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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AmyH and Cali50 Bringing Down The Boogie Board!

Some of you Taylor Hicks fans might know by now, but the Boogie Board fansite is imploding at the moment - thanks fully to its two Moderators - Cali50 and AmyB. They have just banned a number of people, myself included, in an attempt to control, manipulate, and infest the site with everything non-Taylor related and insult the man himself - claiming boredom and redundancy - but most importantly, set their own agenda without regard to the best interests of the person they are supposedly representing. They are two-faced back-stabbing hags whose only purpose is to satisfy their own personal need for control and eliminate his most ardent supporters - long standing contributors to the community. They are nasty, ugly people. Below is a post from one of its long standing members (not me) for your information. Feel free to post it at any of the other sites out there. We want the entire community to know who they are dealing as members of the Boogie Board. I will have my own blog post up later on today, but this was so on-point that I wanted to get it up immediately. Feel free to comment - and don't worry, people aren't censored here. Stay tuned for information about new roads to be taken....

Some of you had asked me in Baltimore, this past February, why I no longer post on the BB. I took the high road and simply said, “If you want to enjoy your meal in peace, you don’t want to get me started on that”. I don’t mean to make this about me or those I will name below. I only mean to state publicly why I no longer associate myself with the BB. Having read things on the boards over the last few days, I feel compelled to come forward and have my say, as well as speak up in Taylor’s defense. The latter is my primary motive for this post.

If anyone wants to slam me, go for it. I’m an adult, and remember that you have brought this upon yourself. I cannot guarantee that I’ll be back to respond because I am so done with those in this fan base who denigrate and disrespect a man who has earned my highest regard: Taylor Hicks.

I stopped posting, and for the most part, stopped reading on the BB in May 2008, when I saw that two of Taylor’s musician friends were being disrespected for the third or fourth time, as well as Taylor himself. (I did post on the BB this past spring that I wrote the review of The Distance which one of my friends posted on Taylor’s IEEM page. It appears on other sites and to protect my friend’s privacy, her name will remain unspoken here.) Concerning the aforementioned disrespect shown on the BB, I put my two cents in, mostly in PM’s that I had assumed would remain private between me and AmyH. I disagreed with the disrespect that was allowed to be demonstrated on what was supposed to have been a large board devoted primarily to one single artist: Taylor Hicks.

When I told AmyH that, as a moderator, she had a double standard – something I meant at the time and still mean – I found that Cali50 and a few others came out of the woodwork as they had been privy to what I had assumed was a private, civil conversation between me and AmyH (who, by the way, seems to have difficulty reading my posts. Best grab the old dictionary, dearie, if you intend to read this). Oh, and Cali50 … you may wish to consider getting yourself to a nunnery. Hand-slapping, scolding, and supercilious behavior are cherished attributes among the nuns; they’ll no doubt welcome you within their ranks.

Now I’ll relieve you gals, AmyH, Cali50 and who-all else is in on the subterfuge over at the BB, of the onus of copying and pasting my comments to others; now you all know the truth. Oh and get set, here comes some more truth if you allow it to stand and do not delete it … but never fear, I’ll take this truth elsewhere.

Those of you who are not thrilled with Taylor working his tail off to do Grease 8x a week, and those of you who clamor for more and more shadow tours, have obviously never followed other artists. You may claim that you have, but your words prove that otherwise. I am a lover of good, contemporary music (‘60’s to ’90’s, mostly, when it was still good) and have followed a number of artists closely over the years. Here’s how it works, you jaloons. An artist or a band cuts a record, promotes it, and tours behind it for several months. Then the artist or band “goes away” for two more years, and the cycle begins again. Taylor not only toured for 10 months following the release of his self-titled CD, he now travels nationwide with the play and does as many interviews, shadow tours, and tweets as he can. What other artist works so diligently and maintains such frequent contact with his fan base?

If you truly follow other artists, you eejits, do you slam them for having external projects, as many do? Do you slam them for not showing up in or near your town, on your schedule, to give concerts on a regular basis? And do you even know what it means to be an artist – to live for your craft, as Taylor Hicks does?

He could have taken the easy way out and sold his soul to the devil, as some of the people y’all fawn over now have done. Don’t believe me? Listen to their music and tell me if it honestly moves you. Does it move you to tears, does it lift your heart even after thousands of plays; does it make you think and does it makes you glad to be alive in a world that can be so very ugly? Does it make you proud and ever so grateful that you have found an artist who possesses the talent to do this … to reach into your chest, grab your heart, and take it prisoner in the most gentle and honest way imaginable? Does it?!?

