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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daughtry's Album "Leave This Town" Predicted to FLOP in First Week!

I could NOT be happier. Why? Well, according to Hits Daily Double, this TOOL is predicted to undersell BIG TIME (240K-260K vs. 304K the first time around), despite the payola, ass licking, buying and pushing good 'ol fossil Clive Davis spent on his first CD. I thought for sure he'd sell at least as much as Carrie Underwood's 2nd album in her first week(in the mid 500K range) since both of their first albums did so well. In Daughtry's case, no thanks to any visible talent. Apparently, America is finally waking up to the arrogance of this no talent. He'll soon be selling his useless plastic out of his trunk. Here's hoping for a fast and speedy demise!

It's just a matter of time before we hear the words "Daughtry Who"?


daryl said...

I am a Taylor fan. but not a crazy.

If 260K in the first week is a flop, how would you describe Taylor's first week sales of his second CD?

Blogs like this just make us all look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Daryl, I agree that if Taylor did 240 to 260K in his first week he would probably have done cartwheels. I'm no Daughtry fan but if he can sell that many
cd's more power to him. Don't mess with TH as far as Soul Thing is concerned. Soul Thing is a great fan of TH so cut a little slack. I like this blog and info put on here> JIRO

Anonymous said...

Why do you care so much about Daughtry the competition is over. The world does not revolve around Taylor Hicks. I love Taylor ,but I do have some Daughtry on my ipod.

jerseyirish said...

Don't follow him so don't know what his sales look like. I'm thinking he is not getting the backing he had the first time out with Clive gone. This will show if he has it or not.

Taylor on the other hand has done it on his own with no help from anyone and I think he is doing well for himself!


Anonymous said...

If Taylor Hicks had had the backing of AI that he should of had from the beginning he would of sold 2 million instead of 1 million. Taylor went platinum without the help of AI OR Radio. Instead Daughtry got the promoting that should of gone to Taylor. Taylor went out on his own and stayed true to himself and his music. I have the utmost respect for him. As far as i am concerned Taylor is a success and far more talented than Daughtry.