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Friday, September 19, 2008

Chris Daughtry Gets Sued For Stealing Song!!!!!!!!

The shiz just hit the fan. Seems the dullest tool in the drawer, the band (and I use that term loosely) Daughtry, is rightfully getting sued for stealing music. The band 'The Asphalt' is sueing him and others for the song "Feels Like Tonight". Apparently he isn't creative enough to come up with any original music, so he and his boy band need to steal other musician's property. This comes as no surprise to most of us since it's universally known that Daughtry is a copy-cat band who steals its style and sound from Nickleback.

I've got only one thing to say about this embarrassment. Bwawawa!! It couldn't happen to a better bunch of tools!

"....Randy Mazick, of the Arizona-based band The Asphalt, has named Apple in a new lawsuit against Chris Daughtry. The suit, which targets Daughtry, songwriters Lukasz Gootwald, Martin Karl Sandberg, and Sheppard Solomon, the Bertelsmann Music Group (owner of RCA Records), and Apple for violation of copyright over Daughtry's 2006 hit "Feels Like Tonight," claims the song lifts its "hook" from The Asphalt song "Tonight," written by Mazick in 2005 and registered with the US Copyright and Trademark Office in April of this year. Apple is named in the suit because the company distributes the song via iTunes...."


Check out the actual court papers here!


JOJOSIE said...

The song It's Over( or Over) was another one that Chris and Ace seem to take credit for and actually it was written by someone else regarding a fight he had with his boss a male. All they did was change a few words in the chorus to make it like it's between a man and a woman, not two men. The original author was not too happy that his name seemed to get lost when the song was mentioned. I wonder how that happened?

Shar said...

honestly do you people not have anything better to do than to gossip and talk trash about someone that you don't even know!! I happen to know all the guys in Daughtry and they are the greatest, most compassionate, and understanding guys!! They all have a VERY family oriented outlook. For you to sit here and bash them is not cool, they have worked their asses off for the last year and a half touring and writing new music. Taking time away from their wives and children to make a living!! If this accusal is true or false it is no ones business but theirs!! Sitting here saying that Chris is a wanabee or try to judge his talent, let me see your ass spent almost 2 years on the road, singing show after show. After you have done that then and only then can you judge him or the band!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the turn about fair play you Daughtry freaks! Just face it, your boy band not only sucks but they're thieves as well. How embarrassing and horrible for them.

taylorfan06 said...

Taylor - ALL SOUL
Dottry? (Whatever) - NO soul

brk said...

Turn about? Is it too much to ask that you fact check? Why don't you use your energy promoting Tay, who really needs your help? Not embarassing at all, creeps go after successful people. And Chris did not even write the song, get it?!

Anonymous said...

Come on people, the proof is in the numbers! Daughtry has sold over 4 million copies and still going strong. Taylor sold a million. I like Taylor alright, I just think his fans are a bunch of fools who think they can make him look better by trying to make others look bad, which in turn makes Taylor look bad. Climb out of your sandboxes & grow up!

Anonymous said...

Are you really this stupid? The song in question was not written by Chris. In fact, rumor is that it was an AI coronation song (possibly the one Taylor was supposed to sing) that TPTB gave to Chris to record.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Griz, you certainly brought out the whiners! They have a blog devoted to nothing but trashing Taylor and they come here and whine because you post something that's all over the internet! LMAO!

Go home little d fans.

little d will never have any credibilty in the real world! He's nothing more than a freaking joke!!!

I love your blog Griz.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

If there's an anti-Taylor blog somewhere it's not written by Daughtry fans. He's a non-issue to us. Ya'll need anger management classes, ha.

soulthing said...

"WOW! Griz, you certainly brought out the whiners! They have a blog devoted to nothing but trashing Taylor and they come here and whine because you post something that's all over the internet! LMAO!"

LOL! - I know! Love these Daughtry freaks coming out to defend a crook! Imagine Daughtry getting sued for stealing music! hahahaha!!! What a loser! What an embarrassment!

soulthing said...

I just zapped some of these rude comments - be careful what you write next time, you Daughtry freaks, cuz I don't take too kindly to misbehaving children! Tsk tsk!

Anonymous said...

What ridiculous comments! People saying Daughtry has no credibility in the real world?? I guess winning AMA's and receiving Grammy nominations aren't part of the real world!

Anonymous said...

For the record, All Season 5 guys...ROCKED! Ok not chicken little...I'm talking about the top 10. Yes the top ten. I find it so childish for each group of fans to bash the other. Like another poster had written, you should be helping your artist and using the enegry in a positive way. Because I do not follow Taylor's or Daughtry's career in detail however winning AI should be viewed as an honor along with winning...uuummm how many AMA awards. Does the fact that the artist "doesn't" write his own songs make him less of artist? I dont think so. Taylor, Chris, Elliott, Bucky and Ace will always be the best season....and we should all want to be the best fans.

Stephanie said...

Just because someone has some awards doesn't mean they are that great. Britney has a grammy for goodness sakes.

If it was just the one song it would be one thing but this is the second song on the album where the allegation has been made. The songwriter was sued for stealing someone else's music for Avril Lavigne.

Trixi said...

All I can say is tee hee!!