Woman's Gotta Have It
Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
Song available on Taylor's new album, The Distance.
On sale now! Pick your copy today!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks Videos - Stage Door of Grease 8-24-08 Matinee

More videos of Taylor Hicks at the Stage Door of the Brooks Atkinson Theater on Broadway - thanks to Skeeter/Candy! Every day he just gets more studly, don't ya think? Get this man on the cover of GQ quick! I can't be the only person who thinks his face on the cover could push a million copies of that magazine off the shelf, can I?

Stage Door 8-24-08 Matinee-Part 1
Video by Skeeter/Candy

Stage Door 8-24-08 Matinee-Part 2
Video by Skeeter/Candy

Stage Door Videos of Taylor Hicks 8-23-08

As promised, here are some great stage door videos from August 23. Taylor is always so gracious to all his fans!

Grease - Taylor Hicks @ the Stage Door 8-23-08 Part 1
(Video by Candy/Skeeter)

Grease - Taylor Hicks @ the Stage Door 8-23-08 Part 2
(Video by Candy/Skeeter)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taylor Hicks's Run on Broadway Winding Down

Heya folks!! Yes, I'm still here.... just been really lazy about the blog since Taylor's new CD "Early Works" was released exclusively to Target Stores. Quite frankly I am still getting over the sting of the relatively low sales numbers for the album. I wasn't fooling myself that it was going to sell like the Clive Davis album, but first week sales were definitely lower than I had anticipated. Looking back, I really should have been surprised since nobody really knows that it's for sale other than his hard-core internet fanbase. Why hasn't there been more promo? I mean, he went to all the effort to get the CD made and get an exclusive with Target, right? Was the motivation to do the CD to get new fans exposed to his pre-Idol material? Good idea, but if they don't know it exists, where's the smartness there? It didn't and still doesn't make one iota of sense to me, but I'm sure he has his reasons that will hopefully become clearer down the road. The effort put forth by his fans to help promote him seem like a waste of time to me, sometimes. It’s like if they (Taylor's people) aren’t even going to try to support the release, why should the fans?

But! I'm over it and am really looking forward to his next adventure - hopefully releasing and touring the NEW album! I'm also looking forward to finding out who that mega-star is who has one of his new songs 'on hold' - and who the new record label is (he's alluded to that a few times already). And last but not least, to finally seeing "Whomp at the Warfield" released to the public. That DVD is too great to be kept under wraps. It's long overdue.

Ace Young, fellow American Idol Season 5 contestant, is scheduled to join the cast of Grease on Sept 9, two days after Taylor's last performance. I wish him luck, but in my opinion, he won't bring the excitment or the fanbase that Taylor did to the show. Not his fault, really - no one has the stage charisma Taylor does, right?.

Taylor's decision to join the cast his summer was the second greatest decision (after trying out for American Idol) he ever made in my opinion. Although I never did get to see a performance, by ALL accounts I've read, he was a rousing success and brought a remarkable presence to the show that probably won't be duplicated again. Nobody will be able to fill out that star-studded suit the way Taylor did.

Anyway, we should have some always awesome new stage door videos from Skeeter/Candy coming up later today so stay tuned for that!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

False Alarm! Taylor Hicks Will Not Be Appearing At The RNC!

BREAKING NEWS! Taylor will NOT be appearing at the Republican Convention this year according his people. Sorry for the false, heart stopping blog yesterday. It was traumatic for me to have to print that, but thank goodness it turned out to be a false alarm. Whew...!

To celebrate, how about some hot pics of Tay?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks to Appear at the Republican Convention?

According to the jaunted.com website, Taylor will be making an appearance in Minneapolis, MN at the Republican Convention. It's okay that we have differing political agendas. Some of you might have noticed my Obama banner at the right. (His guy is gonna lose in Nov!) Hehe! Then again, this might be just a networking opportunity for Taylor to play in front of a LOT of people. He's given indications in past interviews that he's 'purple' politically. Either way, if it's televised, I'll definitely be watching. And after I watch, I'll send a donation check to the Obama campaign. More information coming when available!

The Democratic National Convention will be held August 25-28, and we bet a lot of people would love to be there whether they support presumptive nominee Barack Obama or not. And stars are no exception: Gossips are predicting an unprecedented level of celeb sightings next week in Denver.

