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Monday, November 24, 2008

What Simon Climie Can Do For Taylor Hicks ...

Many of you know that Simon Climie is producing Taylor's new album. He's worked closely with Eric Clapton, among other well know and respected musicians. I ran across this blog about him which caught my attention. I'm hoping Climie's soulful producing tendencies reflect as well on Taylor's new music, bringing out the best in his voice and style, just as it did with Clapton. Listen to these songs below, co-produced by Climie - soulful bluesy tunes that I have been listening to over and over again.

"...Co-producer Simon Climie helped Clapton create a new template along the way, one that had less to do with Muddy Waters than it did Al Green. He pushed himself to places few would have guessed after a period of largely unsatisfying work with Phil Collins and on movie soundtracks, then a mainstream backtrack with the MTV "Unplugged" recording..."




Anonymous said...

The only thing that concerns me about Simon Climie is that he tends to lean toward the over produced, over synthasized, lots of reverb sound.

Kind of hoping that Taylor's latest audio blog isn't indicative of things to come.

Nicholas said...

I think there needs to be a happy medium between over produced and underproduced music on Taylor's next album. Radio isn't going to play organic songs like he has on Early works, but on the other hand songs like he put on his self-titled debut aren't going to fly with his core fan-base. Speaking of Early works though, as I mentioned in a prior comment, but i'll mention again here, the CD is now for sale on Amazon and itunes among other online retailers.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like if Taylor isn't singing acupelo someone thinks its over produced.
I am part of his core fan group and I only thought a small part of his first album was over produced. I am always hearing Taylor being critisised for doing the things others do with no critisism. Beats me.

Stephanie said...

I love the vibe and sensuality of this song. Eric finally got his groove on. ;)

I think it's a good sign for Taylor to have a producer who could take the legendary Eric Clapton to a new and updated current sound. Now to find some more videos of the latest stuff. I love me some Clapton.

JO GROVER said...

Taylor really needs a radio friendly hit out of this album. It may not be what some fans like but then there are fans like me who loved AI Taylor and his major label recording. I also own all his previous work and Early Works but Taylor Hicks keeps finding it way back into my player. I also hope there is a happy medium between over produced and underproduced.

Stephanie said...

This was also on that Pilgrim album and it was also produced by Climie.


soulthing said...

Thanks Stephanie for the link to River of Tears. OMG! That was incredible. I added it to the main blog entry.

Sunny said...

Nice find. I agree with Anonymous 5:57 PM, I have hopes that this isn't going to be as overly produced as that first album.

True, Nicholas, radio may not get into the organic acoustic type tracks, but as you said, there is a happy medium. Let's hope he runs that middle.

Man, I'm just hoping he releases a track or two (at least a sampling) on his Myspace page soon.

Trixi said...

I've just pulled "Pilgram" out of my archives. I've been a huge fan forever.

I think Taylor is in good hands. I too was one that liked most songs on his Taylor Hicks Cd.

I guess I couldn't tell you if it was overproduced, underproduced, really I don't care.

All I care is that he puts out some more good music to listen to.

As I've said before also, I know radio play is important, but I don't look to the radio for new music. At least in my area of the country, there's not a lot of new stuff out there being played unless you listen to pop, country, and soft rock.

Does anyone know what genre they might be putting Taylor in?

Anonymous said...

JO GROVER - I agree with you. Taylor needs either a radio hit or something critically acclaimed to get his name out there, and finally rid himself of the AI stigma.

The Grease shadow tour is a good move on either his part or A2M's part. He isn't finished with his contractual obligations to Grease until late summer 2009. Maybe around Labor Day? I forget now.

Releasing a CD and waiting to tour it eight or more months later isn't really "Taylor smart" (I hate that term) He, along with his fans have to pray he has at least one hit to keep him current.

Many fans will probably disagree saying he doesn't need a hit, I'm sure.

The way I see it is if the fans don't ever fault him or critique him. He remains stymied and cannot grow as an artist.

