Woman's Gotta Have It
Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
Song available on Taylor's new album, The Distance.
On sale now! Pick your copy today!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adam Lambert of American Idol Doesn't Compare w/The Genius of Taylor Hicks

The problem with Adam is that he's a fake. Taylor is the real deal. And please, stop with the screaming, Adam... you're hurting my delicate ears. This was Taylor's signature song on American Idol which ultimately let to his victory in Season 5. He sang with soul. You did not. Just keepin' it real. And oh yea, Taylor a LOT cuter than you.

Play That Funky Music by Adam Lambert

Play That Funky Music by Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks - The Ultimate Musician's Musician on New Album

The brilliant reviews keep a-coming in for The Distance, the new Taylor Hicks album. This Blogscritic Review has some wonderful insights into the man and his music in the following piece. Enjoy and feel free to discuss your interpretation of the album, the music or the review.


Written by The Other Chad
Published March 31, 2009

These days everyone seems all too eager to beat up on Taylor Hicks. Many people have forgotten the reasons why he won the ultra-competitive fifth season of American Idol. His victory has been written off as some kind of accident, as if he wasn't a great performer. To the naysayers, I say this: he was, and still is, a fantastically talented singer/songwriter. That much is in obvious evidence on The Distance, Hicks' newly released second album.

At its best, The Distance makes up for the shortcomings of 2006's Taylor Hicks, which was released shortly after his Idol win. The earlier album, though not without shining moments, was the result of a production team unsympathetic to Hicks' strengths.

Now, with producer Simon Climie on board, we can hear Hicks' as nature intended — no synths, drum programming, or ill-advised Ray Charles samples (all of which were heard on the debut). The Distance isn't as raw as it could've been, with some too-smooth production on a few tracks, but by and large this album should put to rest doubts about Hicks' skills. At least for those who give it a fair shot.

The first half of the album aims to cover as much stylistic ground as reasonably possible. The title track, the first of seven Hicks' songwriting credits, is a slice of heartland rock that wouldn't sound out of place on a John Mellencamp album. A non-partisan plea for setting aside political differences in favor of working towards a common goal, "The Distance" is a great opener and a highlight of the album.

From there on, the mood shifts frequently, touching on soul ("What's Right Is Right"), funky pop ("New Found Freedom"), country ("Nineteen"), and Latin rhythms ("Once Upon A Lover"). "Nineteen" would make an especially good choice as a future single, with its timely theme of paying tribute to a fallen soldier. Hicks' powerful reading of this song might help it find a home on the Country charts.

With "Seven Mile Breakdown," Hicks' is in his element. He tears through this bluesy number with passionate conviction. "Maybe You Should," a ballad co-written by Hicks and Mike Reid (who wrote the classic "I Can't Make You Love Me"), is even better. This somber ode to a failed relationship stands out as the single best track on the album. The vocal is absolutely restrained, yet it conveys his resigned heartbreak vividly. In a recent interview, Hicks said he considers this one of his best songs. He has every reason to be proud of it.

There are bonus tracks available on The Distance, depending on where it's purchased from. The iTunes version contains a cover of the funk classic "Yes We Can." This song, written by Allen Toussaint and first recorded by Lee Dorsey way back in 1970, is the weakest of the three available exclusives. Hicks offers up a strangely dispassionate interpretation that won't make anyone forget the Pointer Sister's definitive version from 1973.

Much better is the Wal-Mart bonus, a cover of a largely forgotten Ray Charles hit, "Hide Nor Hair." It's a fun song that allows Hicks to pay tribute to his hero. Best of all is the Target exclusive, a stellar reading of Foy Vance's "Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness." This seven minute, sparsely arranged tune displays the full range of Hicks' vocal skills.

Though the sales figures haven't been particularly strong so far, it should be noted that The Distance is an independent release. Without much promotion the album is struggling to gain attention. Keep in mind though that this time last year many were declaring Hicks' career dead in the water. He lost his record contract and was all but abandoned by Idol.

Yet since then, he's played to sold-out theaters on Broadway and all around the country in Grease, released an excellent compilation of pre-Idol recordings (Early Works), and now has a new album on Billboard's Top Ten Independent chart. As he sings in one of The Distance's best tracks, "I live on a battlefield."

Taylor Hicks is a survivor and is obviously bound and determined to continue earning a living doing what's in his blood: making music.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Four Star Review for the New Taylor Hicks Album!

Here's yet another awesome review for Taylor's new album "The Distance" from a music blog called "popyoularity". Enjoy!

