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Thursday, December 13, 2007

American Idol Season 5 Best Season Ever

While we wait for the Taylor Hick's videos and pictures from the upcoming Asian Idol Finale and his shows in Manilla, let's look to see why he made Season 5 the most memorable to date. There's no doubt he was the main contributing factor to it's success.

Now take that Nigel Lythgoe, who rang in today with another slam on America and Taylor claiming they got it wrong that year. I don't THINK so, Mr. Lythgoe - you know in your heart that was Taylor the BEST entertainer and singer that show will likely ever see. It's too bad you're too cowardly to admit it. Don't be telling US what we like. Use your time to stop the free-fall your show is undertaking at the moment. Yes, give us more wind up dolls like Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, the 2 worst winner/runner-up CDs debuters to date.


MJ said...

How did I miss that video salute? The class of 2006 was so deep ... and their talents so diverse ... there will never be another like it ... bring on AI5 Rewind!

That spring of 2006 ... there is nothing anyone can say, there are no Billboard stats that can ever take those nights away from us. They can play their revisionist history all they want, but people bought cell phones, texting plans ... all to make a complete stranger's dream come true. What kind of person compels someone to do that? A winner, Nigel, you freakin' idiot.

juliegr said...

Word!!!, MJ, word!!!

cypfan said...

If I had the where with all, I would plaster MJ's entire post on the front page of the Hollywood trade magazine, Variety.