic. Every little tidbit about the writing process is so interesting to me. I can't wait to see what he comes up with! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Developer Wants Taylor Hicks As National Spokesman!

John Elkington of Performa Entertainment, the developer who is in the process of building a 40 million dollar entertainment complex in Birmingham, AL called "The Forge", is in negotiations with Taylor to be their national spokesman. According to The Birmingham News:

Performa is also talking with Hoover native and "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks about being a national commercial spokesman for the entertainment district, Elkington said. Hicks has signed a letter-of-intent to open a nightclub in the district. "We haven't reached an agreement yet, but are hoping to soon," Elkington said.

Hicks' yet unnamed 6,000-square-foot club will feature his Southern-style rock as well as live entertainment by local and regional acts. The district will include 136,00 square feet of clubs, restaurants and shops. Ruben Studdard, Season 2 winner of American Idol also signed a letter of intent to open club in the district.

Performa hopes to have it completed by the Spring of 2009.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Taylor Hicks - New Music On It's Way!!

Welp, we got treated today with a brand new audio blog on Taylor's official website, Taylor Hicks Headquarters!! The boy sounds nice and chipper and well worth a trip over there to hear the latest! If you haven't yet subscribed, I strongly urge you to do so! We're supposed to get sneak previews of Taylor's new music when it's available and first dibs on seating for the 2008 tour! There's also lots of cool video and audio over there so do check it out if you haven't already! I also urge you to check out his Facebook page and sign up as a friend!! Lots of videos and cool stuff over there as well!

And in keeping with this new chapter coming up with the new CD, DVD and tour, here's an awesome version of Gonna Move from the last show on the 2007 tour from Bloomsburg, PA courtesy of Idolwatcher33!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Randy Jackson's Compilation CD Bombing On The Charts!

Before I get to the Randy Jackson sales update, I'm gunna whine a bit about my intense dislike concerning the ongoing ignorant, nasty and hateful bloggers in cyberspace who think it's cool to piss on Taylor for no reason other than to attract hits on their page. Who ARE these people, anyway? Daughtry fans who are so vile they can't move on? Mcphee fans who just aren't smart enough to know any better? Simon Cowell's relatives? Nigel's cronies? It gets under my fucking skin like it's nobody's business. It's like a natural defense of mine to stand up for the people who I feel are getting the shit for no reason.

The latest incident comes at the Roanoke Times from a blogger named Wendy, who made Taylor's fans incite to riot with her snides remarks.

On March 26 she wrote:
Example: Telling Michael Johns he needs to show them something a little different. But, when David Cook shows them his usual self, they praise him. On this particular matter, my thought is that Daughtry's fame surprised them. And they know David Cook will be the next Daughtry. So they want to make sure they sign David Cook since they missed the boat on Chris Daughtry, who placed fourth on "Idol" in 2006. He lost out to Taylor Hicks of all people. Yeah, I know, Taylor who?


As for a comment made about Taylor and the record label "mutually" ending their relationship, maybe so. But isn't that generally what the dumpees say?

and on March 27th she had the balls to say:

A quick shout-out to commenter Tanja. Thanks for showing the THicks (I dare not write his name!) fans another side.

"Being nasty, calling names, and throwing out bizarre accusations doesn't do much to help Taylor Hicks's career."

Us? Throwing bizarre accusations? ROTFLMAO!!! So funny I can hardly contain myself. Uh, Wendy, dear.... what's the old saying? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? The anonymity of the Internet makes normally sane people act absolutely irrational sometimes - but I'm going to call them out at every opportunity when I see injustice done. Hrmph!

Okay now that I got that off my chest, here's an update on Randy Jackson's compilation CD - you remember, the one released a few weeks ago that was bombing on the sales chart? Here's the second week tallies courtesy of Ken of USA Today. "...Randy's compilation had made its debut at No. 50 the previous week with 13,000 units sold; this week it drops to No. 134 on the Billboard top 200 album chart, selling almost exactly half the first-week figure, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Total for two weeks is in the mid-19,000s....". I would even suspect that some of those 19,000 folks who did buy it returned it after they heard McPhee screech on her track. And wasn't it Randy who said something to the effect of people not buying Cd's if they stunk? Well!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Splort*!