The Distance

4/5 stars (fyi - she gave Kelly Clarkson's crappy album 3.5 stars)

For some music artists there is no life after being dropped by their record label. This is not the case for Taylor Hicks, whose latest album The Distance reaches out to a broad audience and holds its own in the music scene.

Although Hicks had to rely on his own label, Modern Whomp Records, to release this record, it has not held him back. The record is a delivery of country, pop, soft rock and some blue grass tunes. Always setting himself apart from mainstream artists for not succumbing to the modern sound of electronic beats, and instead opting for a large instrumental backing, in his music Hicks’ voice is almost a breath of fresh air.

The record is sure to be a favorite for love tunes such as “Once Upon A Lover” which reflects upon the wanting of a past lover. The track begins with a slow rhythmic piano tune and works its way to a fast paced instrumental song amplified by the trumpet. While many songs on the album are based around love and relationships there are tunes of loss, hardship, and the war of 9/11, which are sure to be well received by the American public. “Nineteen” is a song about an average American teenage solider driven to war by the tragedies of 9/11. With lyrics such as “he’s somebody’s son, in a hole with a gun, in a foreign land, trying to hold onto his American dream,” “Nineteen” is sure to hit home to the patriotic of America, that are an older generation making up a core part of his demographic. Hicks is the second Idol to record a song about the average American, the other being Carrie Underwood’s “All American Girl.”

The most memorable tracks on the album include “What’s Right is Right” (which is the first single off the record) and “I Live On A Battlefield,” because of their catchy lyrics and beat. Both songs will have you clapping and swaying to the music. Hicks allows you to get lost in lyrics such as “all around there is desolation, scenes of a devastation, of a love been torn apart,” and fast paced guitar, drum and piano arrangements.

If you are in the mood to lose yourself to music in a raw form, then give the record a try. The Distance is a record sure to be loved by current and former Hicks fans known as the “Soul Patrol” and to possibly gain new fans for its pure vocal styling and old school sound.

+Juliette Elchuk

Monday, March 23, 2009

San Francisco Welcomes Taylor Hicks & The Cast of Grease!

The San Francisco Examiner wrote a beautiful piece about Taylor and the touring company of 'Grease' that will be opening in city by the bay Tuesday evening. The show will continue through April 19, so if you haven't picked up your ticket yet, now's the time! Taylor will be singing his new single, "What's Right Is Right" each night, live, after the encore. On April 14, Taylor will also be doing a club date at the Cafe du Nord to promote his new album The Distance. Check their website for more information about tickets.

Winning top honors on “American Idol” may have been heaven-sent, but from the looks of it, the blessings keep flowing for Taylor Hicks.

The 2006 “Idol” winner spreads his wings as the Teen Angel in a robust reinvention of one of the greatest Broadway musicals of all time. That would be “Grease,” which comes to life at the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco this week.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for me to study and understand great musical theater,” Hicks says of the show. He says the most difficult part of his learning curve was absorbing the creative rhythms of actors and actresses in general.

The revered show, which first hit Broadway in 1972, became one of the longest-running productions until “A Chorus Line” made a splash. But it’s always been heralded for its concept: star-crossed lovers (and their teen milieu) cherish rock ’n’ roll as the country craves a move out of 1950s conformity and social conservatism.

Still, even “Grease” has had to evolve with 21st-century touches. Hoping to use the distinctly one-of-a-kind rocket fuel that only reality television offers (read: mass exposure), this Broadway revamp was born from NBC’s ratings winner “Grease: You’re The One That I Want” in 2007.

Roughly 90 million viewers tuned in to the competition series, voting for their favorite performers to play lead characters Sandy and Danny. When all the dust settled, the reincarnated “Grease” also came loaded with songs from the 1978 hit movie it spawned.

For Hicks, the role couldn’t come at a better time. After nabbing top “Idol” honors in 2006, he was thrust into the spotlight and expected to produce musical miracles. He may have done that with his distinct bluesy style, but critics wondered if any “Idol” winner could reach the heights of Kelly Clarkson.

Some creative reshuffling took place after the release of Hicks’ self-titled first CD. He chucked Arista Records and went solo, producing his latest outing, “The Distance,” on his own. It just hit stores.

“Doing it on my own basically forced me to start over from scratch,” Hicks says. “And I had a great amount of time to reflect deeply on what I wanted to put on the record. The musicians on the album are basically Eric Clapton’s road band, so, for me, it was a dream come true.”
It wouldn’t be the first, and certainly not the last, he says.

