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Monday, September 8, 2008

Taylor Hick's Bids Adieu to Broadway's 'Grease' - Pictures Galore!

Courtesy of Getty Images, here are some wonderful shots of Taylor's last night on stage as the Teen Angel and at the aftershow party at the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill near W. 79th Street in NYC. Fellow American Idol season five contestant Ace Young (who will take of over the roll of Kenickie on Sept 9) and Season 4 contestant Constantine Maroulis joined Taylor for the festivities. It's been a summer to remember for Taylor and his fans - old ones and new ones alike! He says he will be taking a well deserved vacation and then be back to finish and release his much anticipated new album.

I mentioned in the last blog that 'Grease" is taking the show out on the road across the US starting in January of 2009. There are rumors Taylor will join this traveling road show, but nothing is confirmed yet. If and when this happens, I'll be sure to post all the details! Until then, thanks to *everyone* who attended 'Grease' this summer and shared all their media with us to enjoy! It's MUCH appreciated!

Thanks to Amy K. Hall for getting the watermarks out of some of the pictures. Enjoy!

Kirsten Wyatt (Frenchy) w/Taylor

Kirsten Wyatt (Frenchy) w/Taylor

Allie Schulz w/Taylor

Lindsay Mendez w/Taylor

Robyn Hurder w/Taylor

Constantine Maroulis, Taylor Hicks, Ace Young

Grease Cast + Ace Young w/Taylor Hicks

A few more pictures here at GettyImages


Trixi said...

great pics... looks like they were all having fun.

But why is Constantine there? I guess he has to get his publicity somewhere. Taylor and Ace look good smiling for the camera.

Let's hope it's not going to be a long drought before we get more Taylor!!

Anonymous said...

I have a couple pix from wireimage w/o watermarks if you want them.

FYI, Constantine was supposed to play Kenicke in Grease, but he turned it down to STAR in the new show Rock of Ages opening October 16th


Check out the dressingroom wallpapers.

And Facebook


check out the promo photos.

He was probably there to support his friends.

soulthing said...

anon - sure, if you have pics w/o the watermarks, I'll put them up. Thanks! What's the url?

Anonymous said...

there are 28 of them! what is the best way to get them to you?

soulthing said...

anon - either upload them to photobucket or email them to me as attachments to hhslancers@yahoo.com. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks girl...the photos are great! Looks like another success for the Soul Man...and by the way, he stands out as the best looking next to any of the other guys. No doubt about that. Had never seen a close up shot of the others beside Taylor...or at least recently. Taylor is a hunk! Some men don't age quite as well as he does.

Again, thanks for the up to date images...VENI VIDI VICI He came, he saw and he conquered! Now...NEXT? Ready...so ready!


Anonymous said...

Listen,it has been gossiped that Target is taking down some of Taylor's CDs on a certain fansite. Guess what I have to say to that poster? BS! Several people that I know have contacted the corporate offices at Target and it is NOT happening. Target appreciates the info about this gossip and is well informed as to where it is taking place. :)

One more thing,could you make Daughtry's head a little bigger and can we watch it pop? HAHAHA!

taylorfan06 said...

I just fell in love all over again. Gorgeous!!!
The man is completely GORGEOUS! I'm so happy for him and all the well deserved positive press that came his way. All you lucky people who were fortunate to see him in Grease, I envy you. I hope you took away great memories (and an autograph or two). I imagine Taylor has amazing memories as well.

The the Summer of 2008 will definitely remain a major highlight in the career of the beautiful Taylor Reuben (I love that name) Hicks!!!!
Congratulations Taylor on a job WELL DONE!!
I look forward to seeing you on the road in '09.

F-A-N for L-i-f-e! xoxoxoxoxo

Crazymomelon said...

What wonderful pictures!
Looks like Taylor's final curtain call was well documented.
Hnadsome, handsome Teen Angel

Wooo Hooo!

Thanks for posting!

Now..for that new music...

juliegr said...

Great photos - energy JUMPING off the page!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is What a summer. Thank you Taylor for making NYC hot!!!!!!!!! On to the next adventure. Fan for life!!!!!!