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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taylor Hicks and Other Idols Winners and Contestants Celebrate Opening of AI Exhibit in Orlando

Taylor Hicks joined 6 other American Idol winners Thursday, February 12 to help celebrate the grand opening of the new "American Idol Experience" exhibit at Disney World in Orlando, Fl. This was the first time all 7 winners graced a stage together, and didn't Taylor look so dapper? So handsome? So classy? So... so... uh, well you get the picture! Oh yea, can you believe he and Simon Fuller had their picture taken together? Ah, to be a fly on the wall... And you'll notice one bald ugly guy (Daughtry, cough, belch) had the good sense to stay away - why ruin a perfectly good day, right? Anyway, below are some pictures from the event (click to enlarge)!


JOJOSIE said...

Thrilled to see the winners all together as I'm a long time Idol watcher. I have to say Taylor is the best looking guy there. I loved how he got to stand center stage this time as they couldn't do the line-up any other way, and a picture of Taylor and Simom Fuller, did that really happen?

Trixi said...

My thougts exactly JoJosie... all those contestants on stage and Taylor by far was the most handsome. It was cool to see all 7 winners in one place. It's really a diverse bunch.