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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Possible Collaborations on New Album?

So, we already know of possible collaborations with Steve Cropper of Stax Records and John Mayer, but now, according to a interview done by Modern Whomp Magazine during the Alabama Hall of Fame ceremony, Taylor informs us of other possible future collaborations. Read on...

MWM: So getting an award like this in your home state, must bring everything up til now full circle for you?

Taylor: Yea, full circle for sure, just as we walk over one now isn't that interesting. The whole deal is a little bit overwhelming. You know, you have all these musicians you've studied over the years and listened to while driving up and down highway 65 that runs north to south...and that's just amazing, I'm real honored to be here.

MWM: So you've played with Cleve Eaton at Open Door, so how was it to...Taylor: You ever heard Cleve?

MWM: Um, actually I have not had the pleasure.

Taylor: I hope Cleve's going to play, because Cleve plays a great bass..man when you play with Cleve your playin on earth and Cleve plays in mars. That is kind of how it goes when you play with Cleve.

MWM: Are there any other inductees tonight that you have been able to play with in your career so far?

Taylor: Me and Donnie Fritts have been talking on the phone for a while now, and him, myself and Billy Bob Thornton may possibly work on some music together.

MWM: So with this next album will there be a large or small variation from the last album?

Taylor: It just depends, at this point I'm deep into the whole creative aspect you know...I am doing a bare bones process right now, just the song is the main key for me right now. Also doing some performances every now and then.

MWM: So at this stage as you strip away the layers, where do you draw from? Where do you get your inspiration?

Taylor: There are many concepts I've been thinking about over the years and I pull from there, you know lines, hooks. Just because you have a thought or feeling in the past does not make it unusable artisticly in the present. That is one of the things I love about good bare bones music it stands the test of time.

For more information and/or subscription information, please visit Modern Whomp Magazine. Editor: Claudia Oakenfull.

For snippets of Billy Bob Thorton music, check out his webpage here. For information about the music of Donnie Fritts, check out his website here.


MJ said...


a little more on the alabama connection between those two.

even if this collaboration never comes to fruition, I think we can start to see where TH's head is at, and it's not ... "gee, how can I appeal more to 9- to 13-year-olds?"

wouldn't it be funny if he, by default, ends up with a long career in country soul?

cochem said...

I'm so glad we are hearing some info on the album...It looks like he is getting some writing done..I hope he is recording by June-July because I cannot wait for this freakin' album...

Trixi said...

I loved the Billy Bob sound. Looks like a couple new cd's for me. The reviews for Billy Bobs cd's were great. From what I read his lyrics are awesome. Who does that remind us of?

I really don't care what genre Taylors music is. Under the Radar has a light country sound on a few songs.

As long as his new cd is pure Taylor!!!

Stephanie said...

I agree that as long as his cd is pure Taylor then that will be just right!

Those collaborations kind of sound like he's doing more of an alt.country/roots rock album.

Alt.country/Roots Rock is real gut wrenching music that is firmly rooted in American music.

wikipedia has a pretty good list of artists.

Gumbo pages also has a pretty good page describing alt.country.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see Taylor taking some time to work creatively with the new album. With that being said, everyone (whose a true Hicks fan) will love and embrace the music he works so hard to record for our enjoyment. Good luck, Taylor. I'll be watching out for the new cd.