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Monday, August 4, 2008

Hallelujah!! Nigel is OUT as producer of American Idol!

According to that nasty rag TMZ.com, it's a happy happy happy day in the neighborhood, Taylor fans!! The biggest scumbag of them all has parted ways with American Idol!! What does this means for Taylor Hicks and his fans?? For one thing, it brings ME sweeeeet revenge and sheer joy! LOL! Remember fans, this is the asshole that told us we "got it wrong" by voting for Taylor! That I never will forget or forgive - I hold on to that sort of thing and never let go. Let Nigel go off and manipulate other shows and twist the outcome to his liking just like he was trying to do on American Idol. It was becoming more and more obvious what his alterior motive was with the show since Taylor won and I suppose he didn't want to deal with the impending questions of why ratings are continuing to drop from year to year. Could it be that HE was the one to blame with his horrible ideas such as last year's *mosh pit* with a sea of waving pink arms swaying to pop drivel and insipid song selections? I say YES, my friends! Shame on your Nigel! I hope I never see your sorry ass on my beautiful HD TV screen again or listen to your two-faced brain-washing words. On that note, I bring you this lovely video -


MJ said...


*tempered by the knowledge he has made 1,000 lifetimes of money off the backs of some terrific young performers.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is GROSS! He, along with the great majority of AI, are ALL SCUMBAGS!! How did they not see the amazing artistry in Taylor Hicks. The guy (Taylor) is gold (PLATINUM) and should have been treated so much better.

Leave it to Taylor to make things happen. He's in a great place with Grease, EW, and the other releases (Whomp, I hope) he has coming this Fall.

2008 has been GREAT for him, and GREAT for us (the smart ones). When the tour comes around in 2009, we'll see an other amazing year in the career of one, Taylor Hicks!!!!!!


P.S. Let's ban next year's AI. They've already given us the best American Idol we'll ever have. No thanks to Simon ( singing backgrounds.. bla bla bla...) Who the f&!@ really needs him! America decides, his opinions mean NOTHING!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG and I also read that only 300 people showed up for the Puerto Rico Auditions!!!



And there was a poll in the last Entertainment Weekly that said that 66% of So You think You can Dance viewers find him creepy!

Lol. Everyone is glad he's leaving! They find him creepy and no one shows up for his crappy show!

chrissie245 said...

Woooooooo That news makes me happy. Thanks, griz!

Trixi said...

What's Taylor call it? Karma? Or in my words "What goes around comes around".

First Clive and now Nigel... those voodoo dolls I've been poking must finally be working!!!!

Griz, you list TMZ as the source..do you think this is reliable? After all it is TMZ

Wooooooo Soul Patrol...

taylorfan06 said...

AI has been a joke since they brought us Taylor.
That's when it jumped the shark! Season 5 was THE BEST!!!!

AI - OUT!!!
Taylor Hicks - IN (FOREVER)