Taylor took the harder route in order to remain true to his craft and true to those who honor and love genuine music. He created his own label in order to have full artistic control, and this means that he, not the suits, calls the shots. It also means he pays all of the bills out of his own pocket, every single one of them. In my adult life, I have not found a single person who embodies such integrity and clarity of vision. To this, I add incredible talent, which only unfolds with time, like a lotus blossom, to reveal more and more depth and beauty.

The more I know Taylor Hicks through his music and compassion, and the way that he conducts his life, quietly, industriously, and with respect for others, the less tolerance I have for the two-faced, the back-stabbers, the children in adult’s clothing, and the cruel, the myopic, and the selfish -- including the aforementioned people on the BB and those in their camp.

Long live Taylor Hicks. I will follow that man and support him to the best of my ability until the day that I quit this earth.


Anonymous said...

Im so glad this was posted and the truth is finally out. I haven't posting in a while, but have been watching the serbic tactics of AmyB, who clearly has no interest in Taylor. A moderator who only posts once every 3 months to insult him has no place being in charge of it. Taylor needs to know what's going on. Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

The truth shall set ye free.

Anonymous said...

Stooping to the level of name calling really isn't all that mature.

It's not really very professional to lump everyone into the "adults wearing children's clothing." when you're busy calling people names.

Not everyone on that board should be chastized because one person had a problem with a few.

Attacking other artists that were in competition with Taylor is sophomoric and completely unnecessary.

Of course those people such as yourself, have the right to your opinon as well.

But, as a fan of firstly Taylor, then Daughtry and Katharine. (GASP)

I have the right not to read the rhetoric. But, it does show up all over the Internet, and frankly it's old, it's borish, and obsessive. Nobody cares anymore.

These people are all trying to make a buck just like Taylor. Taylor himself says he’s friends with these people.

Sit bat, regroup, pull up your bootstraps and think about how insane it is to keep this war going.

Taylor doesn't need people to protect him. He's a big boy.

Lubiana said...

Griz I am so sorry you were banned! It simply won't be the same without you. :(

soulthing said...

To the "anon" who doesn't think it's "mature".... Maturity flew out the window when Amy and Cali took the reigns over on the Boogie. They are running a Nazi camp over there now.... spying on PMs (they must see that I was trying to organize a venture to get them thrown out as Mods). I dunno about you, but that's Nazi stuff and an invasion of privacy.

I didn't sign up to the BB for anyone BUT Taylor. But now, it seems like slamming him from people like texastaylor fan who finds the whole situation and his career decisions "boring" isn't my kind of board I'm comfortable at.

I posted it here *because* I want it to show up all over the net. You see, people need to be aware of the bitches that are running this site. They'll be more to come - and watch on Twitter - more to come there.

There definitely is a "New Found Freedom" setting in tho! ;)

Thanks Lubiana! Appreciate that :)

Anonymous said...

Tweeting Taylor, taking this all to the internet -- are you kidding me? Is there any sanity left with any of you? You're acting like spoiled, bratty children. This hurts NO ONE BUT TAYLOR. Grow the fuck up.

And, yeah, you do realize that yes.com is not a private chat room. Anything and everything can be read there at any time by anyone. Reading your PMs? Who needs to. You lay everything out right there for everyone to see. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

I take offense to your Nazi talk. I lost many family members to the Nazi's.

I have an exco board, and I can tell you that you that there isn't any way to check people's PMs there. If there is, I'm not aware of it. Nor would I ever care to look.

Coups were never my thing.

Why is it such a travesty for a fan to say they don't care for Taylor doing Grease? Does that measure a persons worth as a fan?

Since you seem to be such an expert in the field. I will pose this question to you. What constitutes being a good fan?

And, just exactly makes your opinion the right one?

This whole bruhaha started over a meaningless Mr. Twitter contest. Who cares about it? What exactly does it win Taylor or his fans?

The reality is this:

There's a big old world out there, still spinning on it's axis today, and most of the outside real world knows nothing of Taylor Hicks other than he won Idol a few years ago.

Most don't even know what he's been up to all these years.

Truth of the matter is Taylor does very little to keep his fans interested. He doesn't follow anyone on Twitter. He doesn't RT anyone. His interviews are the same ad-nausem answers.

The only music fans get is BSD and SMB. Once in a blue moon he throws the fans a bone, and gives a shadow date.

Most artists wouldn't be able to sustain a career on bearing such little fruit to their fans. I'd say he's been pretty fortunate in that aspect.

