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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks Pictures from the Children's Miracle Network Awards Ceremony!

You'll find more on Taylor's myspace page, but here are a few he posted from his appearance on the Children's Miracle Network telethon down in Orlando a few days ago. It's a pity this wasn't picked up by some of the mainstream media instead of statements from Simon Cowell about how he thinks American got it wrong. Typical. It's this sort of good publicity Taylor needs in the coming months, but regardless, good for him for always being there to help kids with special needs!


Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:

You are so right! What is the purpose? The Simon says thing is really getting old or should I say...those that admire Simon's opinions are boring the hell out of me. He is a jerk...who gives a flying fig what he says...does? Now...if he makes a fool out of himself and that is in the news...I might want to hear it.

Why are there always negative comments on every Taylor Hicks' fansite? All these "so called" fans of Taylor's and all the prickly gripes...and then when Taylor does something great...which he will again...and again...They jump on the bandwagon and praise him with all their might. *head in hands*

Anonymous said...

What you said Blondebabe!

Another thing that ticks me off is when some of these "so called fans" defend Simon Cowell or Simon Lithgoe to the hilt citing "they're just telling it like the see it"..ha! But when a another fan speaks against those who criticize Taylor unfairly, then that fan ends up being accused of having the puppy dog and rainbow mentality. But then on a thread where Taylor has done something good, the "so called fans" rarely post. Uh?...have they figured out that it's a Taylor FANSITE? (saying that in my most sarcastic voice) There is one very prominent site that I rarely visit anymore just for that reason.

Which brings me to thank you Soul Thing for this site.

Trixi said...

I think at this point Simon has said it so many times that it has no meaning any more. It's a fact Simon hated Taylor..now Simon just needs to get over it.

Taylor does need to keep his name in the mainstream press...his charitable work etc. Taylor has a big enough fanbase now to make a decent living.

So many people wonder what has happened to him because they never heard anything about his 1st CD. I think his new P.R. people are getting him out there, more than the others did.

I spread the word as often as I can. Keep up the good work Taylor.

Yes.. I agree there aren't very many good Taylor sites left. HQ is quite boring with all the goody two shoe topics, and the censoring. One site I used to visit... never really liked that much but went there. C2What has shut down for awhile...hopefully will be back.

If anyone has more sites that are worth checking out, could you leave a list here?

soulthing said...

Trixi - You're SO right about the tone of the THHQ site. I put the full blame on Gypsee, who is so bland about what she likes to talk about and her not to subtle role in steering the conversation to puppies and rainbows. As soon as something interesting comes up or some real honesty shows up, she sticks her self righteous nose in it and makes some stupid comment. It's really annoying.

And as far as good Tayor sites, nope there's not many left. This site here is a good place to air grips, cuz everything is allowed and honesty prevails (except for Simon or Daughtry praise - those will get deleted pronto LOL!)

Just yesterday, there was some grips about 'complaints' about Taylor getting no publicity for this charity appearance, and man o man, a couple thought is was okay that the mainstream press found no redeaming quality in it to report it. Kill me now. Argh!!!!!!!!!

Trixi said...

Don't leave us... your the only good one left. You have my support. The one I mentioned above was the TOSP. Too clique.

Anonymous said...

I love your site Griz and and it seems to be attracting more Taylor fans every day. You don't tiptoe around, you cut to the chase, you tell it like it is - WITH NO PUPPY DOG, RAINBOW BULLSHIT! Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

TOSP is INFESTED with Chrolls. Many posters there are from the cdstreeteam.com gang.

The mods and webmaster were given a heads up but it didn't seem to matter to them since they were allowed to continue with their games. Watch for the subtle backhanded snark it's a give away. ;)

I have always enjoyed griz's brutal honesty. The majority of us are all adults and she respects that in her posts.

Anonymous said...

Just recently discovered this place. It's nice and easy to move around in. And I like the upbeat feel to it. I also like the Boogie. They do seem to get the jump on the up to date news.

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:

It is sad. I remember the days when Taylor's fansites were moderated in a way that the chrolls/trolls were deleted...and ultimately banned. They have friggin' taken over. These sites may carry Taylor's name...but they are not about Taylor. They may talk about Taylor and pretend to be about Taylor...but, they are using Taylor's name to bring in people to either donate or buy merchandise/tickets...and also, the hits, baby! The true TH fans are almost non existant.