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Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol - The Beatles? Let's Invite Taylor Hicks Back...

... to sing a staple of his 2007 shows - "Don't Let Me Down". That will surely bring the house down. I know I'm dreaming here, and they aren't gunna invite Taylor back to show up all the inferior singers.

But to be honest, I got a little sick to my stomach as I watched Kat McPhee sing "Something" on tonights show. It just so happens that was the only Beatle song ever sung on American Idol prior to this season - a song which Taylor Hicks took by the balls and sang the shit out of 2 years ago. Why, then, was she the one invited back to sing it and not him? I see it as just another way Nigel Lythgoe likes to torture Taylor's fans. Was he even asked?

I guess it doesn't really matter since I'm absolutely certain he doesn't give a shit about it (if he even knows or cares) but something about the whole show just didn't sit right with me.

But, just for a second, imagine him bringing his band back with Brian Gallagher on sax and ripping this ....

While we're at it, here's Taylor singing "Something"...


juliegr said...

I'll just say 2 things:

1. Taylor sang the h**l out of that song during the 2006 competition!! When he finished the last note I had chills.

2. I saw Katharine last night -- NO comparison.

Thanks for the 2 Beatle moments by Taylor.

Trixi said...

God, both videos still give me goosebumps. I saw Taylor sing DLMD in Council Bluffs, IA this summer. It was at a bar at the casino that held 600 people and we were front row. It was totally awesome.

I have mixed feeling for AI. Yeah, they shit on Taylor, but without AI, we would have never found Taylor.

I thought Katherine did a good job with Something last night. I have never been a big Kat fan. I did notice she took lots of opportunities to show off her very large diamond. I still think she did AI to get her foot more into the Hollywood door to be an actress, as opposed to a singer. If she doesn't change up her next CD, she will probably have to stick to acting.

Anonymous said...

They should of brought Taylor back to sing Something, he did an awesome job. I think the only reason they brought Katherine back was because of David Foster. She didn't look happy to be there. I have mixed feelings about Idol too. But, it is in Taylor's best interest that the show stays popular. He is the winner of season 5 AI and they cannot take that away from him.

jewell said...

I watched that video of Taylor singing "Something" at least 10 times now. I loved that night. "Something in the way she woooooooooos." That was one of my two favorite ai performances.

Anonymous said...

No comparison.

Katherine hit a pop fly.

Taylor knocked it out of the park!

"Something" was one of Taylor's best performances during AI5.

cypfan said...

Kat strikes me as a beautiful airhead. I doubt that she spent more than two minutes thinking about what to sing. My guess is that she was told what to sing by someone else.

Anonymous said...

Hi...Blondebabe here...my google thingie is not working right!

I watched Kat sing on AI...hated going there...but curious. She does not have what she had...which never compared to Taylor. Where was the feeling?

As far as Taylor going back to AI? Why help them with ratings? They have screwed him over and over. Oh...heard about his photo being back up...OH...GEE...does that mean we are supposed to kiss their asses and start watching again and help with ratings? Votes? Cold day in hell.