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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taylor Hicks - One of People Magazine's Hottest Selling Bachelor Issues in 2006

Not really "news" now, but if you remember Taylor's cover of People Magazine for the hottest bachelor in 2006, we now find out it sold the same 1.6 million copies as hottie Matthew McConaughey, according to wwd.com. Nice, but I bet his new physique could pull in 2 million now ;)

"....Naming Crawford to the title of People’s Hottest Bachelor, on the other hand, hasn’t been quite the same winner. Sources estimate the double issue so far registered sales of 1.1 million copies. Editors at competing celebrity magazines questioned whether the 23-year-old television star was recognizable enough for People’s audience, or if they should have gone with a bigger name. Past “Bachelors” include Matthew McConaughey in 2007 and “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks in 2006. Both issues sold 1.6 million copies each. (Last year, People bumped its Hottest Bachelor cover for coverage of Tim Russert’s death). Some looked to 34-year-old Bradley Cooper, star of the hit comedy “The Hangover,” as a better choice. “Here’s a guy who’s in the biggest comedy of the summer, he’s 34, single and is dating Jennifer Aniston,” said one celebrity weekly insider, citing a report on People’s own Web site. “That’s someone you want to know more about.” Cooper was named as one of People’s Hottest Bachelors and is included in the issue...."

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