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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taylor Hicks - 2007 Tour A Big Success!

During the Spring and Summer of 2007, Taylor Hicks embarked on his first ever 100+ city nationwide tour that spanned 8 months (February-Sept 2007). According to sources, his tour grossed roughly $3,819,000. He was the only headlining act from the American Idol Season 5 lineup and THE most successful one on tour from that year. Don't forget that. Not bad for someone who didn't have the luxury or push of a hit single on the radio. Simply, he put people in their seats because of his extraordinary live performances.

This stat doesn't even include the merchandising (CDs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and teddy bears) sales, so yea, he's doing quite well I suspect! Next time he's in your town (hopefully sometime later this year), don't hesitate to go see him. It's a guaranteed great time!


Anonymous said...

I just love your site griz and thanks for that tour info, knew you would find it at some point. It really makes me happy and I hope this kind of info leaks out fast. No wonder Tay doesn't seem upset he's right where he wants to be.....
I bet he had to sell a thousand dollars or way more every nigh that he was on tour.... of all the CD's bears and goodies at least. If you figure $1,000 times how many nights her toured he did pretty darn good. Not sure of how many actual days that were in the complete tour? I leave that to you to figure out.
Thanks again for the info. CJ

soulthing said...

Feel free to post this info on all the fan sites - it's really a tribute to Taylor's great talents as a live performer that made that tour a success. Imagine how much more it would have been with a hit single. Another 'finger wave' to Clive. ;)

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd dig up these figures, griz. Thanks!
But, we knew it all along, didn't we?

Anonymous said...

Of the 3 or 4 sites that I visit each day to get Taylor news, this one has become the first stop. Thanks Soul Thing for such a great site.

The tour news makes me very happy. I went to two shows (more if I could have) and I got my $$$ worth and more. He gave it 110% and had a kick a$$ band behind him.

Can...not...wait for the next tour!!!!! If the general public knew what we know, they'd be there...be there....be there...(LOL) when the new tour starts.

Anonymous said...

I had given up ever finding this out ... great news!

juliegr said...

That some HOT news, Griz! I'd be happy to post this on MJ's but I'll need the source. Can you share it?

Thanks for the figures ~~~ that's so cool. I'm happy for him and proud of his efforts!

Anonymous said...

I went to 3 concerts last spring and this news doesn't surprise me in the least! Taylor is so awesome to see live in concert - who needs drugs? He is the ultimate high!

soulthing said...

julie - it was posted by NEVADA on Hezz's site, which she got from Pollstar. So ya, post away! :) Thanks!

juliegr said...

griz -- didn't know Hezz HAS a site. Neither she nor Nevada are showing up at MJ's anymore -- that explains why!!! Can you share the link? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Would there be any net profit in that 3.8 Mil. ?? I have no idea how much the musicians are paid and what living expenses are covered. And can't imagine the transportation costs. I bet Taylor has a team of CPAs doing his taxes.


cochem said...

griz, here is a couple links I had stored away on the music industry...Some interesting tidbits..Nevada had put these up at MJ's last year in March 2007...

Merchandising 110303http://www.broadjam.com/articles/article_110303.asp

Live Performance & Touring 092903

Record Sales 011904

An index of more articles

soulthing said...

Thanks cochem! I find all those types of articles really interesting!

cypfan - I'm sure there was a nice profit for Taylor when you consider he pocketed most of the merchandising money. I know I gave him $75 at my show hahaha! I mean he hasn't really worked since last Sept. steadily, so he's living on last years salary most probably.

julie - I emailed you Hezz's site addy. If anyone else wants it let me know.