I wonder if Universal will 'dump' Randy for low sales? Bwawawawawa!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taylor Hicks Collaborates With Grammy Nominated Writer

More collaboration news leaked out today (thanks MK!) from the Patriot Ledger in Quincy, MA regarding Taylor Hicks and his upcoming album. Seems he's writing with acclaimed songwriter Tom Hambridge, who has quite a long list of credentials and credits to his name. According to Billboard Magazine, "Tom Hambridge is a Grammy nominated producer, singer, songwriter and drummer. He has worked with: Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Susan Tedeschi, Hank Williams Jr. Delbert Mcclinton and Bo Diddley to name a few. His songs have been recorded by: Lynyrd Skynyrd, George Thorogood, Rodney Atkins, Van Zant, NRBQ, Shemekia Copeland, Joe Nichols, Montgomery Gentry, Delbert McClinton, Keith Anderson and Billy Ray Cyrus to name a few. As a solo artist he has released four critically acclaimed cd's and been featured on the Disney soundtracks of "Cars" and "Rattattoui" Tom was presented with the ASCAP 2007 song of the year award for the hit "Every Time I Hear Your Name".

To hear Tom's music, check out his myspace and his personal website.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monkees Last Episode 40 Years Ago Today

Many of you know I'm a HUGE Monkee fan, so I just want to take a slight interruption in our Taylor Hicks adventures to note that it was 40 years ago today that NBC aired the last original episode of "The Monkees" TV show (they filmed 58 episodes in total). Could it BE THAT LONG??? Holy Cow!! Anyway, that episode was "The Frodis Caper", an episode written and directed by Micky Dolenz, for all you trivia buffs out there. Here's a little Daydream Believer to mark the occasion. Dig the long hair, the hip shirts and the hippy bells. Groovy, man! Ah, those were the days, eh? Good music and Good Vibes all around!

Oh and one more thing - that Davy Jones was sure a cutie, eh?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Taylor Hicks Gets Exhibit at Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Taylor Hicks will get his very own display at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, the same organization that bestowed an American Music Award on him just last month. This display will include items from Taylor's own personal collection including the infamous purple velvet jacket he wore on the final night of competition between he and Katharine Mcphee back in May of 2006. It also will include the paisley shirt he wore when he sang "Play That Funky Music White Boy" and various instruments donated by his supporters. Family members, including Taylor's beloved grandmother, Ms. Joni Hicks will be in attendance.

Admission is $8 and includes a tour of the museum. The unveiling is scheduled between 10:00-10:30am on Saturday, May 10, 2008.

For more information, contact them at:

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 740405
Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Phone: (800) 239-AMHF
Fax: 256-381-1031
Email: info@alamhof.org

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taylor Hicks Spotted in Aspen, CO!

According to an article in the Toronto Star, Taylor was recently spotted at the Aspen, CO airport. Could he have taken a much needed skiing vacation hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite? Say what you want, the guy loves to pamper himself with everything from vacationing on the private island of Cayo Espanto off the coast of Belize to taking on the snow covered slopes of Colorado. I hope he got to see the John Denver display in the Rio Grand area in Aspen - an area where he wrote many of his beautiful inspirational songs. Let's hope it inspired Taylor to do the same!

The article reads in part:

"...But to really celeb spot, you need to be here at Christmas or holidays, when the permanent population of about 7,000 can quadruple and regulars such as singer Seal and his wife Heidi Klum, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Jack Nicholson and Jennifer Lopez take to the streets, the stores and the slopes.

Used to be they'd be treated just like locals, but Hawn has complained even out-of-the-way Aspen isn't the discreet getaway from the paparazzi that it once was.

Try as you may, it's almost impossible not to get caught up in the talent tally. I was embarrassed to find myself text messaging my kids to alert them that I was standing just feet from American Idol winner Taylor Hicks at Aspen airport and that I'd passed filmmaker Steven Spielberg on the street.

"That's a good (sighting). I'm impressed by that," confessed one local. "Everybody wants to know who's here, but the fact is you might never see them...."