“There’s good chemistry between the musicians and me and right now,” he says. “Artistically, I am right where I want to be with the record.”

Overall, Hicks believes perseverance and believing in himself pulled him through all along. And San Francisco may pull him farther, actually. In addition to some good local reviews he’s received from the new album, Hicks is set to perform at CafĂ© Du Nord on April 14.

In the meantime, rock ’n’ roll, still here to stay, should keep Hicks — and “Grease” fans — thoroughly happy through spring.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taylor Hicks - Passion and Sincerity Sprinkle New Album!

Taylor received one of the best albums reviews to date by Artist Direct . Feel free to re-post this recap because it hits the nail directly on the head as to the beauty and artistry of "The Distance". If you haven't bought a copy yet, or two, or three (different bonus tracks on the Target, Walmart and ITunes exclusives) , run, don't walk, and pick it up!

Album Reviews: The Distance by Taylor Hicks

Refusing to commit to a location is Taylor Hicks' M.O. on The Distance. The salt-and-pepper haired winner of American Idol, Season Five, has parted ways with J and Arista, the labels that handle the recording contracts of theIdols, but that hasn't razzled, shaken or knocked Hicks off his game. The husky crooner dabbles in pop, blues, country, soul, gospel, Latin and classic rock throughout the whole of The Distance. He's even a balladeer commenting on the Iraq War on the album. By avoiding the trappings of "genre-fication," Hicks is able to be everything to everyone and that's the cultural touchstone upon which American Idol is able to succeed.

Thankfully, Hicks' smoky voice is the reason he avoids being another chunk of manufactured grist for the Idol mill. There's a passion and a sincerity that laces his vocals and while some of the songs are standard, verse-chorus-verse numbers, replete with hearty, back up female vocals to support Hicks' ultra-manly vox, the album never comes across as overly cooked or processed. Hicks' is a bit too real for that and whether that's his saving grace or his downfall remains to be seen, a decision that will be handed down by his public.

The Distance opens with a heartfelt title track that could be about a lover or family members while "Nineteen" ponders the plight of military servicemen. "New Found Freedom" is a positive, life-affirming anthem that basks in the glow of, well, life in general, while “Once Upon a Lover” is infused with Latin, semi-tropical percussion and guitars. Fellow Idol Elliot Yamin pops up on album closer, the funked out duet "Woman's Got to Have It," while "What's Right is Right" resonates with a bit of pop-country twang. The dapper Hicks has the pipes and the ability to plant roots across multiple genres. He's a jack of all trades and actually masters the sounds of the styles he is working in. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

— Amy Sciarretto

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taylor Hicks - Young Hollywood Video!

Can this man get any HOTTER? Get him on the cover of GQ quick!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taylor Hicks Talks Comparisons To Danny Gokey

There may not ever be another leader of the Soul Patrol, but season five "American Idol" champ Taylor Hicks says he doesn't mind being compared to Danny Gokey, the bespectacled season seven fan favorite.

"Well, I'd like think I was just a little bit better dancer," Hicks joked recently to AccessHollywood.com's correspondent Laura "Dish of Salt" Saltman backstage at a taping of Fox Reality Channel's "American Idol Extra."

VIEW THE PHOTOS: 'American Idol' Season 8 Top 13
Gokey earned high praise from judge Simon Cowell but failed to win any points with his dance moves while performing Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T." last week.

Hicks believes it's Gokey's loss of his wife (just months before the audition) that is shaping him as a singer.

VIEW THE PHOTOS: Former 'American Idols'
"He has a distinctive voice and I think it's because of the pain and the loss. Over time experiences show up when you sing as far as when you hear tone. I think that's the reason why he is doing so well."

As for his staying power in the competition Hicks says, "I think he has got a shot to win."

And he offers this advice to Danny, "I think when you are on Idol you have to just go out there with this reckless abandonment. You have to go out there and lay it all out," he said. "You have to dance. You have to sing. You have to move across the stage. People want to see you move. They want to see you go out into the crowd. I think performance is just as big as the vocals."

VIEW THE PHOTOS: Taylor Hicks USO Concert
Hicks can be seen in an upcoming episode of "American Idol Extra" performing "What's Right Is Right," the brand new single off his sophomore album, "The Distance." The album hit stores March 10.

Hicks can also be seen in the national tour of "Grease" as Teen Angel through May 2009.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Taylor Hicks Supports Breast Cancer Awareness!

