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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Taylor Hicks Sings for Charity; SOS (Save My Body, Save My Soul) Available for Purchase!

SOS ("Save My Body, Save My Soul") is the title of a new song recorded by Taylor Hicks on behalf of SOS Children's Villages, the world's largest charity dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children. ITune purchases will support children in need in 132 countries all over the world. It's a song for everyone, everywhere with a Taylor Hicks delivery that songwriter Genevieve Rose describes as "beautiful" and "soulful". -Taylor Hicks News


Type of facility and Number Of Beneficiaries SOS Charities Help:
SOS Children's Villages 508 59,130
SOS Youth Facilities 383 17,311
SOS Kindergartens 228 23,297
SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools 191 112,027
SOS Vocational Training Centres 64 19,287
SOS Social Centres 566 299,904
SOS Medical Centres 68 398,169
SOS Emergency Relief Programmes 10 129,793
Total 2,018 1,058,918

Source: SOS-Children's Villages

The single is available for purchase now at both ITunes and Amazon.


tishlp said...

This is a charity I hadn't heard of before Taylor recorded the song. I had no idea it was so big. I hope the song brings new awareness to the charity and it's work. Taylor's delivery of the song is soulful and passionate. He always gives 100% on all his projects.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the song on ITUNES, it is a great song and Taylor does a fantastic job singing it. It would be nice if it got radio play.