Friday, March 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks & Jon Cook

Long time fans of Taylor Hicks know that Jon Cook has been on the musical scene with him as an accompanying guitarist for quite a while, even playing on his pre-idol CD's "In Your Time" & "Under The Radar". Here's some information on Jon I recently came across from 2006 that might be of interest. Some of Taylor's best performances have been with Jon (most recently in Orange Beach, AL last year). Wouldn't it be great if he played on Taylor's next CD? Magic! How about a studio version of the still socially relevant Abraham, Martin, and John? Check out the live version they did together in the jukebox above!

Born and bread in the great music state of Georgia , Jon is truly a southern gentlemen. Jon cut his teeth while in school at AUBURN , where he and long time friend Taylor Hicks spent many nights honing in a very unique duo which also worked as a great band. The group the ”EZ WIDERS” played festivals , benefits and clubs earning a very good reputation as a Blue eyed soul and rock and roll band.

Taylor met Jon Cook in 1995 while they were both students at Auburn University. The pair performed in various bands and as a duo during the next several years. “Playing with Taylor was nothing but fun. We enjoyed it and had a good time,” Cook said. Performing everything from soul to bluegrass and reggae, Hicks and Cook made the Alabama rounds, became fixtures at the legendary Flora-Bama Lounge, and trekked out to Los Angeles to perform showcases at the House of Blues and the Playboy Mansion. “We had all sorts of fun on the road,” Cook said. A little over a year and a half ago, the Taylor Hicks Band was born. Mitch Jones is the bassist for that band.

“We had all sorts of fun on the road,” Cook said.

A little over a year and a half ago, the Taylor Hicks Band was born. Mitch Jones is the bassist for that band.

Jones said the first time he performed with Hicks was with Wynn Christian at Bodega.

“People were standing on the pool tables in the bar. It was crazy,” he said.

“The way the crowd responds to Taylor on ‘Idol’ is the same as when the band plays in clubs,” Jones said.

“He’s always been quirky,” Jones said. “He’s even a little restrained on ‘American Idol’ since he only has three minutes to perform.”

Cook said he’s known Hicks so long that he seems completely normal.

“He doesn’t seem so spastic to me. Maybe I’ve known him too long, but I don’t even notice,” Cook said. “Maybe because it’s just old hat to me.”

Since Hicks has been on “American Idol,” the Taylor Hicks Band has been put on hold while its other members continue to perform under the name Little Memphis Blues Orchestra.

“I just couldn’t be prouder of him (Hicks). We talked about (him auditioning for ‘Idol’) and joked that he needed to hurry up since he was 29,” Cook said. “There’s no doubt he’s talented, but I don’t think anybody expected he’d do so well in that format.”

Taylor and Jon in Birmingham, Al 2004 (Photo courtesy of M. Sheehan)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

America Blew It When They Lost Amanda Overmyer

Well I for one is terribly saddened to see my girl Amanda eliminated on American Idol. She was the only one with the guts and grit to tell it like it is. A basically fuck-you attitude. Oh how I love people who kick the status quo in the gut! I really liked her 'this is me and I'm not gunna change for nobody' carefree attitude. How refreshing was that?? Unfortunately, that was her downfall. She was too unique for the follow-the-leader tastes of the American Idol audience. They like bland copycats. The one exception? Taylor Hicks, who brilliantly and methodically beat the odds. Amanda wasn't mainstream enough, apparantly. I guess all those moms in the audience didn't want their little girls to be like that biker chick Amanda! Whoa! Fright!

So what are we left with? The bland blank-stare androgyny of little David Archuleta, Jason Castro, the off-spring of Whoopie Goldberg & John Travolta, horse-girl Kristy Lee Cook, tattoo covered Carly Smithson and a bunch of other boring contestants whose names escape me. Sigh.

Well, I wish you good luck Amanda, and I have feeling that Taylor was rooting for you as well. Stay true to yourself and your music!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Randy Jackson's CD Compilation a FLOP! Don't laugh now....

Okay, just kidding... g'head and laugh it up! Bwawawawawawa! The Randy Jackson's Music Club Vol. 1 CD debuts at a disappointing #50 on Billboard and sells an embarrassingly low 13,000 copies (Mr. Hick's debut sold 298,000 in the US just for comparison - heh!). All in unison now - can we all say FLOP? Serves him and Paula right for being so smug about sneaking that hideous video they made back on Idol a few weeks ago. It also serves him right for making "excuses" for people like Taylor for "just" selling 701,000 copies. I betcha that looks m-i-g-h-t-y fine to Randy right about now, eh? I think it's safe to assume there won't be a Volume 2 (snicker). Splort! (that's kool-aid coming out of my nose from laughter).