Taylor Hicks donated his time Sunday afternoon in support of the Susan G. Komen's "Race For the Cure" Breast Cancer Awareness Event at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. He sang his new single, What's Right Is Right, as well as Seven Mile Breakdown, both from his new album, "The Distance" which is now available wherever CDs are sold, as well as on ITunes. Pick up your copy today! He also performed the Star-Spangled Banner.

Poppy Montgomery, Judy Reyes, Emily Procter, and Taylor Hicks

Seven Mile Breakdown

What's Right Is Right

Friday, March 13, 2009

Taylor Hicks & Grease Rocks The Pantages Theater In Los Angeles

Taylor Hicks continues to get critical praise for his role as the Teen Angel in the touring company of Grease! The show rolled into Los Angeles this past week. Here's some local coverage:

The Los Angeles Times writes:

"...And then there’s Mr. Hicks, who shows these youngsters what stage presence is all about. Resplendent in a black suit glittering with rhinestones, tongue firmly in cheek, Hicks appears as the Teen Angel who advises Frenchy to go back to class in the sly “Dropout.” If only all guidance counselors had such a sense of event. (Hicks will not be performing March 18 and 19). Yes, he’s shamelessly plugging his new album, “The Distance,” but Mr. Hicks amps up the glamour factor and is a welcome guest. I just wish he’d played his harmonica longer...."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taylor Hicks Sings His New Single, "What's Right Is Right" on Ellen!!!

Tay Ellen
Uploaded by krunkyou

Make sure you pick a copy of his latest CD, The Distance, in stores now!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Taylor Hicks Day! New Album "The Distance" On Sale NOW!!

This is it folks! The day we've all been so anxiously waiting for has finally arrived. Taylor's official musical independence day. "The Distance" is being released on his newly minted own label, Modern Whomp Records with the total creative freedom he has fought for so diligently over the years! We win, Clive! We win Simon! We win American Idol!

Taylor, you have put together a magnificent album, starting with the inspiring title track to the smooth soul sound of What's Right Is Right to the gospel leanings of New Found Freedom to the salsa flavor of Once Upon a Lover to the poignant, beautiful lyrics of Maybe You Should to the 70's soul sound of Woman's Gotta Have It with Elliott Yamin.

I'm proud of Taylor for sticking to his guns, being true to his musical roots and not caving in to the mainstream pressures of a very competitive business. Keep on keeping on, Taylor! We're so proud of you! This album is a keeper and will be spinning on my IPod and in my car for months and years to come!

Order "The Distance" Here

Artist Of The Week: Taylor Hicks!

Working with producer Simon Climie, Taylor Hicks is set to drop a new album titled 'The Distance' on March 10 under his newly-formed record label Modern Whomp Records.

After being released from his contract with Arista Records, Taylor Hicks refuses to back off from music industry. Believing that "this is turning the page on a new chapter" in his career, he forms a record label Modern Whomp Records. Taking the advantage of "artistic freedom," he is back to studio, making music for his new album "The Distance" and plans to release it across U.S. on March 10.

In the new album, Taylor steps behind songwriting table, co-penning several songs including "Wedding Day Blues", "Seven Mile Breakdown", "Once Upon a Lover of Mine" and "Woman Gotta Have It". Teaming up with producer Simon Climie, who has recorded songs for Eric Clapton, Faith Hill and Carlos Santana, he also works with guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, bassist Nathan East and drummer Abe Laboriel Jr to provide the album's sounds.

"What's Right Is Right", the lead single off the new record has been available for digital purchase since January 27. Driven by funky keyboards and sax work, the mid-tempo song about love and commitment peaked at number 25 on Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. A music video for the track has also been debuted, providing a look into the crooner performing in a dark lounge with his trademark soulful sound.

"I wanted to create that alone, James Dean feel, and get across my point of what true love is," Taylor says when referring to the romantic set behind the moody, and mature lyrics in the song. "There's a couple with something to overcome, an obstacle. But when you know it's real, what happens with one person happens with another. It also brings out the idea that there might be a little bit of longing for true love in me. I know true, real love is out there."

Since becoming the winner of the fifth season of "American Idol", Taylor Hicks has dropped self-titled debut album, which was certified platinum and peaked at number two on Billboard Hot 200. He has also toured through Asia, performing with Willie Nelson, Widespread Panic, The Allman Brothers Band as well as Jackson Browne. In the beginning of 2009, he embarks on a national U.S. tour with Grease. Fans can log on to MySpace to check his complete tour dates.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Looking For A Job? Take Inspiration From Taylor Hicks!

