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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Randy Jackson's Compilation CD Bombing On The Charts!

Before I get to the Randy Jackson sales update, I'm gunna whine a bit about my intense dislike concerning the ongoing ignorant, nasty and hateful bloggers in cyberspace who think it's cool to piss on Taylor for no reason other than to attract hits on their page. Who ARE these people, anyway? Daughtry fans who are so vile they can't move on? Mcphee fans who just aren't smart enough to know any better? Simon Cowell's relatives? Nigel's cronies? It gets under my fucking skin like it's nobody's business. It's like a natural defense of mine to stand up for the people who I feel are getting the shit for no reason.

The latest incident comes at the Roanoke Times from a blogger named Wendy, who made Taylor's fans incite to riot with her snides remarks.

On March 26 she wrote:
Example: Telling Michael Johns he needs to show them something a little different. But, when David Cook shows them his usual self, they praise him. On this particular matter, my thought is that Daughtry's fame surprised them. And they know David Cook will be the next Daughtry. So they want to make sure they sign David Cook since they missed the boat on Chris Daughtry, who placed fourth on "Idol" in 2006. He lost out to Taylor Hicks of all people. Yeah, I know, Taylor who?


As for a comment made about Taylor and the record label "mutually" ending their relationship, maybe so. But isn't that generally what the dumpees say?

and on March 27th she had the balls to say:

A quick shout-out to commenter Tanja. Thanks for showing the THicks (I dare not write his name!) fans another side.

"Being nasty, calling names, and throwing out bizarre accusations doesn't do much to help Taylor Hicks's career."

Us? Throwing bizarre accusations? ROTFLMAO!!! So funny I can hardly contain myself. Uh, Wendy, dear.... what's the old saying? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? The anonymity of the Internet makes normally sane people act absolutely irrational sometimes - but I'm going to call them out at every opportunity when I see injustice done. Hrmph!

Okay now that I got that off my chest, here's an update on Randy Jackson's compilation CD - you remember, the one released a few weeks ago that was bombing on the sales chart? Here's the second week tallies courtesy of Ken of USA Today. "...Randy's compilation had made its debut at No. 50 the previous week with 13,000 units sold; this week it drops to No. 134 on the Billboard top 200 album chart, selling almost exactly half the first-week figure, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Total for two weeks is in the mid-19,000s....". I would even suspect that some of those 19,000 folks who did buy it returned it after they heard McPhee screech on her track. And wasn't it Randy who said something to the effect of people not buying Cd's if they stunk? Well!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Splort*!

I wonder if Universal will 'dump' Randy for low sales? Bwawawawawa!


Anonymous said...

Right on Griz! I soo agree with you.

I am certain Taylor will have the last laugh and these assholes will be eating their own sh.. when his next CD comes out. You just wait and see.

Trixi said...

I do believe that a lot of people just mention to get the hits. It really pisses me off too! If and when I leave a comment on those sites, I always try to be civil. Even though I don't want to be. After all we don't tagged "crazy, fat,middle aged women" The way I see it... F@ck them all. I may be fat, I may be middle aged, but by god I ain't crazy. I know what I like and Taylors music is it.

It always cracks me up that a lot of the time they post anonymously. What they ain't got the balls to back up their bashing?

Wooo Randy way to sell the records!!!! Maybe I will try and call in next week to AI on Wed. and ask Randy about his sales. I would love to hear his answer!!!
I can hear it now... Ah dawg , blah, blah, blah...

Coun1100 said...

griz.....Everything will be alright with Taylor! He is in it for the long haul and I truly believe his heart is in the right place and this is what God wants him to do with his life. Taylor is trying to bring back music in a good way! Remember people said mean things about Christ and he tried to do some good also. Taylor is respected by musicians like Robert Randolph, Amy Winehouse, John Mayer and Widespread Panic just to name a few on his myspace website! One of the reasons I know he will be okay is that people are still talking about him....good or bad! They will be saying some GOOD things pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

TOO BAD, Randy didn't put Taylor on his CD. I would have bought it just for Taylor the heck with the rest of the tracks. LOL.