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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Taylor Hicks and My Rocket Science Team Up

My Rocket Science, a service that Taylor hired to promote his upcoming album is gearing up for his new album, due out on February 10, 2009! It's this sort of grassroots promotion that has me excited for things to come. I honestly believe Artist To Market (A2M), the distribution company that has partnered with Taylor and Modern Whomp Records has their priorities in order in so much as they keep their focus on the artists and not the fatcats (Arista/RCA/J Records). Their association with My Rocket Science is just part of the promotional plan Taylor and his managment are cooking up as the rollout of his new CD approaches. You'll notice that Taylor is first on their 'clients' page. Rightfully so ;)

Their website writes:

Believe it or not, we are in the 4th Quarter! Everyone here has their eyes on January 2009 where we are already setting up some great releases for Q1. Taylor Hicks in February, John Frusciante in January and the full length release form Black Gold in January as well.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see a post up and really glad to hear Taylor has now possible good promotion coming. I think he'll be happier without the big label. He may not sell as many records but may do as well or better financially. It give us something to look foward too. I need more Taylor! JOJOSIE

skeeter226 said...

TOTALLY AGREE JOJOSIE! I dont give a "FIG" how many records he sells, but SOME people do..I just want Taylor to be HAPPY....and as far as I can see....especially from his recent audio blog, he IS! Things seem to be going so well for him., and I am just THRILLED about that.

YES..I AM upset that I wont be seeing him on a REAL TOUR because of GREASE....but I TOTALLY respect his choice. GREASE TOUR EQUALS $$$$$$$$$.......NO BRAINER!

More $$$$ for Taylor, means a kick ass tour for us sometime soon!

I cant wait!

GRIZ: STOP putting too much time in between blogs! :-) IF......Taylor news is "slow" there are MILLIONS of HOT pics you can put up to keep things smokin' Hee........just sayin'

juliegr said...

Waving HI to Griz, JOJOSIE and Skeeter! Things are really hopping in "Taylorland" and I'm delighted to see the fire get stoked.

Thanks for keeping things positive.

Trixi said...

So many people forget that there are different levels of success. This new company that he has behind him, is new, and I'm sure has read or heard how much business he brought to Grease.

I can't wait for 2009. The Grease tour isn't coming, so far,to anywhere close enough for me to go to. So I will have to wait for the concert tour... then look out!!