What goes around comes around. He should know that by now - being an important tool 'in the biz'. Next time you make up reasons why CDs don't sell as expected, Randy, let me remind you of your own failure with this one. This is what you get for using "C" idol rejects like Katharine Mcphee and Elliott Yamin to record a horribly bland and generic piece of pop crap to sell your poorly produced CD - and then use your push to get her on Idol last week as a not so subtle way of bringing her back in America's consciousness. DUDE! It didn't work. She still only sold 500 copies of her Bumble Bee cover CD last week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks Pictures from the Children's Miracle Network Awards Ceremony!

You'll find more on Taylor's myspace page, but here are a few he posted from his appearance on the Children's Miracle Network telethon down in Orlando a few days ago. It's a pity this wasn't picked up by some of the mainstream media instead of statements from Simon Cowell about how he thinks American got it wrong. Typical. It's this sort of good publicity Taylor needs in the coming months, but regardless, good for him for always being there to help kids with special needs!

Monday, March 17, 2008

More Collaboration News for Taylor Hicks!

Simon Cowell was on Oprah today and again force fed the audience his acid pablum about how American got it "wrong" picking Taylor in Season 5. To add insult to injury, he then trotted out his money tool hopeful Leona Lewis from England for his American brainwashing. To that, Mr. Cowell, I submit my visual response (and America's) to your never ending pile of oral bullshit on the left.

And while I'm at it, here's a nice little blurb from the Masterclass Vocal website, who is still touting Taylor's singing skills two years later. Take that Mr. Cowell. Rosanne Simunovic writes:

I always take artistry into major consideration when evaluating the singers. Very important and, yes, Idolina, Brian Melo was a great example of this.

So was Taylor Hicks. He didn’t have the strongest voice, but was a master at interpretation. Also, he really knew how to entertain and stimulate his audience. He had great respect for the music and the listeners.

Okay onto some GREAT news on the Taylor Hicks front! We have more collaboration news from Nashville! Seems songwriter Zane Williams from Big Yellow Dog Music Publishing had an encounter with Taylor a few weeks ago. According to his write up over here, "Another fun surprise happened a couple weeks ago when fellow Big Yellow Dog writer Pat Mclaughlin introduced me to his co-writer up at the office, who happened to be Taylor Hicks. His season on American Idol was the only one I really watched on a regular basis, and I thought he was a really unique presence, so it was interesting to meet him in person!".

Pat's music seems like a perfect fit for Taylor in that it's a little bit country, blues, r&b, soul and pop all meshed into one - not to mention the guy sounds exactly like Taylor's hero Van Morrison.

McLaughlin's compositions have been recorded by a jaw-dropping array of artists including Bonnie Raitt, Alan Jackson, Taj Mahal, Trisha Yearwood, Al Kooper, Nanci Griffith, Josh Turner, Shawn Camp and Don Williams. Gary Allan recorded Pat's "Songs About Rain," securing yet another BMI Country Award for McLaughlin. An in-demand studio musician, Pat's guitar "chunking" finessed projects by Jamie Hartford, Rosanne Cash, Julie Roberts, Don Williams, Al Cooper, Shawn Camp, Cowboy Jack Clement, Neil Diamond and many more.

Check out a couple of these sites from more information on Pat McLaughlin:

Pat on The David Letterman Show a few years ago:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks & Kelly Clarkson - Artistic Differences With Clive

From The Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aotama music website, a very well stated argument about Clive Davis and his battles with Taylor and Kelly Clarkson over artistic differences which I agree with wholeheartedly. In part it reads:

Sadly, in very recent years he’s been known for butting heads with some of his artists over the content of their music in a vain quest to adult-contemporize artists more used to edgier rock and R&B material. Kelly Clarkson in particular had a very public battle with Clive over the more rock-oriented material on her album My December, during which Clive tried to bribe the singer with several million dollars in return for dropping several of the songs off of the album in favor of more bland by-the-nuumbers adult-contempoary material (wisely, she didn’t take the money), while American Idle 2006 winner Taylor Hicks reportedly blamed artistic differences with the veteran executive over his sudden decision to part company with the RCA Records Group. Granted, like most post-Clarkson Idle winners, his status as a ‘fan favorite’ may be in justifiable doubt, but when fan complaints about some of the material on his album plus his post-departure remarks about artistic differences are added together – even without throwing the Clarkson My December controversy back into the mix – it doesn’t help dissipate the image Davis has grown in recent years of an out-of-touch, potentially senile old man.

