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Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Taylor Hicks "Early Works" CD in Target Store Advertisement!

Make sure you pick up your local newspaper this Sunday, where you're likely to find this great TARGET ad (8/10-8/17) for Taylor's new CD "Early Works" dropping the following Tuesday, August 12! I love the way the CD is up at the top right next to the hot Jonas Brothers CD as the two big releases next week! Definitely a keeper for the memorabilia drawer!

And this in-store display for next weeks upcoming releases, they put Taylor's new CD up at the top with the new Jonas Brothers CD!! WHOMP!!!


Crazymomelon said...

Great placement and the cover really stands out, even in the small size.

Taylor has an artist's eye, in addition to his other (considerable) attributes.

Thanks, griz! :-)

Trixi said...

Wow... let's hope lots of people see this and rush out to buy it. So many people ask me all the time when I'm wearing my Taylor shirts "Whatever happened to him? I liked him so much on AI." I start rattling off everything he's done. They're like wow!

Taylor's promo team is definitly earning their keep now...!

Anonymous said...

Great promotion! I can't wait to get my copy, even though I have both IYT & UTR (both signed by Th himself. If we work together this will definitely be a TOP SELLER. BTW, who are those Jonas Brothers guys?

taylorfan06 said...

Spread the word. Tell all your friends to pick up EW next week. Everyone shops at Target! Along with the toiletries and such, get to the music department and also pick up the great new release from Taylor. It's bargain priced at only $9.98. Buy a few extra copies for friends and family. Continue to spread the word of the amazing Taylor Hicks. Let's support our Soulman with BIG SALES NUMBERS!!!

Anonymous said...

McCain for President!