For some, the stop in Colorado is just another day on the job: Ed Norton has been working on a documentary about Obama, so of course he'll be there armed with a camera, and Ben Affleck will be joining a panel on international relations with former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. And the Black Eyed Peas (including "Yes We Can" songwriter will.i.am.) are headlining a gala for conventioneers who don't mind the screeches of Fergie.

Others, like
Scarlett Johansson, seem to be signing up just to hang out without any particular agenda. To no one's surprise, early Obama promoter Oprah will be in for the convention; she even rented a house in Denver instead of booking a block of rooms in a posh hotel.

Will there be any famous people left for the Labor-Day-adjoining Republican National Convention? Sure! Gretchen Wilson will perform and Patricia Heaton and Taylor Hicks are expected to make appearances in Minneapolis. And of course, there's always Ahhhnold!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taylor Hicks - 'Beauty School Dropout' Videos - New!!

Thanks to a couple of brave videographers, LCHorn22 & jeannemarie3, we have the best versions of Beauty School Dropout so far this summer! Nice and close, just like we like it! And Taylor nails it once again with some great facial and body gestures. I must say, he's got a great sense of comedic timing. I found myself really giggling as I was watching these videos. His partner, 'Frenchy' is just adorable and plays right into him. That rub on the chest is a show stopper, amongst other things ;) He definitely needs a bigger part for his next stint on Broadway. He's a natural!

Beauty School Dropout - Entire Song
Video by LCHorn22

Frenchy Fondling Taylor's Chest (Hubba hubba!)
Video by "jeannemarie3"

More Beauty School Dropout from a different angle. Video by "jeannemarie3"

Some of the curtain call. Taylor's definitely catching on to the "Hand Jive" - sort of! Video by "jeannemarie3"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taylor Hick's Brand New CD "Early Works" - An Overview!

If you haven't picked up your copy of Taylor's new compilation CD "Early Works", what are you waiting for? Don't think you have these songs if you own Taylor's two indie albums "Under the Radar" and "In Your Time". The remastering makes them must haves as far as I'm concerned. Many of the stores are only carrying a few copies (some more than others), and many are already sold out (more inventory is on the way from what I've heard), but it's one collection you should have in your CD library. The sound improvement (re-mastering) is impeccable and makes some songs almost sound like brand new versions! Remember, the CD is available only in your local Target Stores (it's not available on-line anywhere in the U.S. - yet!), so do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this wonderful selection of original music from the best singer/songwriter and most unique winner American Idol has discovered to date (and likely ever will).

Here's my impression of each of the 12 songs:

Soul Thing: Taylor's mantra, his trademark song, the words he lives by. This song makes it 3rd appearance on a CD - "Under The Radar", "Taylor Hicks", and "Early Works". Think he likes this song? I'd say so! This ditty says it all for him - It's A Soul Thing (hey! that's a great name for a blog!) With the remastering, this song just jumps out and hits you in the face! So clear, so beautifully done - it's another favorite of mine and a staple at all of Taylor's live shows.

...I've been traveling all these years,
just barely getting by.
The road can be your friend
Or the devil in disguise.

When the tough get going,
the muses visit me.
Yet in soft, low tones,
they always say to me, say to me,

It ain't no groove thing,
It ain't no country twang,
It's a simple refrain
It's a soul thang...."

The Fall: Ah! Such a beauty! The simplicity of the sentiment and arrangement makes this one a fan favorite. Taylor said this song, about a failing relationship, was only the 2nd or 3rd song he ever wrote in his life. I hope we hear more of this acoustic sound from him on the new album coming up. The hissing from the original is pretty much gone from this copy and its purity just shines through.

Hold On To Your Love: This song also benefits greatly from remastering where the highs are crisper and the lows are clearer. One of my favorite songs from the Under The Radar album. The calypso beats and the uplifting melody are great mood generators. I always thought this would be a great summer release for Taylor. Speaking of which, I can see this and maybe a few others in this collection i.e., Soul Thing and The Fall, making an impact on certain music charts if they were released as singles.

The Deal: Along with "Soul Thing", this is the third appearance of this song on one of Taylor's CD, appearing on "Under The Radar", "Taylor Hicks", and "Early Works". A wonderful mid-tempo ballad with a beautiful arrangement. One of his best compositions.

Heart and Soul: Oh how I love the Hammond B3 organ that runs throughout this song! One of my favorite instruments! This song went through a few changes before settling on this version, most famously the change of title from it's original "Blues and Soul" version. The song captures a live feel which makes it the perfect Taylor Hicks vehicle. A real gem.