He needs to do something so unexpected that music critics will say "Whoa.. ya know this guy really is talented." Not, that we don't already know that.

He spoke of this CD having some political undertones. I hope it does.

taylorfan06 said...

Overproduced, underproduced. All I know is that I want some new Taylor music in my life. I love all styles of music and Taylor Hicks really puts it ALL out there.

The most important thing I like about a song is a great hook or melody. Taylor has a great music sensibility and he makes, and performs, songs that move me. Whether, it fun pop, like "The Runaround", soulful, like "Somehow, and "Georgia", or singer/songwriter, like "The Fall", TAYLOR DELIVERS!

I think many people are really narrow in scope in what THEY think Taylor should be. He has a vision and style all his own. It's his career, and his choices. The best thing we can do as fans is to support him. I for one know that I will not be disappointed with the new CD. I have all his CD"s and love EVERY track. Of course, I love some more than others, but there are none that I dislike. With THAT voice, how can it be bad?

I think TH was a GREAT CD and I was really bothered by people who didn't buy it because of the PTB involvement and said they would wait for his next release. The man performed all but one of the songs on the '07 tour and the fan response was VERY positive. For those who still don't have TH in their collection, I urge you to download the CD and listen for yourself on what a fantastic piece of work it is.

P.S. I would love to know the reason why "Places I've Been" as never been performed by Taylor on stage. It's a beautiful love song that I think many people would love to hear Taylor sing live. Anyone?

Bottom line, let Taylor be Taylor and don't judge so harshly. I know he's made me proud so far and I know he will continue to do so.

soulthing said...

I agree taylorfan06. Perhaps why Tayor is keeping the songs on the new album so close to the vest (until they are finished) is that he remembered back on the first album when people got a snippet of songs like "Dream Myself Awake" and "The Maze" in their unfinished form (from TV clips), and 'fans' were already dissing the album before it came out. Sigh.

I know I'll love the album if for no other reason that he wrote many of songs on there (or co-wrote) and that coupled with an album that is self-proclaimed to be 100% his, will find a comfortable place in my CD rake.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I was talking about. Taylor fans need to get a grip and stop defending him at every move. I wasn't being harsh. I was stating reailty.

His fans refuse to take an ounce of criticizm where he's concerned, and it doesn't allow him room to breathe or grow as an artist.

How can you say you will love an album you haven't even heard yet? Just because you love an artist doesn't mean you will love everything they do.

soulthing said...

last 'anon' - there are a few artists out there (out of many hundreds) that I've bought albums sight (or sound) unseen and unheard on the strength of their past recordings and my personal love of their singing style. Maybe 5 people or groups fall into that category for me and Taylor is one of them. I find his music so interesting on so many levels, that even if there are some tunes that I favor over others, they are still worth hearing - to me. So..... that is how I can love something that I haven't heard yet.

taylorfan06 said...

Soulthing, I'm in total agreement with you. When I first heard "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John back in the '70's, I was hooked. That album, "Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player", was the start of finding my first "Idol".

I was a die hard fan, like I am now with Taylor, and bought ALL of Elton's records as they were released. The 70's was definitely his era. I still consider him my favorite after all these years, even though his albums aren't as consistently good as in his heyday. But he's still got it.

Taylor's heyday is definitely here today. He's a very creative guy who I feel has plenty of great music to offer in the years ahead. And yes, I will continue to buy Taylor's records as they are released without even hearing them. I connect with him as I did with Elton, and I KNOW that I will enjoy what he produces.

I think many people felt that way with the Beatles in the 60's. Their albums flew out of the stores when they were first released.

All these artist possess a true talent that will keep them relevant over the years. Taylor definitely has "it".

I compare Taylor with Elton John and The Beatles because, to me, they are in that very elite category.
I trust their instincts and love what they've done.

You may not agree, anon, but that's YOUR choice.

taylorfan06 said...

What works for one, doesn't always work for the other.