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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taylor Hicks And The Legends

At this point in time, the sweetest thing I like to see is Taylor's name mentioned in the same circle as the great musicians. I ran across this CD review by C.W. Rossand of a new album out by Kevin Max. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I read the Track 9 commentary. I mean, really, Taylor mentioned in the same breath as these legends?!? Naturally. I firmly believe he has the internal heart & soul, dedication, passion and talent as the greats and those who have good musical sensibilities know it too. You can hear Taylor's version of "People Get Ready" in the side bar.

Track-9 "People Get Ready" The 1965 single by The Impressions and written by Curtis Mayfield has to be one of the most covered songs around. It has been covered by everyone from Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, U2, Aretha Franklin, and Phil Collins to John Denver, Taylor Hicks, and Alicia Keys to name just a few. This version features Erica Campbell from Mary Mary. I liked this cover that stayed pretty true to the original song. I also enjoyed the guitar solo's found on it.

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tishlp said...

Taylor's version of People Get Ready is one of my favorite from his early days. Thanks for posting it.