Looking out on the morning rain,
I used to feel so uninspired.
And when I knew I had to face another day,
Lord, it made me feel so tired.
Before the day I met you, life was so unkind,
But your love was the key to my peace of mind.
Aretha Franklin - “A Natural Woman”

Although the Queen of Soul first belted this hit over the airwaves more than three decades ago, its sentiments are as relevant now as they were then. Today, every media vehicle teems with negatives. Browser pages on our computers greet us each morning with news of natural disasters, violent crime, and the ever-sinking economy. In such times, we grasp for and cling to encouragement wherever we may find it. When truly fortunate, we are directed to something whose intrinsic worth is more far-reaching than immediate forms of respite and motivation. Often, that “something” is a “someone:” a role model. Neophytes in business have dedicated mentors; sports figures have team captains and coaches. While these are avenues and examples of traditional role models, we sometimes find our guiding lights through routes perhaps not as obvious as these.

When Taylor Hicks first entered our living rooms in January of 2006 via American Idol, he seemed to have anything but “role model” stamped all over him. Gleaning a single winner from the 100,000 hopefuls nationwide, Idol represented the back door, the “hidden job market,” if you will, to Hicks. As one of the oldest contestants and the only one sporting prematurely gray hair, Taylor’s powerful, emotional voice was throwback-bluesy and flavored with old school soul; his stage presence recalled the iconoclastic and admittedly spastic Joe Cocker. Hicks, a Birmingham, Alabama son born and bred, was 180 degrees removed from the ultra-cool vocal styling and fashion sense of the younger, hipper, more marketable competition that had historically reached the summit of the Idol ladder. Taylor knew full well that he was facing an uphill battle.

However, as Simon Cowell unleashed a resounding “Nay” to this underdog’s entry into the competition, few could have envisioned that Taylor would not only win American Idol, but become a role model for so many, including the founders and members of charitable organizations that sprang up in his honor, and those of us now facing apparently fruitless job searches. An obscure singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist touring the Deep South for nearly ten years, Taylor conducted his own brand of networking via his job search for a seemingly elusive record contract. Half musician/singer/songwriter and half self-promoter, Taylor marketed himself ferociously to all potential employers. Peddling his independently released and self-bankrolled CD’s, “In Your Time” and “Under the Radar,” from the back of his van, he pitched record producers, DJ’s, and other would-be reps: the counterparts to human resources personnel, hiring managers, and recruiters. But all of his knocking never opened a single door. Undeterred, Taylor re-applied himself to his job search with unwavering focus and drive.

He researched, contacted, and sweet talk-badgered booking agents, gaining occasional buy-in’s from established luminaries such as Jackson Browne and James Brown, who allowed Taylor and his band to open for them … without pay. The never-say-die Alabamian also networked with rising stars such as Dierks Bentley, a buddy from Taylor’s frustrating Nashville days and now a country music recording star.

The inroads that Taylor carved, however, were not enough for a man driven to make his living exclusively by crafting, recording, and performing his music. In desperation, he turned to the one place where he was almost certain to meet defeat: a reality show whose audience seemed to crave younger, moldable talent ripe for commercial radio. In capitalizing upon his equivalent of the hidden job market, Taylor realized his dream, hopping a train to victory paved with the tracks that he had laid with faith, focus, and application. Garnering the lion’s share of the final 63 million public votes, Taylor Hicks nailed a million-dollar contract with Arista Records. When this relationship later dissolved via mutual consent, and through Taylor’s desire to gain full creative control over his work, the winner continued to market himself conscientiously, expanding his network of possibilities.

Now flying under his own label, Modern Whomp, Taylor will launch his newest work, “The Distance,” on March 10, 2009, as produced by Eric Clapton/BB King/Faith Hill collaborator Simon Climie. His additional, independently won accomplishments include a bring-down-the-house role in the Broadway-gone-national gangbusters play, “Grease,” and a Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the renowned children’s medical research and services organization, the Shriners Hospitals for Children. A clear winner on many fronts, Taylor does not rest on his laurels: he continues to market himself constantly.

Attempting entry into a job market glutted with competition, we, as job candidates, can take inspiration from Taylor’s trials and triumphs. If the job boards, print ads, and recruiters do not yield viable opportunities, we must network via less obvious routes. We must establish connections and/or reconnect with members of industry/professional groups, school alumni associations, and various organizations, such as local Chambers of Commerce as well as charities for which we may volunteer. (Taylor, by the way, was “giving back” to the community even as a struggling musician; primarily to Kid One Transport and Studio by the Tracks). We must also capitalize upon opportunities inherent in the ever-growing member populations of Internet sites such as Linkedin, as well as the large social networking boards: Facebook, MySpace, and the recently popular Twitter. Like Taylor Hicks, with diligence, concentration, and the courage to step “outside the box,” we may yet emerge as winners.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Simon Cowell Gives AI Contestant, Matt Giraud High Praise!

