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Monday, November 9, 2009

"My Trusty Harmonica" - Taylor Hicks in Never Before Seen American Idol Footage!

Taylor Hicks fans are in for a treat this week on American Idol Rewind, Season 5. Never before seen footage of his acupela audition of the Bill Wither's classic, "Ain't No Sunshine" was shown. After seeing this, it's no a wonder why Taylor completely dominated Season 5. In his own words, he was separating himself from the rest of the pact with his unique presentation, look and style - and boy, did he in a big way! I mean, really, how many other hopefuls ever got down on their knees and sang, ".... ain't no, ain't no, ain't no, ain't no, ain't no sunshine when she's gone ..." All this while getting his competitors in the audience to clap in unison for him to help him sing the song. All those years in the roadhouses learning how to entertain surely came in handy at that point. Bucky Covington, a finalist that year, was right when he said "Then I heard him sing and I said shit! He's going to win this thing"! I maintain he was the best all around performer ever to grace that American Idol show. Enjoy!

Taylor Hicks - Idol Rewind 5 - Hollywood Week from SoulForever on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

While admitting to partiality, I believe him to be the most unique talent ever to have appeared on Idol.
"Ain't No Sunshine" is perhaps in my top 2 or 3 favorite songs that I have been privileged to hear Taylor sing .

Anything with a harmonica adds zip to his doo da. How grand it would have been had Idol allowed instruments to be played during Season 5.

Am so glad this rendition surfaced on Idol Rewind.


juliegr said...

Using Dudley Doright voice to respond to the usual Simon Cowell and Dawg Jackson ~~~ "Curses, foiled again"!

hahaha, Taylor got the last laugh and is still laughing ALL the way to the bank.