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Thursday, March 20, 2008

America Blew It When They Lost Amanda Overmyer

Well I for one is terribly saddened to see my girl Amanda eliminated on American Idol. She was the only one with the guts and grit to tell it like it is. A basically fuck-you attitude. Oh how I love people who kick the status quo in the gut! I really liked her 'this is me and I'm not gunna change for nobody' carefree attitude. How refreshing was that?? Unfortunately, that was her downfall. She was too unique for the follow-the-leader tastes of the American Idol audience. They like bland copycats. The one exception? Taylor Hicks, who brilliantly and methodically beat the odds. Amanda wasn't mainstream enough, apparantly. I guess all those moms in the audience didn't want their little girls to be like that biker chick Amanda! Whoa! Fright!

So what are we left with? The bland blank-stare androgyny of little David Archuleta, Jason Castro, the off-spring of Whoopie Goldberg & John Travolta, horse-girl Kristy Lee Cook, tattoo covered Carly Smithson and a bunch of other boring contestants whose names escape me. Sigh.

Well, I wish you good luck Amanda, and I have feeling that Taylor was rooting for you as well. Stay true to yourself and your music!


jewell said...

Amanda was my favorite too. I was kind of bummed when she was voted off but I'm not voting so I guess I can't complain. Hopefully this will have openned some doors for her and we'll see more of her in the future.

I also like David C and Brooke a lot.

Anonymous said...

I haven't voted since Taylor or even watched much. I figure if as AI leads us to believe that "America got it wrong" then me and 64 million others wasted our time. Why should I vote when Simon tells you who should have won anyway.

I liked Amanda too but she (like Taylor) was too original and unique for AI.

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:

Square peg in a round hole? Yep. I have only watched a couple of times and not all the way thru. AI just sickens me...I get a gut wrenching feeling because of the way they continue to treat Taylor. Won't vote. Wish this lovely person a recording contract but, just hope that she doesn't sign away her soul like Daughtry did. She's got talent.