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Friday, November 28, 2008

American Idol 8 - The Backdrop... and a few choice comments

When the final countdown starts in January for Taylor's brand new CD (which will drop February 10 - and the Warfield DVD on February 17) and the national 'Grease' tour is well under way, American Idol will be starting up again, for the 8th damn time. Can you believe that? Well, not to be outdone by their nastiness toward Taylor last year, they decided to put the smallest of pictures of him up on the backdrop - almost behind the ugly-ass stupid fake plastic plant in the corner of the auditon room - with a leaf almost covering up his face. I guess I shouldn't complain too much - at least we see him - last year was a rarity. Anyway, here's one of the promos for the show. I dunno about you, but this stuff is just not funny to me anymore. Man, the show needs cancellation in a seriously major way.

This makes me wonder if anyone can airmail this 6 story, 60 foot poster of Taylor (see below) to Simon and Simon on AI to show them how he needs to be displayed - the way the producers of 'Grease' on Broadway saw fit by proudly hanging it in Times Square, in the Big Apple, all summer long. I mean *really* people - if it wasn't so pathetic it would be really sad at the vindictiveness they continue to exhibit 3 years later. How does one flip the bird in writing?


Trixi said...

Hey Griz I like your new header!!

Parts of me wish that AI would grow up, he won, show his pic, be done.

But with as cheesy as this show is becoming, I think it may be better for Taylor to have as little connection as possible.

As much as I liked David Cook last year, he is my hometown boy. He still hasn't drawn me in like Taylor did.

Taylor is just an all around entertainer. I've never came away from any Taylor performance without a giant smile on my face.

Come on 2009!

juliegr said...

Good blog, as usual, Griz!

Not surprised at all that AI would continue to act in the same juvenile manner towards Taylor. Too bad they can't seem to get over their anger that he upset their apple cart and won rather than their choisen "winner".

Guess they don't realize how this attitude is hurting them so much more than it hurts Taylor.

JOJOSIE said...

Trixi, I'm with you on the DAvid Cook thing, he's my favorite this year and I bought his record, but he's not got me hooked like Taylor has. I think Taylor gets smaller each year in pictures as he's the only Idol that didn't at least start out with 19 managment.

taylorfan06 said...

Idol Sucks!
So does David Cook, the Nickeback/Daughtry/Alternative CLONE.
Very boring. VERY unoriginal.

Taylor was the only reason to watch that show.
He is/was the exception to the rule.

I can only hope this is the last season. Please ban the show, everyone!

That superior acting Simon is the WORST! He brought HIM to America? He is a bore!

taylorfan06 said...

I meant to say "who" brought him...

Anonymous said...

NO ONE can light up a stage like Taylor.
See him LIVE and you'll agree.
Cook does not have the charm, charisma, or stage presence, not to mention looks, to rival Taylor.
His CD will not even sell as many as Taylors's.
You'll see...