About the author of the above writing:

CJ Marsicano is a writer and musician from the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. He has written about music and pop culture for such online publications as Scoops, The Bagpipe Report, and Project X, and conducted interviews with such noteworthy musicians as Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, The Stooges), Bif Naked, and Brendan Canty (Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Bob Mould). A musician in both the punk/alternative and electronic dance music genres, he has released an EP, WMX8, which is available exclusively on iTunes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Taylor Hicks Joins Donny & Marie for Children's Miracle Network Celebration

Taylor Hicks continues to unselfishly volunteer his time and his effort to help children's charities. This time, he will be appearing at the Children's Miracle Network's annual celebration on Saturday, March 15, 7:30pm at the Celebration Finale and Champion Medal Ceremony.

It's co-founder Marie Osmond and the entire legendary Osmond family will also be appearing this week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL to celebrate miracles with the charitable organization they founded with John Schneider 25 years ago.

Since its founding, Children’s Miracle Network has grown dramatically from a televised fund raiser in the Osmond’s small studio to one of the world’s leading children’s charities helping 17 million kids each year.They are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for children’s hospitals. Each year the 170 Children's Miracle Network hospitals provide the finest medical care, life-saving research and preventative education to help millions of kids overcome diseases and injuries of every kind. To learn more go to www.childrensmiraclenetwork.org.

For anyone not familiar with the Osmond Family, here is a clip from their recent 50th anniversary reunion concert in Las Vegas. Toward the end of the clip, Marie refers to the Children's Mircle Network. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol - The Beatles? Let's Invite Taylor Hicks Back...

... to sing a staple of his 2007 shows - "Don't Let Me Down". That will surely bring the house down. I know I'm dreaming here, and they aren't gunna invite Taylor back to show up all the inferior singers.

But to be honest, I got a little sick to my stomach as I watched Kat McPhee sing "Something" on tonights show. It just so happens that was the only Beatle song ever sung on American Idol prior to this season - a song which Taylor Hicks took by the balls and sang the shit out of 2 years ago. Why, then, was she the one invited back to sing it and not him? I see it as just another way Nigel Lythgoe likes to torture Taylor's fans. Was he even asked?

I guess it doesn't really matter since I'm absolutely certain he doesn't give a shit about it (if he even knows or cares) but something about the whole show just didn't sit right with me.

But, just for a second, imagine him bringing his band back with Brian Gallagher on sax and ripping this ....

While we're at it, here's Taylor singing "Something"...

Taylor Hicks - 2007 Tour A Big Success!

During the Spring and Summer of 2007, Taylor Hicks embarked on his first ever 100+ city nationwide tour that spanned 8 months (February-Sept 2007). According to sources, his tour grossed roughly $3,819,000. He was the only headlining act from the American Idol Season 5 lineup and THE most successful one on tour from that year. Don't forget that. Not bad for someone who didn't have the luxury or push of a hit single on the radio. Simply, he put people in their seats because of his extraordinary live performances.

This stat doesn't even include the merchandising (CDs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and teddy bears) sales, so yea, he's doing quite well I suspect! Next time he's in your town (hopefully sometime later this year), don't hesitate to go see him. It's a guaranteed great time!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Randy Jackson said America Got it Right!

Well of course America got it right dude! Was there ever a question about the correctness of Taylor Hicks turning American Idol on it's head with his smooth blue-eyed soul singing? Nope!

That said, I'm gunna be a cynical blogger and say that Randy wants to make nice with Taylor's fanbase here because he has a new album to promote this week. (He has dissed Taylor in the past when it suited him). Here is his quote from "Reality Rocks". You decide.

REALITY ROCKS: American Idol is a great equalizer in that way. Because the public makes the ultimate decision.