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when Simon gave Season 8 contestant Matt Giraud the highest praise possible last night when he was compared to Season Five Winner Taylor Hicks! Wow! Imagine that! Taylor's worst critic finally seeing the talent it took to win the show 3 years ago. After all, Taylor outlasted and kicked to the curb the following people from AI5 - Bucky Covington, Kellie Pickler, Chris Dewtry, Elliott Yamin, Paris Bennett, Katharine Mcphee, Ace Young, and Mandisa. Quite a group of singers that fell victim to the dynamics of Taylor Hicks! And didn't Season 5 garner the highest ratings in the 8 year history of the show so far? And wasn't the Season 5 tour the biggest grossing AI tour EVER?

If Matt becomes half the singer, performer & drop dead hunk of gorgeous man that Taylor is, then he should breeze into the winner's circle with ease come May.

Glad you finally see the light, Simon Cowell, and I hope Matt kicks ass this season.

Taylor Hicks comments on his new album, "The Distance"

Taylor Hicks offered a few comments on each track of his new CD, "The Distance". Make sure you pick up a copy next Tuesday, March 10 where ever CDs are sold!

"The Distance": "It's kind of like my version of `Born in the U.S.A. I think the message is clear; the distance between us and the world is closer than we think."

"What's Right Is Right": "Soul Song 101. The saxophone subtone in the solo is kind of like a little music lesson. You can really hear the instrument breathe. In the video for the song, I wanted to get across my idea of what true love is, when you know it's real. What happens to one person happens with another."

"New Found Freedom": "It's my take on a gospel number. I have strong gospel influences, so we worked that over and decided to bring in a gospel choir."

"Nineteen": "It's American and honest, the story of a war hero. Our war heroes sometimes happen to be 19 years old. I felt it was relevant right now."

"Once Upon a Lover": "I had been trying my hand at Latin music a bit, quietly to myself. I decided to go that way with this song, because the title is so strong and the idea behind the story is so strong. We have (bassist) Abe Laboriel Sr. and (drummer) Abe Laboriel Jr. playing on it. These are legendary Latin musicians, a father-and-son duo. I think that makes it pretty authentic."

"Seven Mile Breakdown": "Traveling to the west side of Mississippi in a conversion van with no air-conditioning in the middle of summer. That was the inspiration, and I have first-hand experience. Doyle (Bramhall II) plays a great slide guitar part in it."

"Maybe You Should": "I wrote that with Mike Reid, who's famous for `I Can't Make You Love Me' with Bonnie Raitt. It's one of those songs where we got chill bumps. It could end up being a career song for me."

"Keepin' it Real": "That's my tongue-in-cheek reference to pop culture. I got my ideas for it when I went to a local magazine stand."

"I Live on a Battlefield": "I see this as the traditional blues song on the record. It's got great lyrics and a great story. I thought that I would love to be able to tell that story in my own way."

"Wedding Day Blues": "That one's from Alan Little of Huntsville. Some of us might have had that experience - well, scratch that, it's just a great story. I think it could be a movie someday."

"Woman's Gotta Have It" (with Elliott Yamin): "I fell in love with Bobby Womack and that particular song. To a certain degree, there's a call-and-response on the original version, and I think both Elliott and I have a natural, soulful sound to our voices. There's no better pure vibrato sound than Elliott Yamin's way." Mary Colurso --


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taylor Hicks - Free Download From "The Distance" Available Now!

Amazon.com is offering a sample from Taylor Hick's new album, "The Distance" - a free download of "Seven Mile Breakdown" - a pure rockin' southern blues/rock ditty that will blow your socks off!! For those of you who haven't heard this song before, be prepared to pick your mouth up from the floor and then run to buy it! It's *that* good!

Don't forget, The Distance drops next Tuesday, March 10! There will be 3 versions of album with 3 different bonus tracks. One version, available at Walmart, will have the extra track, Hide Nor Hair, a Ray Charles cover. Another version containing a superior cover of Foy Vance's Indescriminate Act Of Kindness can be found at your local Target store and the last version of the album, available for download at ITunes will contain Yes We Can, a song made famous by The Pointer Sisters.