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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Randy Jackson said America Got it Right!

Well of course America got it right dude! Was there ever a question about the correctness of Taylor Hicks turning American Idol on it's head with his smooth blue-eyed soul singing? Nope!

That said, I'm gunna be a cynical blogger and say that Randy wants to make nice with Taylor's fanbase here because he has a new album to promote this week. (He has dissed Taylor in the past when it suited him). Here is his quote from "Reality Rocks". You decide.

REALITY ROCKS: American Idol is a great equalizer in that way. Because the public makes the ultimate decision.

RANDY: Look, I did A&R at labels for years. Every label thinks, when they sign someone, “This is the perfect pedigree to sign. They’re cute, they can sing, they can dance, et cetera.” And they say to the public, “Here, this is what you’re gonna like.” But you might say, “No, I don’t like that!” You’ll probably say “no” many more times than you’ll say “yes”! So the idea on Idol is, if we present the public with the artists and said, “Hey, you tell us which one you like best,” the public always–no matter what the artist looks like–picks the best singer. ALWAYS. That’s why the show is really cool. What it does is it puts the talent first. And for a guy like me, who’s a producer and a manager–I love artists–the quality of music is what this is about. The public always picks quality. That’s the coolest thing about the show and what I love the most.

REALITY ROCKS: Even with Taylor Hicks?

RANDY: Hey, I liked him too! Yes, America got it right. I truly believe every season they get it right.

REALITY ROCKS: So what do you have to say to people who say American Idol has gone downhill and has jumped the shark?

RANDY: Come on. Let me ask you this–are there 30 million people watching any other show, any five nights combined? No. So I don’t think that’s a concern at all. I think this show could go on for another 20 years. It’s the best talent/singing show that there’s ever been. I think people always just wanna hate, don’t they? There’s a lot of haters, man. This is what we always say in the music business: Do you know when you’ve made it? When people hate you.

Well gee whiz, Taylor must be on top of the world then, cuz he's got his share of haters, that's for damn sure.

In any case, I was watching the Top 12 on AI7 tonight and guess what!???! They have a new opening sequence and God Dayum! They put Taylor back in, head and all! Someone must have threatened Nigel that's all I can say. Heh. He's actually in the sequence twice from what I saw. I think Fantasia got the short end of the stick this time, cuz I didn't see much of her. Whatever....

And about the performances - Chekezie was the BOMB! He's been watching Taylor's performances so it seems. Excellent dude! David Cook? Love ya! You make Daughtry look like the loser tool he is in comparison. Kristy Lee Cook? That was, uh, like gag me with a spoon bad OMG! And David Archuleta? CHOKE!!!! Not good. Better contain those nerves and for heaven's sake, don't forget Beatle lyrics! Geeesh, how lame is that!


Trixi said...

Griz, I totally agree with your assesment of last nights AI. I told my son when he got home that Chekezie was the new Taylor. It was "The Bomb", and he even got a "you looked drunk" comment from Simon. Way to go Chekezie!!!

I think Archie finally got a taste of reality last night. All 3 hated him.

David Cook...he's my home town fav ..he was also great. I loved his version. Even got the comment from Simon " you could win the whole thing" Wow..

I hope Kristy goes home tonight. That performance made me puke. It was terrible.

Well at least Randy has to admit occassionaly that America got it right with Taylor!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Checkezie is NOT THE NEXT TAYLOR. He definitely has been studying Taylor's moves, but he does NOT HAVE THE VOICE, CHARISMA AND ORIGINALITY that Taylor has! I admit he was entertaining with his performance last night, but no way did he even come close to the original. My hunch is he is trying to get Taylor's SP on board. I could be wrong (but I don't think so) since I only watched the show for the first time last night.

The one that made me sit up and really notice was Amanda. Man, she reminded me so much of Janis Joplin. I really hope to hear more of her.