In Your Time: This is the first song Taylor claims he ever wrote and has this sort of classic jazzy soft-rock feel to it dating back to somewhere in the mid-70s. Being a child of the 70s, I say this with some authority! The song is distinctive because of the shift in tempo somewhere in the middle where he goes into another zone and heart-achingly cries out in the familiar Taylor growl - "soooooooooth me baby, street light prominade" - a sound you will NOT be hearing on your current Top 40 music station, that I can guarantee you. Awesome song and nicely remastered.

West Texas Sky: This was my least favorite song from the Under the Radar album, but I must say, after really listening to it on this collection, I've decided I love it lyrically - it's about a man taking his dreams on the road. Another totally autobiographical chapter in Taylor's life at the time. I suppose what I didn't love about it initially was that it was weak vocally, which I still maintain (compared to some of the others on the collection), but is still a great addition to the whole story that is on display here.

"...So you're drivin' away these miles
So far away from your southern home
Takin' your charms and dreams to the Golden State
Make your way, seal your fate

That's when you're gone away
Where no one will hear you cry
When you're late For that west Texas sky..."

Somehow: Taylor really lays his insides out here in this gut wrenching tune. Very insightful words of pain from such a young man at the time. His world was less than bright when he wrote this ditty and is expressed brilliantly in the dark lyrics. My favorite on the CD. Along with "Georgia", this is the tune that benefited most from the remastering. His voice was always too low on the "In Your Time" CD, especially toward the end of the song, but here it is brought out and clarified.

"...There’s too many things left to be unsaid,
So I’m in a dark hole,
Sometimes in my head,
But I”m all right,
I’ll get by

You wanna feel their emotions,

Sometimes even hold their hand,
But they’re giving nothin’ in return
To suit their own demands.
And I’m tired, but I’ll get by

Look at the people all around you,
Stabbin’ at your heart,
But you still smile in kindness,
For not knowing who they are.

And their stories have ended,

And they’ve lit up the town,
And it’s time to go home,
As they’re going, they’re layin’ their bodies back down.

There’s too many things left to be unsaid,

Somewhere a dark hole
Sometimes in my head,I’m tired, but I’m all right
And I’ll get by

Tighten Up: With this song, I figured out why I'm so enamored with Taylor - and that is we have such similiar taste in music. Long before I ever heard of him, I had this song on a few compilation CDs I had put together. I mean, come on, who considers Archie Bell's "Tighten Up" one of the greatest hits of all time? I thought I was the only nut out there until I heard Taylor's version. It's such a tight, funked up version that showcases all of the musicians that played with him in the early days. The musicianship is flawless and just makes you feel great! Taylor Hicks - the young band leader doing his 'thang' here. But Taylor! The song goes way back - way back - even further than your 1973 declaration - it's actually from 1968. And where is the credit to Archie Bell in the linear notes? Should we add that as Taylor mystery #78? Could the song be in the public domain? Someday we'll get an answer to this. But, despite those pressing question marks, it's one of my favorites on the CD - and makes great driving music! The remastering just lights up the song! Brilliant!

Son of a Carpenter: Another lyrically great song from Taylor and quite possibly his first socially aware song. This is the type of stuff I'm looking foward to hearing more of in future recordings. Recently, Taylor said that his new album will be sprinkled with some socially relevant issues and if the song was written today, I'd say it fit the category. I also love the ambivilance of its meaning - exactly who is the son of a carpenter?

"...In the times to short to follow
A man as cold as steel
A work that can only be swallowed
By a fire lit kiln

Now the times are heavy on their shoulders
For the people who pave our ways
No more running for the future
Cause the past is here today

For the son of a carpenter
I can feel your pain
For the son of a carpenter alone again

Decades of sorrow war and grief
And to many things going wrong
The land is wasted and time is running short
For their power ismuch too strong

For the son of a carpenter
I can feel your pain
For the son of a carpenter alone again

He has nothing but to be left alone
His hands and work should willbe carried on
From a third generation son to af uture grandchild
The work of a carpentersmakes the whole world smile

And to many thing going wrong
The land is wasted and timeis running short
For the workof a carpenters will carry on
Carry on..."

My Friend: It's the "impossible to sit still" song on the CD. Just a happy, joyous jam-band ditty that shows off a bit of Taylor's harmonica playing. I always love to hear this tune live as it was recorded here. "Share that smile........ Great job, Taylor!"

