Woman's Gotta Have It
Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
Song available on Taylor's new album, The Distance.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007


AWESOME job Taylor!! I hope this doesn't cause a tidewave in Indonesia!

Taylor Hicks Interview on Asian TV

DO I MAKE YOU PROUD w/the 6 Asian Idols


Here's a commercial for the upcoming Manilla Shows!


skeeter226 said...

Great job Griz!

Where is "Taking It To The Streets???" That performance was NUTS! TOTAL TAYLOR........times one thousand~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A "little" birdie gave me a hint that "Son of A Carpenter" will be on the next Taylor Hicks CD....HERES HOPING~ I think that "Somehow" and "The Fall" will be on there too. We shall see.

Thanks for all you do!

Candy :-)

soulthing said...

Hey Skeeter! I need someone to post it on youtube so I can bring it over - can ya help me out? Thenkyou, thenkyou verrry much!

maybee said...

I love "Son of a Carpenter". Hey, I come to this site sometimes just hear that song. I think "The Fall" has definite potential to be a AC hit. Taylor is a very talented songwriter and I hope this next album showcases that.

guysebastianfan said...

Great performances and interview. Thanks.
What happened to 'taking it to the streets'. Can someone help please?