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Friday, March 7, 2008

Whoa! American Idol made $63 million for 19 Entertainment in 2007, up from $47 million in 2006

For anyone left who thinks American Idol is anything OTHER than a mega-$$$ conglomerate out for their own interests is delusional. Their search for new "talent' is just a vehicle for their own deeeep pockets - nothing else.

Here are the facts: The American Idol franchise made $63,212,000 for its parent company 19 Entertainment last year, up from $47,211,000 in 2006, according to an SEC filing made by 19’s parent company, CKX.

The show actually earned $83,859,000 in 2007, but had expenses of $20,647,000. In 2006, though, the total revenue was $67,710,000, with expenses of $20,499,000 for a total of $47,211,000. (These numbers don’t count revenues the show brings in for other companies, such as Fox.)

From the Idol contestants who have become recording artists under 19 Entertainment’s control, the company made $27,056,000 in 2007 and $18,231,000 in 2006.

Read more of the article here.

So this is how I see it. Taylor never signed with 19E after he won AI. They didn't like that (no money for Simon or Nigel!). So..... he's useless to them. He won't appear on their show, nor get any backing or support from them (unless they have too - like at the finale last year). It's pretty cut and dry - no big secret here. 19E is in the business to make money and will promote only those contestants who contribute to their bank account. These maliable, young contestants are just tools and props for the powers-that-be - disposable puppets for the bosses deeeeeeep pockets.

Case in point. Even though Ruben Studdard was dropped from J Records, he is still being managed and owned by, yes, 19E, so they assigned him to sing the send-off song this year, milking him for every last thing he's worth. We all know that they have no interest in Ruben's artistry or long-term career. If they were, they wouldn't have ignored him for the past 6 years. It's so transparent, isn't it?

Thanks goodness Taylor got the hell away from this machine and the creeps who run it.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Griz! But how do you think this affects Taylor's future musical career?

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree your blog is great and I eagerly check in each day. This is very interesting information about the greeeedy pigs but I am very concerned for Taylor. I think he has an uphill battle in his musical career since he has been smeared with the dropped tag and all of the previos crap that have intentionaly heaped on him. He has to have some broad shoulders to brush it off and so do his fans. I guess the thing to do is just support him as best we can (like you do with this great blog) and know in our heart of hearts that his talent and tenaciousness will win out.

Pat P

Anonymous said...

The one thing that AI is good at is promotions. I can not see the logic in Taylor not staying with them. After all, isn't that part of winning American Idol... having them push you as the chosen Idol!

IMO Taylor made some bad moves. Of course I have no idea if it was his choice or if they pushed him out for Chris. That would be the only explaination that would make sense to me.

I think Taylor has at least one more chance to put out an album that will make it.. with the general public. With me.. Taylor has nothing to prove. I will be a fan forever!

cochem said...

I disagree with the bad move...I think Taylor signed elsewhere because he already knew Kelly and Clay had gotten out of their agreements with 19....He knew that if he was promoted and stayed with 19 he would be tied to them for a long time...and there is no way on this God green earth they would ever let him do his own thing on any future albums....I really think down in my heart that Taylor is happy that this AI album did not score millions...because Clive and J Records would want the next one to be just like that one...it was a winner do not change a thing...ACK...So all of Taylor's future albums would have no great bluesy songs, acoustic songs , or even Taylor oringal songs...(yea he got 2 (3 with HOAD) on this album but I think he fought for that..2 wow)...And God knows that he made Clay do a covers album....Here is an excerpt from Rollinstone,Clive Davis & Rod Stewart:

It was Rod's idea for The Great American Storybook (his regular producers shot it down) ..He took it to Clive...He said, I love this concept. I don't like the the way it was structured.' When it was finished, you might think, 'Great, it's a nice little niche thing, it will sell 150,000 albums.' Not Clive. He treated it like it was a new Beatles record. It sold 5 million copies. For the follow-up, Rod's manager says "what do we do next?" Clive says "When Volume 1 sells 5 million copies your next record is Volume 2".

Rod Stewart: "With the four Amercian Songbooks, Clive was involved to the extent of being too involved. He would take these songs and change keys and not even bother about whether I could sing in that key or not."

Rod put out Volume I-IV 2002-2005 and then in 2006 Great Classics..all these albums cover songs...(Rod is probably sorry he was the one that took the original idea to Clive)...Geesh Rod, Clive will just not let go...

I believe Taylor went on AI to get the exposure and the fanbase...I don't believe he wants to be a SUPERSTAR....He said at the booksigning he wants to just make enough money to support his family..He also said there that he was glad that the John Mayer tune did not gell enough for this album..(wonder why)..

I do not think Taylor is losing any sleep not being on AI or being dissed by them...Taylor has had a plan all along...and we are in for some great albums from this young man no doubt about it

soulthing said...

ITA cochem! I have never been as anxious to hear an album as I am about Taylor's upcoming one. The possibilities on it are so exciting! I hope that Mayer/Hicks collaboration makes it onto this new one. I think that's the one I'm looking forward too most!

Trixi said...

I don't believe that Taylor made a bad decision distancing himself from AI. He went on AI to get national exposure and build a fanbase. Accomplished. I do believe that Taylor has a plan, and will continue on with it. Taylor is a smart man and I would imagine he thinks out every step he is taking. After all, this is his lively hood he is dealing with.

I have no doubt that Taylor will accomplish what he has set out to do. Make great music, tour, and bring lots of happiness to many, many people. Me for one.

Anonymous said...

Taylor got what he wanted from AI.
1) Name recognition and 2) a nice little "national" fanbase. Then he got the hell outta' Dodge.
Te..he..he. So he used them didn't he? LOL And the idiots don't even realize it.

Trixi said...

I think the idiots realized it, that's why they hate him so much. He beat them at their own game!!

Anonymous said...

We have all heard the stories of these huge conglomerates using their artists. Sure, they are marketing them and the Artists are selling millions, BUT who's making the money? We can't ignore long time artists going on the record about how little money they made. Will Taylor's next CD sell as well as the first? Probably not, but by getting a larger portion of the pie for himself he may not need the huge sales to make a good living.

Anonymous said...

I think Nigel feels "used". Poor baby! hehe!