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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Season 5 American Idol Tour Stills Reigns As Most Profitable

There cannot be any doubt left that the headliner for the 2006 Idol Tour, winner Taylor Hicks, had a major part in the most profitable and most successful tour thus far in all seven seasons of that cheesy show. This is no coincidence, my friends - just look how the gross receipts for Grease soared during this summer when Taylor starred in the production.

According to USA Today, "the 2008 American Idol tour, headlined by David Cook, was a substantially greater success than last year's, but failed to match the star-studded, Taylor Hicks-led 2006 edition. This summer's tour pulled in $29.3 million, according to Billboard Boxscore, compared with 2007's $20.9 million and 2006’s $35.2 million. Seats were filled at an 85.4% average rate; in 2007 that figure sagged to 68.4% after the 2006 tour ran at 96.1% capacity."


taylorfan06 said...

Yes, it's soooo obvious that Taylor was the major draw on the '06 Idol tour. I missed that tour but did his solo tour twice ( and met him, too!). Love that Taylor!

Anonymous said...

Sept. 11, Evansville, Ind.: 3,940 out of 6,359: a dismal 62.0% for the smallest venue on the tour.

ouch ... looks like the tri-state will be falling off the Idol radar ...

Trixi said...

I know AI would hate to admit that Taylor had anything to do with it. But the statistics don't lie.

Taylor has been and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

I will volunteer anytime to reckon with him!!

taylorfan06 said...

AI Season 6 Tour - the best ever (Because of Taylor).
Taylor Hicks - THE BEST IDOL EVER!!!!! (duh!)

I agree with Trixi " a force to be reckoned with."
...yes, indeed.

Taylor will ALWAYS be my #1!!! Woooooo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Taylor was the draw. But I bet AI would now say it was Chris. If Jrecords had just promoted Taylor on the radio he would have gotten so much further in his career.

taylorfan06 said...

Speaking of tours... right now I'm watching/listening to WATW. I LOVE IT - the songs, the BAND, TAYLOR!!!!! OMG. Brian Gallagher on SAX - W-O-W!!!
Anyone out there in CA want to come by for a Taylor-fest? Unfortunately, none of my friends get Taylor like everyone here. I'd love to have a SP buddy.

Anonymous said...

The only AI concert I've ever gone to was the one Taylor was in. I liked the after show with LMBO much better than the actual AI concert. Taylor and the guys JAMMED their asses off! The AI concert was okay too but my ears hurt after listening to the bald headed one. I can't remember his name.