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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gorgeous Taylor Hicks - American Idol 6 Finale

Just cuz I'm in the mood for some gorgeous pictures, here's some from the AI6 finale. Taylor looked mighty fine that night! Click for larger versions. Pictures courtesy of tay_online.com. Check out the performance as well!

ETA: This was the last time he performed to such a large audience - that is, until next weekend, when over 300 million people will be watching Asian Idol and feasting their eyes on our soul-man! Kick it hard, Taylor!


tishlp said...

Whoohooo, Asian Idol better get ready to get blown away! :)

cath said...

That embossed, embroderied or appliqued ( which ever it was ) jacket is mighty "show biz" as was that shiny gray, silver shirt.........was he making a statement.
His vocals were outstanding on AI6 finale and they will be in Jakarta, Indonesia. International Taylor is coming

Karol2 said...

I am so happy about these Asian performances. They are so excited about him coming and he is going to be great. Go Taylor!!!