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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Taylor Hicks Featured In This Week's OK Magazine!

A doubly good reason to pick up this week's edition of "OK Magazine"! They showcase Taylor Hicks in a feature article entitled, "Single and Ready to Mingle" ("...Taylor Hicks is living in New York City and looking for his soulmate. OK! takes you inside his Big Apple bachelor pad, and reveals which A-list star is his dream gal!") The issue has Barack Obama and family on the cover. If I can get the magazine soon, I'll post some images! It's on sale now! Go check it out!


Anonymous said...

I'll know what I'll be picking up today along with the milk and eggs... Gotta go

juliegr said...

Hope we get to see some photos of Taylor's taste in decorations. Guess I'll be haunting those magazine racks. also. ;)

Trixi said...

Woo Hoo... the publicity just isn't stopping. One article I read said that he was going to have someone decorate his condo. I guess we'll see soon what it looks like.

New York has been good for him, maybe he should stay awhile. (Not in Grease though)

JOJOSIE said...

I have a subscription to OK but they don't always come when they should so I'll be waiting not too patiently. I usually get a subscription really cheap on the internet. I paid less than five dollars for a year and it comes every week. Very light reading and lots of pictures. Good for a little entertainment. I need a Taylor fix.