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Friday, August 8, 2008

Backstage With Taylor Hicks on Broadway!

Great little video piece that the NY Post did with Taylor recently!


Anonymous said...

Great video! I saw this on the Boogie thanks to TaysHarmonica.


chrissie245 said...

Nice. The NY Post seems to love Taylor.

taylorfan06 said...

Taylor deserves all this praise. He is such a gem.
He is definitely on a role (pun intended).

I love his harmonica solo during the interview.
Bedazzled, no less.

Looking forward to Tuesday for EW!!!!!!!!!!!
Soul Patrol! SOUL PATROL!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Taylor seems to now have fun with all his interviews. He seems much more relaxed than he was right after he won idol and oh boy that smile and laugh, gets me everytime.

tishlp said...

Love that video. Taylor is such a cutie! The commercial before the video cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Mentioning Duane Reade, Taylor's sounding more and more like a New Yorker.