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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Taylor Hicks/Jason Yeager - Long Train Running

We all know that Jason Yeager got voted off last week's American Idol, but I wanted to put up his version of the Doobie's "Long Train Running". I didn't think it was that bad, but perhaps if he had performed it the way Taylor did in concert, he'd still be in the competition - or maybe not. Simon referenced Jason's ending to the song - sorta like a poor man's Taylor ending, and Simon unearthed the "D" word again - one he had no problem using on Taylor unjustly. I dunno, maybe I'm seeing too much into this. Take a listen/comparison. Sorry about the jumpy video.


crazymomelon said...

You know, there really isn't much to that song, vocally. Have to agree with the judges there.
It really needs the harmonica and Taylor, as always, brings it.
Thanks for putting these together, griz

WOO said...

Soulthing--that second vid was Painful! That kid does not know what to do with the space in the song. His voice is too "pretty" to have soul! No signature of his own.

Now Taylor's Hawter than Hawt rendition was full of grit and whiskey and sex and the harp was especially killer. Hmmm, Yeah.Taylor any time, any song he brings it.

Stephanie said...

Jason's version is missing the FUNK!
It's also missing Taylor and The Boogie, Josh, Loren, Brian, Brian Less, Felix the Cat. Bandzilla is basically white bread.

J. said...

Of course Taylor's version rules. I like Jason's voice, but his performance style is not good.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is the first time I have watched anything related to AI this year and this just reinforces the fact that I will not be tuning in to the show - the kid wasn't too bad (definitely not Taylor) - but listening and watching Randy and Simon is nauseating.

The only way I will watch this show again is if Taylor makes an appearance (which is highly doubtful). This show has definitely run it's course.

Anonymous said...

I think Jason performing style has to do with his current gig in Branson, where the Osmonds and Andy Williams are popular shows. I've seen both and enjoyed them but that doesn't translate to the type that does well with AI audiences.