If you chose to vote for him day and night on the Mr. Twitter thing, or count the spins on Yes.com or the hits on his Myspace go for it. It's your prerogative.

But, don't chastise other people because they don't do it. Or because a fan threw a few votes to someone else on Twitter.

Guess what.. every fan isn't "hopelessly devoted" to every dump he takes.

I guess that makes me a baaaad fan.

jerseyirish said...

Sorry you were banned, don't go there too much myself, I find it very hard to follow whats going on.

It is ok not to agree with everything an artist does but seems to me from what I read he isn't doing anything right. The BB is a Taylor fan site following him and his career period. The discussions should reflect that. I enjoyed my Grease visit and the time I spent meeting Taylor (not a M & G) it was a nice experience which I did share with many and they were excited for me and wanted to hear about. Eveyone's experience is different and I also don't tire of reading folks Grease stories. The interviews, its just nice seeing him get the exposure he really can't change them up much it is what it is.


Sweetay said...

What happened to the Soul Patrol that I signed on to? Way back when... all you had to do was love Taylor.

Now it seems like no matter what anyone does, someone else in the group is going to say its wrong.

I am not going to take a side. I don't even see why there are sides. I really don't understand any of this.

Can't we just all get along and stop the name calling and drama?

Anonymous said...

Griz, Sweetsmoke and addressing your other personalities, You are an embarrassment to both Taylor and what is left of his fan base. You claim to be a dedicated fan of Taylors but continue disrespecting the people who he has become friends with and share a professional relationship with. To top things off you use Twitter as a way of communication to Taylor informing him on how crazy his fanbase is.

You are the one who is unstable and seriously needs to get a life. Using a public blog to carry on your vendetta with the Boogie Board or anyone else is not only unprofessional, but childish and ignorant.

You say that you are a Taylor Hicks fan? Then stop embarrassing what's left of his fanbase and grow the hell up.You are an instigator in the truest form.

Anonymous said...

I don't get any of this. Why have a fan site for a dude that your not a fan of. Taylor does not need to know what's going on... I would think it might disturb him. I hope Taylor learns to block on twitter. As a fan on the outside of this it disturbs me. Please remember Taylor Hicks is just a guy who sings. Thats it. JUST A GUY.

soulthing said...

You can blame this all on AmyH and Cali50. They still haven't explained why they suddenly ban people who broke no rules.... simply because they don't like what was written about their AI favorite Baldie and McPee... or perhaps it was because they read a private PM about the uprising to removed them as Mods. That would be an invasion of privacy.

So......... they are getting exactly what they deserve. I've gotten 5 times the amount of hits on this page as normal, so I'm satisfied that their evil tactics is now known amongst those interested.

The readership and active posters on the Boogie has gotten down to about 20 regular posters. What do Mods do when there's no one left to Mod anymore? Talk about Baldie obviously, or lust over Adam? - or McPee? LOL!

Anonymous said...

This over Mr. Twitter? If Taylor does know about this he's laughing. Don't worry I'm sure he could care less. I don't think he reads those tweets. Why does he have an account?

soulthing said...

He doesn't read them... but Cali50 or AmyH or one of their croonies is flooding @taylorrhicks again at twitter as a fake account SOULONHOLD, making complete asses of themselves hahaha! I love it!

Sometimes you just have to let people blow up by themselves - no help needed! ;)

Anonymous said...

Guess you would have to see it for yourself to know what is written by soulthing is correct. The people who started the Boogie Board did so with the best of intentions. The trouble began when AmyH took her toys home and didn't want to play anymore. There are plenty of copies of her nasty PMs to members (prior and current) to prove the point if that is what it takes. Sent not because they violated Board rules, no, they violated the AmyH rules of do not support Taylor Hicks. Get rid of AmyH and cali at The Boogie Board and replace them with true fans of Taylor Hicks and all the trouble will disappear. POOF! They need to run an all AI board and not the The Boogie Board which in itself represents Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I recall that there was a problem at the BB almost 1 year ago or so, when someone was trying to take it down.....and it was actually shutdown for a day or so.

Don't understand what has happened to the Taylor fanbase. The SP was a nice group who mostly got along and had fun on the boards and in person at concerts. Now there is nothing but fighting, power struggles between groups and name calling. What an embarressment to Taylor this must be.

It is time to step back and take a good hard look at all this childess behaviour. It isn't the BB board that is imploding, it is the entire SP that is imploding because of the immaturity of grown women who think or wish they had Taylor's best interests in mind, when in fact it sounds like a bunch of high school girls vying for popularity and control.