Georgia: Last but not least, the song that benefited the most from the restructuring and remastering effort - Taylor's homage to his biggest musical influence, Ray Charles, the beautiful "Georgia on my Mind". I must say that this is perhaps the best interpretation and arrangement of this song that I've ever heard, aside from Mr. Charles himself. It's pure Taylor inside and out, and perfectly delivered. The soul and the gut wrenching, almost gutteral sounds that comes from his inner depths is put on display here. The tweaking of the highs and lows almost makes this live version sound like a new recording as far as I'm concerned. And that sweet harmonica 'crying'. Doesn't get much better than this. Thanks, dude, for painting this beauty with a fresh face. It deserved it - it's just that good.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Taylor Hick's New Album "Early Works"!

Well folks, the big day is just hours away! The first new Taylor Hicks album in almost 2 years! Okay, maybe the songs aren't new, but it's a new release and that is always an exciting time for Taylor's fans! This new compilation will contain a complete remastering of 12 of the 14 songs that appeared on his pre-Idol independent releases, "Under The Radar" and "In Your Time". Two songs that appeared on those albums that didn't make it to this new compilation, "On Broadway" and "Hell Of A Day" will be sorely missed, but I guess time restraints made it impossible to include. I'm thrilled, however, that my 3 favorites made it: the beautiful acoustic gem "The Fall", the heart-wrenching bluesy "Somehow" and the always funky 1968 Archie Bell ditty "Tighten Up".

If you are still having conflicting emotions about buying this CD because you already have the songs on the 2 prior albums, let me give you my Top 10 reasons why you should buy it:

10. Head to head, any song on this compilaton album is better than any song on Daughtry's album. Yes, it's true!
9. Target stores RAWK and it's only $9.98 and that's a BIG bargain anywhere these days.
8. It's the first release on Taylor's own record label: Modern Whomp Records.
7. It's the first widely released Tayor Hicks CD without any input or influence from Clive Davis or the American Idol conglomerate.
6. Possible new linear notes and new pictures.
5. You will have all of Taylor's original songs conveniently on one CD to play in your house and car.
4. You will be supporting REAL MUSIC - not that crappy Top 40 noise that passes as music these days.
3. You will be helping Taylor get back on the road with THE band!
2. It's re-mastered and the sound will be much better than the originals.

and the #1 reason............


(and please Daughtry fans, don't come here whining about my #10 cuz if you say anything unpleasant about Taylor or his fans, I'll zap you faster than you can say Soul Patrol!! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taylor Hicks Talks to the NY Post About His Reading Habits!

As we anxiously await to release of "Early Works" on Tuesday, available exclusively at all Target Stores, we find the NY Post continuing to give priceless praise and publicity to Taylor! How awesome is that? It's too bad we don't get the paper out here in California, because if it was, I think I would become a regular reader! In today's issue, we find out what Taylor keeps in his reading library! Check it out!

"....One of Taylor Hicks' favorite books is the one the "American Idol" crooner wrote himself.

"I might not be the greatest speller," concedes the author and subject of "Heart Full of Soul," which came out last summer, "but it meant the world to me to express myself through my own words, as opposed to having so many questions thrown at me, post-'Idol.'

"Letting the fans connect with me without a filter - that'll always hold a special place in my heart!"

Lately, fans have been connecting with the Alabama-born crooner through "Grease," in which he has a small but showy turn as Teen Angel through Sept. 6. And while he's waiting to go onstage, he says, he often reads a newspaper (he majored in journalism and business before dropping out to sing) and books.

"You can probably go back and look at all the great songwriters in the world, and they'll tell you reading's the key to success," the silver-haired Soul Patroller tells The Post's Barbara Hoffman. "Being around words helps you write words."

Here's what else is on his bookshelf:


by Larry McMurtry

I remember my grandmother and I reading "Texasville" together at the beach. It's about a lower-income family that strikes oil, and basically goes through changes. I was probably 8 or 9 years old, and I remember how funny Larry McMurtry was. He's a brilliant writer.

Charlotte's Web

by E.B. White

One of my favorite children's books. The message is great.

The Da Vinci Code

by Dan Brown

I think the book is better than the movie, personally - more detailed. How that story unfolds just blew me away.

The Seat of the Soul

by Gary Zukav

He talks about how, when we feel an intuition, we need to recognize and learn from it so we can use that sixth sense even more . . . It's basically about listening to your heart....."

Friday, August 8, 2008

Backstage With Taylor Hicks on Broadway!

