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Friday, November 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks - New Single Due in Early January 2009!

You remember than old saying, "if you want something done right, do it yourself"? Well, such was the case here, when I had the idea of asking a direct question to A2M about the release date for Taylor's new single, since the frustration level on some of the message boards was palpable. Well, being a rather meek chicken, I got my buddy Chrissie on the Boogie Board to write a letter and ask! Thanks chicka! Well, let me say that A2M is a first rate organization, at least in customer service, because she got an answer within 48 hours. Imagine, a record association that actually cares enough to answer fan questions!

Looks like A2M is going to give Taylor the individualized attention he needs for his new album. Yea for the good guys!

Anyway, their fabulous answer follows! The part that gets me excited is that the record is going to be 100% Taylor's own vision. Awe, man, it's like throwing red meat to the sharks, because I can't wait to hear what he's come up with! And as a bonus, the letter says we will be able to download the new song electronically after the first of the year! Imagine, releasing a single before the album comes out! Somebody alert JRecords that this is how he should have been treated 2 1/2 years ago. For those who forgot, his first single for JRecords, "Just To Feel That Way" wasn't released until 4 freaking months after the CD was out. Can you believe that bullshit? Geesh!

The Response:
My apologies for the delayed response, as I've been traveling on business this week. Thanks very much for your email and continued support of Taylor. It's great to see this level of interest in him. As more information becomes available, and as the recording process continues, we will be able to release it accordingly. I can tell you it's going to be a very special record, one that is 100% Taylor's vision. Look for more info very shortly, and you can anticipate the first single being available digitally in early January, with a tentative album release date of February 10th.


tishlp said...

Finally!! Respect for the fans by the record company. I highly doubt that A2M would ever tell fans not to call radio stations and request the single.

That was unbelievable!

taylorfan06 said...

What a great way to start 2009 - a NEW Taylor Hicks song!!! I know it will be great and will add it to my vast TH library the day it's released! Thank you A2M, and especially you Taylor. You work SO hard and deserve to rewarded for ALL your efforts and AMAZING talent. 2009 will be Taylor's year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Technically it was only 2 months after his album was out that they released Just to feel that way, but nonetheless it was ridiculous it took that long. One thing that scares me though, is it says "tentative" release date Febuary 10, meaning it could still change, as seems to happen with every Taylor CD release. Hopefully not, but great to hear about that concert in MD.

soulthing said...

anon - Yea i think you're right, it was 2 months, but it 'felt' like 4 months LOL! Either way, JRecords screwed Taylor but good, but he'll have the last laugh, I'm sure of it!

And I think that Feb 10 date is pretty concrete since Taylor took off over 2 weeks during that period from Grease for promotion.

Can. Not. Wait.!!!!!

chrissie245 said...

I've got nothing to add, I just wanted to see what name showed up when I logged in. lol

It was nice to hear JTFTW start up on this page, I still do like that song.

Now for that new hit single. :-)

Trixi said...

I think a lot of people and artist are realizing...Boo to the big man...by that I mean record companies, and going their own way.

I know for me I don't listen to the radio to find new music or artist. So radio play to me doesn't mean anything.

Great to hear that Taylor finally has someone in his corner. It only seems that if you could have profited from promoting someone. Why didn't Jrecords do that? Oh well that's history and can't be changed. On to the future. Boy oh boy the future is looking bright for Taylor and the Soul Patrol!!

Taylor's career is looking fine...
In 2009

Nicholas said...

Big news of the day is that Taylor's "Early Works" album is NOW available on itunes, amazon, and a host of other online retailers. While we wait for the new single, and new album, let's try to alert people to his Early Works CD, seeing as it's only sold 3,700 to date as a Target exclusive. If you have itunes, go write a review for it, just search "Taylor Hicks early works", and it should bring you to the album.