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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Original Member of The Temptations Compliments Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks recently got one of the highest compliments from Otis Williams, the last surviving member of the original legendary soul group of the 60s - The Temptations. In an article posted on turkgeek.com, he says in part:

Q – You say, “Great singing will always prevail.” That’s what they push on American Idol. Do you watch that TV show?

A – Oh yeah, I watch it.

Q – What do you think of it?

A – Some of it is funny. Every now and then, you run across somebody who can sing, but a lot of those people up there are kind of funny. I really like Taylor Hicks.

Q – He’s good because he’s different.

A – Yes, he is. I like his deliverance and he can sing.

It's a great shout-out to Taylor from Mr. Williams - a guy who is a founding member of greatest soul group in history, The Temptations. A huge pat on the back from one of Taylor's musical heros, no doubt.

Never mind the fly-by-nights who pose as 'experts' in today's market. The opinion of someone like Otis Williams goes a long way and says a lot about Taylor's musical credibility and the depth of his talent as a soul singer and performer.


Anonymous said...

It's a great compliment,and I agree completely. Otis comes from a time, when singers had to actually sing and perform on stage----without ProTools or other voice enhancing technology. He recognizes a man who can infuse the lyrics with meaning, and do it all with his own wonderful voice.

TrishluvsTaylor said...

That is so WOW!!

I would love to see the look on Taylor's face when he hears this great compliment!

really cool!