RANDY: Look, I did A&R at labels for years. Every label thinks, when they sign someone, “This is the perfect pedigree to sign. They’re cute, they can sing, they can dance, et cetera.” And they say to the public, “Here, this is what you’re gonna like.” But you might say, “No, I don’t like that!” You’ll probably say “no” many more times than you’ll say “yes”! So the idea on Idol is, if we present the public with the artists and said, “Hey, you tell us which one you like best,” the public always–no matter what the artist looks like–picks the best singer. ALWAYS. That’s why the show is really cool. What it does is it puts the talent first. And for a guy like me, who’s a producer and a manager–I love artists–the quality of music is what this is about. The public always picks quality. That’s the coolest thing about the show and what I love the most.

REALITY ROCKS: Even with Taylor Hicks?

RANDY: Hey, I liked him too! Yes, America got it right. I truly believe every season they get it right.

REALITY ROCKS: So what do you have to say to people who say American Idol has gone downhill and has jumped the shark?

RANDY: Come on. Let me ask you this–are there 30 million people watching any other show, any five nights combined? No. So I don’t think that’s a concern at all. I think this show could go on for another 20 years. It’s the best talent/singing show that there’s ever been. I think people always just wanna hate, don’t they? There’s a lot of haters, man. This is what we always say in the music business: Do you know when you’ve made it? When people hate you.

Well gee whiz, Taylor must be on top of the world then, cuz he's got his share of haters, that's for damn sure.

In any case, I was watching the Top 12 on AI7 tonight and guess what!???! They have a new opening sequence and God Dayum! They put Taylor back in, head and all! Someone must have threatened Nigel that's all I can say. Heh. He's actually in the sequence twice from what I saw. I think Fantasia got the short end of the stick this time, cuz I didn't see much of her. Whatever....

And about the performances - Chekezie was the BOMB! He's been watching Taylor's performances so it seems. Excellent dude! David Cook? Love ya! You make Daughtry look like the loser tool he is in comparison. Kristy Lee Cook? That was, uh, like gag me with a spoon bad OMG! And David Archuleta? CHOKE!!!! Not good. Better contain those nerves and for heaven's sake, don't forget Beatle lyrics! Geeesh, how lame is that!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Possible Collaborations on New Album?

So, we already know of possible collaborations with Steve Cropper of Stax Records and John Mayer, but now, according to a interview done by Modern Whomp Magazine during the Alabama Hall of Fame ceremony, Taylor informs us of other possible future collaborations. Read on...

MWM: So getting an award like this in your home state, must bring everything up til now full circle for you?

Taylor: Yea, full circle for sure, just as we walk over one now isn't that interesting. The whole deal is a little bit overwhelming. You know, you have all these musicians you've studied over the years and listened to while driving up and down highway 65 that runs north to south...and that's just amazing, I'm real honored to be here.

MWM: So you've played with Cleve Eaton at Open Door, so how was it to...Taylor: You ever heard Cleve?

MWM: Um, actually I have not had the pleasure.

Taylor: I hope Cleve's going to play, because Cleve plays a great bass..man when you play with Cleve your playin on earth and Cleve plays in mars. That is kind of how it goes when you play with Cleve.

MWM: Are there any other inductees tonight that you have been able to play with in your career so far?

Taylor: Me and Donnie Fritts have been talking on the phone for a while now, and him, myself and Billy Bob Thornton may possibly work on some music together.

MWM: So with this next album will there be a large or small variation from the last album?

Taylor: It just depends, at this point I'm deep into the whole creative aspect you know...I am doing a bare bones process right now, just the song is the main key for me right now. Also doing some performances every now and then.

MWM: So at this stage as you strip away the layers, where do you draw from? Where do you get your inspiration?

Taylor: There are many concepts I've been thinking about over the years and I pull from there, you know lines, hooks. Just because you have a thought or feeling in the past does not make it unusable artisticly in the present. That is one of the things I love about good bare bones music it stands the test of time.

For more information and/or subscription information, please visit Modern Whomp Magazine. Editor: Claudia Oakenfull.