Great little video piece that the NY Post did with Taylor recently!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Will Taylor Hicks Stay with Broadway's *Grease* Until Christmas?

Well, according to this Broadway blog, it seems the producers of the Broadway show *Grease* would like nothing more than to entice Taylor Hicks to stay until the end of the year in his role as the 'Teen Angel'. I'm not sure how I would feel about that. I mean, he's been getting rave reviews and the show has been a near sellout all summer - mostly due to Taylor - and it's given him many kudos and praise from everyone from casual theater goers, to American Idol fans, to music fans to the New York Press.

But then, I know he's itching to get back on the road with his band and more importantly, getting that much promised new CD and DVD (Whomp At The Warfield) out in the Fall - a CD/DVD that is anxiously anticipated by all of his fans. Hmmm! What to do! All I know for sure is that Taylor will make whatever decision is best for him and his music and his fans.

"....The hit Broadway revival of Grease has had a summer wind-fall blowing in the form of Taylor Hicks. The natural crowd-pleaser has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans around the world, and Hicks has turned the Broadway production into his own personal playground, as he arrives in a cone and leaves with kudos. The Broadway newcomer is set to be in the show until September 7. Well, now is the time for the talks to begin and speculation is that Hicks would be a huge windfall if he stays through the Holiday season. The show’s new stars Derek Keeling and Ashley Spencer have also proven that they have more than what it takes to rock Broadway. The energy and enthusiasm in the audience and on the stage is exciting, and if we were to wager on this, we’d say that Hicks will be back for more…but that is only an informed guess. Of course, we also thought that 95.5 WPLJ would sponsor a free concert with American Idol finalist Eliott Yamin at Rye Playland on August 7th…oh wait, they are. Taylor let us know if you are going to stay...."

Monday, August 4, 2008

Taylor Hicks "Early Works" CD in Target Store Advertisement!

Make sure you pick up your local newspaper this Sunday, where you're likely to find this great TARGET ad (8/10-8/17) for Taylor's new CD "Early Works" dropping the following Tuesday, August 12! I love the way the CD is up at the top right next to the hot Jonas Brothers CD as the two big releases next week! Definitely a keeper for the memorabilia drawer!

And this in-store display for next weeks upcoming releases, they put Taylor's new CD up at the top with the new Jonas Brothers CD!! WHOMP!!!

Hallelujah!! Nigel is OUT as producer of American Idol!

According to that nasty rag TMZ.com, it's a happy happy happy day in the neighborhood, Taylor fans!! The biggest scumbag of them all has parted ways with American Idol!! What does this means for Taylor Hicks and his fans?? For one thing, it brings ME sweeeeet revenge and sheer joy! LOL! Remember fans, this is the asshole that told us we "got it wrong" by voting for Taylor! That I never will forget or forgive - I hold on to that sort of thing and never let go. Let Nigel go off and manipulate other shows and twist the outcome to his liking just like he was trying to do on American Idol. It was becoming more and more obvious what his alterior motive was with the show since Taylor won and I suppose he didn't want to deal with the impending questions of why ratings are continuing to drop from year to year. Could it be that HE was the one to blame with his horrible ideas such as last year's *mosh pit* with a sea of waving pink arms swaying to pop drivel and insipid song selections? I say YES, my friends! Shame on your Nigel! I hope I never see your sorry ass on my beautiful HD TV screen again or listen to your two-faced brain-washing words. On that note, I bring you this lovely video -

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is Taylor *F* Hicks - Hold Onto Your Love - Live!!

Our fifth installment of Taylor Hicks original songs (as we await the release of his new CD "Early Works", which will be available at all Target stores on August 12, 2008), is "Hold Onto Your Love". As I was looking for a good copy of this song, I found that no straight song renditions are available online that I can see. Seems Taylor only does this song in combo with blues tags all meshed together. Let me tell you, this one from Cohasset, MA is one of the best performances by this bluesman I've ever seen. Just sit back and soak it all in, because it just doesn't get any better than this in a live musical setting - from *anyone*. Period.

From August 17, 2007, posted by TrueNorthTaylor....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Taylor Hicks - "My Friend" Live!!

Our fourth installment of Taylor Hick's originals leading up to the release of his new album "Early Works" available exclusively at all Target Stores on August 12, 2008! Check your local Target circular for promos. We hear it will be on sale for under $10. Pick some up for your loved ones!

From TaysHarp - August 12, 2007 in Torrington, Conn .... "My Friend"