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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adam Lambert of American Idol Doesn't Compare w/The Genius of Taylor Hicks

The problem with Adam is that he's a fake. Taylor is the real deal. And please, stop with the screaming, Adam... you're hurting my delicate ears. This was Taylor's signature song on American Idol which ultimately let to his victory in Season 5. He sang with soul. You did not. Just keepin' it real. And oh yea, Taylor a LOT cuter than you.

Play That Funky Music by Adam Lambert

Play That Funky Music by Taylor Hicks


WOO said...

Adam...ia a totally self indulgent poseur. He took a fun lighthearted song and turned it into a trashy scream fest with pelvic thrusts. This gut is a fame whore and a total exhibitionist. He is not performing for the pleasure of the audience but for his own pleasure. He thinks he is so radical pushing the envelope when is really NOT entertaining ..at..all.

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about, Woo? Adam is a musical genius!!!!! Just ask the judges! Such a brave song choice ... uhhh, maybe if it was 2005???

He really did well last week reining himself in, but we're back to the ear-splitting histrionics I've hated since January. The cat ran back in the bedroom and hid, so her paw wasn't on speed dial.

I don't see a scenario where Adam will win AI, because he's just too much for Wonderbread America. They are trying their darndest for their angelic choir boy-prince of darkness final they have scripted.

The weekly lovefest has me baffled. He sound so current? If blue-eyed soul can't find airplay, I can't imagine what genre screeching theatrics fall into. If he has any sort of real musical career after Idol, then we'll know how corrupt the system really is.

Trixi said...

Sorry, but I like Adam. He is being who he is. I loved Ring of Fire, Tracks of My Tears, Black and White.

Isn't that how you get noticed on Idol, by being different, standing out?

Granted I do prefer Taylor's PTFMWB, over Adams version though.

Anonymous said...

Griz ~ I so agree with you about the screaming...after watching again on your blog it is even worse than last night! I have to give it to Adam though...he has learned to keep eveyone interested as to what he will do each week because he is different...I think he took a lesson from Taylor's handbook...it will be interesting to see what America does this year. I have liked some of his performances (last week was good) but I would not buy his CD. I have watched AI since the beginning but this will be it if Taylor is not on especially since he has a new album out...cannot take the disrespect anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

Giving my age - my 41 year old Daughter did like Lamberts "Ring of Fire" somewhat - I hated it. It's hard to hone in on any one contestant at this point. My Daughter and Wife won't even listen to TH not first or current CD. In the 1 1/2 min. he had, the "Ain't no Sunshine" guy did ok if you haven't heard TH version on this blog. Jiro

Anonymous said...

Adam is talented...in a chorus boy kind of way, but he ain't no Taylor..his version of PTFMWB paled in comparison. But,he is one of the chosen...can't imagine what a CD from him would sound like...probably cats in a room full of rocking chairs.

JOJOSIE said...

I happen to like Adam and think he's a lot like Taylor in certain ways as he has charisma, at home on the stage, know how to move and is vocally talented. I also think he like Taylor is playing the Idol game well. Taylor is still my first love but I have room for Adam also. I power vote for him just like I did for Taylor. Love hearing news about TH and like the CD and have it playing most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I think Adam has a 0k voice, but i can't stand his screaming. He is no Taylor Hicks though. Taylor's version was 10 times better and of course he was criticized for it. I also couldn't help but thinking when they gave David Cook that award for a platinum selling album, why wasn't Taylor treated in the same way. I like David Cook, it just irritates me how that show mistreats one of it's winners.