For snippets of Billy Bob Thorton music, check out his webpage here. For information about the music of Donnie Fritts, check out his website here.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Taylor Hicks Writing For Next Album

Good news folks! We heard from Taylor this morning and yes there is signs of life! Seems he has his sexy patooty in motion and is writing all kinds of music for his next album. He said for the past 2 weeks he's been in Nashville and Los Angeles and has about 30 songs that he's choosing from. Oh boy, if this doesn't make you salivate, I don't know what will. I'm absolutely convinced that this looooooong wait will be worth it in spades when we hear the final product. Imagine someone with the soulful vibe of Taylor Hicks having creative freedom without the strangle-hold of Clive Davis!? Imagine if he comes up with another song like "Somehow" (a masterpiece in my opinion), a song he penned for his first album "In Your Time". Imagine if it makes Clive rue the day he and Taylor parted ways? Imagine if he makes the critics eat crow? Yum Yum! Ah! A glorious day for the Soul Patrol, eh?

Personally, I don't care how much or how little commercial success this album has, just as long as there's some good soulful and bluesy tunes to groove and swoon with!

Also, he said his goal on the next tour is to make it up to Canada AND to give the West Coast of the U.S. lots of Taylor luv! Wooo! Europe and Asia is not out of the question either depending on how the new album does! Let's cross our fingers!

Go Taylor! We're waiting with baited breath!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Whoa! American Idol made $63 million for 19 Entertainment in 2007, up from $47 million in 2006

For anyone left who thinks American Idol is anything OTHER than a mega-$$$ conglomerate out for their own interests is delusional. Their search for new "talent' is just a vehicle for their own deeeep pockets - nothing else.

Here are the facts: The American Idol franchise made $63,212,000 for its parent company 19 Entertainment last year, up from $47,211,000 in 2006, according to an SEC filing made by 19’s parent company, CKX.

The show actually earned $83,859,000 in 2007, but had expenses of $20,647,000. In 2006, though, the total revenue was $67,710,000, with expenses of $20,499,000 for a total of $47,211,000. (These numbers don’t count revenues the show brings in for other companies, such as Fox.)

From the Idol contestants who have become recording artists under 19 Entertainment’s control, the company made $27,056,000 in 2007 and $18,231,000 in 2006.

Read more of the article here.

So this is how I see it. Taylor never signed with 19E after he won AI. They didn't like that (no money for Simon or Nigel!). So..... he's useless to them. He won't appear on their show, nor get any backing or support from them (unless they have too - like at the finale last year). It's pretty cut and dry - no big secret here. 19E is in the business to make money and will promote only those contestants who contribute to their bank account. These maliable, young contestants are just tools and props for the powers-that-be - disposable puppets for the bosses deeeeeeep pockets.

Case in point. Even though Ruben Studdard was dropped from J Records, he is still being managed and owned by, yes, 19E, so they assigned him to sing the send-off song this year, milking him for every last thing he's worth. We all know that they have no interest in Ruben's artistry or long-term career. If they were, they wouldn't have ignored him for the past 6 years. It's so transparent, isn't it?

Thanks goodness Taylor got the hell away from this machine and the creeps who run it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Taylor Hicks Scheduled to Roast Sportscaster Paul Finebaum

Don't miss the Paul Finebaum Celebrity Roast Presented by the American Cancer Society on Monday, April 14th at the Pelham Civic Complex. Confirmed celebrity roasters include Taylor Hicks, Jay Barker, and many more will be announced soon. For corporate table or individual ticket information contact ryan.haney@citcomm.com.

Reception is at 6:00 with Dinner and Roast at 7:00. Tables of 8 are $500 and individual tickets are $75.00. Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.

For those not acquainted with Paul Finebaum, here's a little background on him. He is an American columnist, author, television and radio personality based in Birmingham, Alabama. His primary focus is sports, particularly those in the Southeast. Finebaum was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He attended the University of Tennessee, where he received a liberal arts degree.

Here's an old interview that Taylor did with Paul Finebaum from 12-21-06:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Taylor Hicks/Jason Yeager - Long Train Running

We all know that Jason Yeager got voted off last week's American Idol, but I wanted to put up his version of the Doobie's "Long Train Running". I didn't think it was that bad, but perhaps if he had performed it the way Taylor did in concert, he'd still be in the competition - or maybe not. Simon referenced Jason's ending to the song - sorta like a poor man's Taylor ending, and Simon unearthed the "D" word again - one he had no problem using on Taylor unjustly. I dunno, maybe I'm seeing too much into this. Take a listen/comparison. Sorry about the jumpy video.