It is time to grow up and stop the immature behaviour and just all get along. It is so much easier to get thru each day with peace in your heart and being positive.

To quote a John Lennon song. Read the words to 'IMAGINE'... Imagine peace, imagine a world with peace, imagine a world in which everyone lives as one and gets along .... It all comes down to respect.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Replace AmyH and Cali50? With who? Griz or some of the other childish, name calling, haters of Taylor's peers and friends, antagonistic, sexually objectifying crazies? Seriously?

Maybe some of the SP aren't aware that these are the same hateful people responsible for the demise of GC's blog. Now they are trying to destroy the best TH site on the web. I'm delighted to see them banned.

Anonymous said...

The only TH sites I visit is this one and TH Myspace. I don't belong to any Soul Patrols nor THHQ. I'm just a fan in home country wondering why in five months only 38,000 CD's of a good Album have been sold. If "Grease" was intended to increase fan base, then based on CD sales it has failed. For those who want more than BSD and SMB, listen to the CD.
In 2006 my oldest grandson's
favorite song was DIMYP, my
younger grandson loved off TH CD
"Just to Feel That Way", and
"Give Me Tonight", the rest of my family did not like TH. Now as
the boys have grown older (14 & 10)
they don't listen to TH. They're stuck on Lady Gaga, Florida and the like. I think Taylor knows where he is going and maybe he
doesn't need much but just a few
loyal fans of which Soul Thing is at the top. By the way I'm an old guy who likes likes what I consider good music. JIRO

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would take someone to bring GC into this. Wherever there's trouble.......

Anonymous said...

GC was full of himself.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken I think the sales on Taylor's" Distance" CD sold at Grease... do not count on Taylor's numbers.
Griz can you confirm that?


soulthing said...

They do count, i think texassoul - at least from 2nd hand reports from Bill Will.
And re: GC, I agree, he was and is an ass - and that's being polite. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

The only person that brought GC down was GC himself. He left because he didn't get the money he wanted. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

The reason you are getting a lot of hits here is because people think you are all entirely foolish and full of some kind of entitlement when it comes to Taylor Hicks. We read this drivel for entertainment. To see what outlandish "she said/she said" nonsense is brewing among a bunch of hens who need to get out more. Seriously. Let it be. You are running decents fans away from Taylor. You are NOT helping him.

Anonymous said...

The BB site advertises itself as the Most Up To Date News and Happenings for Taylor Hicks on the web. Its not because of the Admin or the Mods!

Its because of the members that bring everything their to post & I must say after being on that site from the beginning griz was one of the ones who contributed most of the news.

mod #1 spends most of her time never posting or showing up to criticize anything posted about Taylor(OH but not now she has changed after all this mess} Yea Right!

mod #2 spends all her time on the board in the AI thread because she is so in love with Adam. If you belong to the BB I suggest that you read the AI thread. Of course no fan girlie stuff is allowed on the BB (AS PER BOARD RULES) (But didn't get BANNED)

Mod #2 Says: I see Adam as a wole different type performer. He uses sex in his act and flaunts it. It's pretty hard to not see it, react, and discuss it. Again, if you don't like that thread, then stay out. Posted August 9th, 2009 03:43 PM (Copy of her original post as is)

American Idol Thread has been on the boogie since day one! But that is because the AI thread was what is the News Thread now. It was about season 5 and Taylor Hicks in its original form. It continued about Taylor until only until mod #2 revamped it into what is there now. It has attracted
mostly AI fans and not Taylor fans. So if the BB is a Taylor Hicks Fan Site then why is it that most of people that come their spend almost all their time in AI thread.

I say to the Mods change your format to go with the direction you have taken the board in. AMERICAN IDOL!

Let the rest of us have our own boards for Taylor. I think that would solve the problem completely!

I did notice that the mods now are all over the internet trying to appear as Taylor fans after all this mess happened but I for one don't buy it. I can't believe they really think they can get away with playing these games with their members.

carole said...

I had been unable to get on the BB for a long time. I had changed my screen name to be the same on most of the boards. The reason I couldn't get on,was someone had changed my screen name back to the old name. Well, I figured it out and tried the old name. Now I can get back on the BB. I don't read all the posts and I post everynow and then. I have found that it is not only Amy and Cali that disrespect Taylor but some of the other so called fans do too.
I love Taylor and that is all I want to read about and no snid remarks, thank you. You get a lot at the boogie board. As for GC, I quit reading his board because he was digging at Taylor too. I wish the BB would go back like it used to be. Some of the post about Adam are shameful. I am not afraid to leave my name as some of you were.