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Thursday, August 13, 2009

AmyH, Moderator @ The Boogie Board Implodes... Again! LOL!

More proof that your Mod at The Boogie Board, AmyH and her croonie, Cali50, have gone COMPLETELY crazy and are having a complete meltdown. This is more correspondance from the same person who posted their story in the blog before. Enjoy! Oh yea, one more thing.... For those who feel they can't and won't be apart of such hypocricy and lieing and deceitfulness anymore, come check out the new BB - New Found Freedom, where there are no restrictions, awesome pics of hot Taylor and most of all NO American Idol talk - except for snarking on the BALD one! LOL!

Because I was most assuredly banned from the BB this past Tuesday, August 11, 2009 for speaking the truth, and because AmyH, Cali50, and their ilk have proven that they cannot be trusted in private messages, I have chosen to bring the truth forward in public.

I was banned because of the post that appears on this site, in italics, that originally appeared earlier on the day in question (August 11th) on the BB. I had no intention of posting again on that site, which I have purposely avoided since May of 2008 (you can read for yourselves why). However, in light of the recent words and actions of AmyH and Cali50 who moderate the BB (Cali50 has the power to ban posters as well), my integrity compels me to speak my peace.

Below you will find the email that I had received from AmyH, who later that same day lied about banning me. Please note that her private email address and mine have been blocked from this public post. Look closely and you will see that the email is genuine; it did originate from her. The reason I have blocked the emails is that I do not wish AmyH to be harassed with messages to her private email. That is not right. Although my private PM’s to her, in May of 2008, were shared -- without my prior knowledge and in real time -- with Cali50 and others who were not moderators on that board and who had no business being privy to that discussion, I will not stoop to AmyH’s level, nor Cali50’s, by enabling anyone to communicate with Amy through her private email.

I assume you may contact her on the BB if you have anything you with to say to her.

Here is that email from her. Feel free to interpret her words, “I should have banned you’re a** a LONG time ago” (the shouting is Amy’s) as well as “That’s it – you’re out!”

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I should have banned your ass a LONG time ago
Tuesday, August 11, 2009 9:11 AM
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"Amy Harrison"
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To: xxxxxx@yahoo.com
If only for lying about your identity and being full of shit.

You're out!

I suppose she meant to ban me back in May of 2008 for speaking the truth then, as well. As Jesus Christ said, “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

Later that same Tuesday, I was told by others, several people in fact, who still have posting rights on the BB, that my name still appears on that board’s member list. So – either Amy lied about her intention to ban me, or she reinstated me quickly as she feared further spilling of the truth from me – which she has now brought upon herself. Perhaps she wished me to return to the BB so that she could “make nice” to me in public and thus preserve whatever is left of her reputation, which surely cannot be much, at this point. Perhaps she feared the loss of other posters; I understand they have been dropping like flies in response to her recent behavior. Whatever AmyH’s intentions, I refuse to facilitate her behavior, and that of her associates, by returning to that board.

I wish my name removed from the BB’s member list. I cannot state this clearly enough. I do not wish to be associated with individuals who control a board that was originally established and, at one time, devoted primarily (not solely, but primarily) to one particular artist – a board whose moderators have perverted its intent. A board that disrespects the person it was intended to honor, well as his friends and fellow musicians, who are deserving of the utmost respect. A board working actively to silence the truth and attempting to intimidate those who speak the truth. Differences of opinion are always welcomed by intelligent, open minded people, but there is a way to phrase one’s difference of opinion without demonstrating disrespect, cruelty, or subterfuge. Those who run that board either have not been educated in that difference or have chosen to ignore it.

As for AmyH’s accusation of having changed my identity, that too is a bold faced lie. I post most places as kaitlin45, as I have since Day One of joining this community. I post on the HQ site as taylorssoul as I had blown passwords there a few times and was required to go through the entire process anew with a new screen name. I have posted on that site, publicly as well as privately, as to who I am and why I had to change my screen name. I post on twitter as KatfromNYNJ as that is how the musician that I follow, who has earned my highest regard, may know me best. I have never lied about my identity or anything else. I was not raised to be a liar. To call me a liar is to impugn the morals of my parents and grandparents, and I will not stand for that.

Neither will I stand by quietly while this man is disrespected. The music that he writes, arranges, and crafts instrumentally, the professional company that he keeps (please read his liner notes/credits) -- who obviously respect him greatly or they would not associate themselves with him -- and the way that he conducts himself both on and off the stage has earned my greatest respect. He is a man of honor, as both an artist and a genuinely compassionate human being.

I have asked that this message be posted here today as I am known within this community as a person of integrity. I invite any and all to review my posts on any and all boards. I have never once shown disrespect to any musician or poster. I wish my good name kept intact, and for this, I was compelled to come forward.


