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Friday, August 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks Videos - Stage Door of Grease 8-24-08 Matinee

More videos of Taylor Hicks at the Stage Door of the Brooks Atkinson Theater on Broadway - thanks to Skeeter/Candy! Every day he just gets more studly, don't ya think? Get this man on the cover of GQ quick! I can't be the only person who thinks his face on the cover could push a million copies of that magazine off the shelf, can I?

Stage Door 8-24-08 Matinee-Part 1
Video by Skeeter/Candy

Stage Door 8-24-08 Matinee-Part 2
Video by Skeeter/Candy


Trixi said...

Is that Daughtry doing security for him? I had to take a second look. I haven't heard much about him lately, thought maybe he was moonlighting trying to learn about stage presence.

skeeter226 said...


Ummmmmm., I guess he resembles DAUGHTRY in the arrogant, bald headed kinda way, but MOSTLY in his terrible personality!!!!!!!! Or LACK of one.

I bet Taylor can't wait to get away from these theater security guys! I have seen him roll his eyes at them several times.

But just like the fans, Taylor just keeps rolling along, and keeps on SMILING! And oh what a wonderful smile it is!