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Monday, March 17, 2008

More Collaboration News for Taylor Hicks!

Simon Cowell was on Oprah today and again force fed the audience his acid pablum about how American got it "wrong" picking Taylor in Season 5. To add insult to injury, he then trotted out his money tool hopeful Leona Lewis from England for his American brainwashing. To that, Mr. Cowell, I submit my visual response (and America's) to your never ending pile of oral bullshit on the left.

And while I'm at it, here's a nice little blurb from the Masterclass Vocal website, who is still touting Taylor's singing skills two years later. Take that Mr. Cowell. Rosanne Simunovic writes:

I always take artistry into major consideration when evaluating the singers. Very important and, yes, Idolina, Brian Melo was a great example of this.

So was Taylor Hicks. He didn’t have the strongest voice, but was a master at interpretation. Also, he really knew how to entertain and stimulate his audience. He had great respect for the music and the listeners.

Okay onto some GREAT news on the Taylor Hicks front! We have more collaboration news from Nashville! Seems songwriter Zane Williams from Big Yellow Dog Music Publishing had an encounter with Taylor a few weeks ago. According to his write up over here, "Another fun surprise happened a couple weeks ago when fellow Big Yellow Dog writer Pat Mclaughlin introduced me to his co-writer up at the office, who happened to be Taylor Hicks. His season on American Idol was the only one I really watched on a regular basis, and I thought he was a really unique presence, so it was interesting to meet him in person!".

Pat's music seems like a perfect fit for Taylor in that it's a little bit country, blues, r&b, soul and pop all meshed into one - not to mention the guy sounds exactly like Taylor's hero Van Morrison.

McLaughlin's compositions have been recorded by a jaw-dropping array of artists including Bonnie Raitt, Alan Jackson, Taj Mahal, Trisha Yearwood, Al Kooper, Nanci Griffith, Josh Turner, Shawn Camp and Don Williams. Gary Allan recorded Pat's "Songs About Rain," securing yet another BMI Country Award for McLaughlin. An in-demand studio musician, Pat's guitar "chunking" finessed projects by Jamie Hartford, Rosanne Cash, Julie Roberts, Don Williams, Al Cooper, Shawn Camp, Cowboy Jack Clement, Neil Diamond and many more.

Check out a couple of these sites from more information on Pat McLaughlin:

Pat on The David Letterman Show a few years ago:


jean said...

I usually don't comment but I'm always reading here and there. Thanks for the interesting pieces of info during this 'down time' before the 2nd cd comes out. It's appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I despise Simon. What a jerk! I just hope that too much damage has not been done to Taylor before he can get HIS album out. There has been so much against him that I just hope he can overcome it. Someone help my feelings on this!

And, Simon can have Chris D. His music is not for me.

tishlp said...

So why is Simon still even bothering to bad-mouth Taylor? Is he that afraid?

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of that American Idol bunch. All that comes out of their mouth is crap. Chris Daughtry came in 4th. He was beaten by Elliot, Katherine and Taylor. That girl that was on Oprah did not sound so great to me. It is a shame that even the winner of that show is treated so badly.

Anonymous said...

I read where Pat McLsughlin came from Waterloo, Iowa and that is where I live. I do know some McLaughlins so I may have to do some checking as to if they are related. Simon is rude and crude and should not be on a family rated show, as manners are not given much respect today and young people don't need to subjected to this on a popular TV show. Snark and contructive critism are okay but Simon can't seem to stop there. He worships money and power and thinks he knows talent. He pushes Chris but he passed on him during Chris's audition. He didn't say too much about Jordan as TPTB are still pushing her. But he did say last year that Melinda was the one who should win. He says whatever suits his purpose.

cochem said...

This ia from a 2005 article...


Though he spent his senior year at West, McLaughlin also attended Columbus High School through his junior year. His father, T.J. McLaughlin, co-founded Waterloo Corrugated Box Co. and was a major benefactor to Columbus. Inducted into the Columbus Hall of Fame in 1981, the elder McLaughlin died in 1995.

Trixi said...

Simon will never have anything good to say about Taylor unless he starts putting money into Simons wallet. We all know that will never happen. Thank God. If Simon only said good things about people he wouldn't be controversial, and he would be out of the limelight.

I don't let Simon bother me. I know what is important to him, and that is not what life is about.

Taylor now has his national fan base and will continue to make a living his way. Isn't that what he wanted all along? Groove on Soulman!!!

juliegr said...

Trixi -- you're exactly right!

Thanks for the news, griz. BTW, good audio and video clips on the sidebar.

karoray said...

Simon got really tired of hearing how wrong he was and wants to change history. But you know one reason Taylor was never on Oprah is because of Simon, she loves Simon. It hurts sometimes because people who don't know, think that Simon is telling the truth and don't realize that he is just being vindictive because Taylor didn't toe the line. My memory of the show is quite clear, Simon liked Taylors singing. He said so, very clearly.
He will eat his words someday, and we have Taylor to love forever, that much is for sure.
Love your blog. And your visual is my feeling exactly.

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:


TPTB have been revealed...even though some on fanboards tried to stop the posts of many that wanted to know the truth. We all gained knowledge and understanding which helped us "get" what Taylor was going thru, to some degree. Those that did not want to discuss it, certainly did not have to...but, yet they posted more than the ones giving out the information. See...controversy seems to follow discussions of controversy while hiding behind the guise of innocence.