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Friday, December 14, 2007

Taylor Hicks - 2007 Billboard Year-End Charts

Mr. Hick's self-titled debut CD nabbed Billboard's #74 slot for The Top 200 Chart of the year and #73 on the Top 200 Comprehensive Chart! Congratulations Taylor!! If you haven't already picked up this great album, now is the time, or maybe, a great time to turn someone else onto Taylor's music! Click on the album in the sidebar to order.

Here's how other Idol albums did this year:

Carrie Underwood's sophomore album, Carnival Ride, finished at #56; Kelly Clarkson's My December took the #66 spot; Kellie Pickler's Small Town Girl was #95; Fantasia's self-titled second disc was #105; Elliott Yamin finished at #114; Katharine McPhee grabbed #159; and Bucky Covington took #187.

Taylor also nabbed #70 slot on Billboards 200 Artists Chart!!!

And yes, there's more:

Taylor's single Do I Make You Proud/Taking It To The Streets gets the #15 spot on the Hot Singles Sales Year-End Chart!

Lastly, Taylor's single, "Just To Feel That Way" comes in at the #47 song of the year on the Radio & Records (used for Billboard Placement and Radio Airplay) Adult Contemporary Charts for the year ending 2007! Hey! I'll take this, considering the shoddy treatment radio gave to Taylor this year. It's a wonderful song - one of the strongest songs on Taylor's CD and I'm glad to see it on the year-end-charts!

Can't wait to see more of this sort of stuff next year, when Taylor will, no doubt, kick some serious ass with his next album!


tishlp said...

Love it! Thank you for being such a great supporter of Taylor Hicks and his music.

skeeter226 said...

WOW~~~ Nice to see the "official" numbers for Taylor. With practically no radio play, and constant comparisons and bashing from AI and the press, this is IMPRESSIVE indeed!

I am very excited to see what Taylor comes up with on his next CD. No doubt it will "kick ass", all over the world.

Thanks, once again Griz for KEEPING IT REAL!

Candy :-)

skeeter226 said...

P.S. for some reason I can't comment on the songs, so decided to say it here! lol..Love your choice of songs to put up. I was kinda down to see HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS gone, but SOAC made up for it, and NOW: PEOPLE GET READY......what a TALENT this guy is. Cant you keep ALL of them here???? On a jukebox or something...??? If I can't have that,(Yes..I'm Greedy!) MORE HARP....and GROWLING...pretty please? Maybe a little "Naked In The Jungle"..or "GOO"...oh hell, NEVERMIND.......they are all amazing..Carry on.............

Great Job! :-)

soulthing said...

skeeter - Hold Onto Your Love/Lonely Avenue is a very special recording! Won't say where it came from, but enjoy it 'while we wait' for the Warfield video! Wink!

skeeter226 said...


Listening now......so glad I "popped" back over here. VERY NICE!

"while we wait"...............PLAY THE BLUES..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

juliegr said...

Hey SoulThing -- thanks for all your efforts to keep it real and tell the all the truth that's fit to tell.! hah

Love the musical selections -- especiall PGR! Now I'm off to listen to HOTYL and Lonely Avenue.