Anonymous said...

Blondebabe here!!!

DITTO babe! I have been harassed so much in the past that I "get" exactly what you are saying. I doubt that but a chosen few would not believe what you have said! I certainly do. Been there, done that. I was shocked at the things that were said and done on the BB. I distanced myself from there and had no desire to visit. Screw um. I asked myself..."Do these morons really matter?" Answer: Hell No! I love that there is a new place to go...and I am checking it out NOW!!!! :) You rock, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe again...

I want to clarify that I am not talking about all the members at the BB...just AMY and the mod. I had wanted her removed way back when she just about went bizerk and said horrid things about Taylor. How in the hell did she remain there? That's the question. There is no way in hell that Taylor would want that kind of crap being said...and also when certain threads were created and ONLY Amy was able to post. She ranted and raved...like a wild wolf. It's narcissism...and if people want to condone that type of behavior...fine, put up with it. I feel it is abusive.

For those that won't give their names...and have snide remarks...I guess I know who that is...JMO

kathy624 said...

I am quite enjoying this!

Anonymous said...

Griz - Bringing this here cause I thought you might get a kick out of it.

This article was in my local newspaper today - Daughtry performed at the Filmore in San Francisco last night. This review cracked my ass up! This guy gets is - EXCEPT the asshole comment about Taylor - it's obvious he hasn't been to a Taylor show!

"Slide show: Daughtry

How many different ways are there to say the word boring? My thesaurus lists 24 synonyms.

That's probably not enough to adequately describe Daughtry's show on Thursday night at the Fillmore in San Francisco. So, I might have to look up some synonyms for bland as well.

Chris Daughtry — the leader of his self-named band — is a major star in terms of record sales and other industry-related stats. But onstage, he came across as someone that would finish in fourth place, competing against a rather weak field, on some TV talent show.

Of course, that's what actually happened to Mr. Daughtry, when he came in fourth behind three rather meager talents — Elliott Yamin, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks — during the fifth season of "American Idol." He went on to lap that competition out in the "real world," as his band's eponymous debut from 2006 mightily outsold the offerings from his fellow contestants.

The group is now touring in support of its second-straight No. 1 record, "Leave This Town," and the tickets to his Fillmore date were snapped up basically the minute they went on sale.
The capacity crowd was filled with soccer moms and suburban housewives who came to party. They pursued that goal with gusto, to the point where there were reports of women getting sick in the bathroom and having to leave.

Others weren't so lucky and stuck around for Daughtry's entire monotonous set.
There is something about
this 29-year-old North Carolina native that just feels so plastic. His rock-star shtick is so well-rehearsed, with nary a hand gesture out of place, that it's easy to imagine him practicing in front of a mirror for hours.

In that sense, he's the perfect frontman to lead this band, which is filled with musicians who appear to have been chosen because they fit specific rock 'n' roll stereotypes. There's the goofy drummer, wearing a tie over his bare chest, and the headbanging guitarist. One has to wonder if Daughtry and his label found these characters through want ads that read: "Wanted: Bassist with mohawk who can mimic Flea's moves onstage."
Opening the show with the new album's "Every Time You Turn Around," Daughtry and the other four band members came out ready to rock. And rock they did, no matter if the mood didn't always suit the material. Whether the number was a power ballad, a middle-of-the-road pop cut or a comical attempt at hard rock, Daughtry took the same approach — he gripped the microphone with both hands and delivered the words like the boy who cried wolf.

We could tell from the overly earnest delivery that the lyrics meant something, at least to the singer, though it was hard to get that based solely on the words. His lyrical messages are basic Rock Star 101 — follow your dream, be strong, can't live without you, and so forth — but they also share much in common with basic "Barney" philosophy ("I love you/ You Love me/We're a happy family").
The song selection was the main reason why Daughtry's concert wasn't even as interesting as his appearances on "A.I." Back in 2006, at least, he was singing covers songs like Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" and Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds." These days, unfortunately, he's just singing Chris Daughtry tunes.

The audience members went wild, waving their BlackBerrys in the air like they just didn't care, when Daughtry performed the shmaltzy hit "Home" during the encore. For that moment, and that moment only, I shared their enthusiasm — for it signaled that the show was almost over and we could soon, in fact, go home.

Read Jim Harrington's Concert Blog at blogs.mercurynews.com/aei/category/concerts/.

soulthing said...

Thank u Anon!! I quite enjoyed reading that! hahaha! It warms the cockles of my heart knowing that people are waking up to actor that poser is.... an actor posing as a rock singer. 2 Thumbs Up from me! WOOOOOOOOOO!