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Saturday, November 15, 2008

THHQ Not The Place for Exclusive Info!

This is a venting post, so be forwarned. It's about Taylor's paid site THHQ.COM. I wrote about this site when I first started this blog over a year ago. So, here we go again. This paid site is terribly disappointing to me. I'll tell you why. One reason is the main content and layout of the page hasn't been changed since it opened, what? 2 years ago? despite all the 'empty promises' from their mouthpiece - the always with a smilie happy face moderator, Gypsee. Talk about false advertising, eh? Where can I get a refund? And two, the only real 'perk' they DO provide, the written and audio blogs, are released to the public sites within hours of this 'exclusive' site. What the eff is that all about? Great he gets the information out, but where's my perks for my paid membership? And last, that moderator again. I have never seen such an in-your-face mother hen that feels the unnatural need to comment on any post she disagrees with with such a condescending tone and a 'Brady Bunch' smilie. The ironic part is that there's only about 7 people that even post over there, which makes the job even less relevant than you'd think. Let me ask you, is that a good way to run a message board? No. Their "mod" needs to be replaced with a professional who doesn't alienate his fanbase.

So... either they need to employ more relaxed moderators that let the adults on the site have their say without mommy hovering over or, and I'm predicting, no one except her will be posting to the site within the next year - not with all the better-run, more interesting Taylor Hicks websites that have recently opened up. There's nothing exclusive to this site to warrant a $25 fee every year. The 2 sites that will be promoting him - Artist2Market (which will undoubtedly be the first to post any new song) and MyRocketScience and his free TaylorHicks.com, Imeem, Facebook, his YouTube channel and MySpace sites will have all the info I need.

And a word about the last audio-blog from him, regular readers here know that I'm one of Taylor's biggest supporters, but for the time it took him to tell us he's in the "isobooth", he could have shelled out more substantive information - especially to the few people who actually post over there and shelled out $25 to get some substantive info - exclusive info that's not so exclusive afterall since it gets posted to all the public sites within hours. If you read some of the love comments from some of THHQ most frequent posters - most notibly their head-chearleader and always satisfied Mod, you'd think you entered into the twilight zone of love or something - a place where a differing, *honest* opinions is considered "bashing" and therefore CENSORED. WTF?

Oh well.... just 12 1/2 weeks before the new CD is released! WOOOO!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Griz that site is pretty pathetic and getting worse. I rarely go there anymore. The only perk I got from that site was last year's tour when they offered M&G's. I scored one at the HOB in LA last May and it was awesome. If they aren't offering the M&G's on Taylor's next tour, then I'm outa there - a waste of money.


caryl said...

I haven't been there in a long while. It's dull. I posted over there today that the only reason I stopped by was because I got a google alert to come here where you had the new audio blog up. I ventured over to HQ to see if there might be more to it, but of course, there wasn't.

Trying so desperately to keep everything positive at HQ gets on my nerves, too.

Anonymous said...

anI joined the first year but decided not to this last year. I get all the Taylor news I need here and a couple other sites. I also still go to MJ's blog but as you know Griz there's not much Taylor news there. I keep up with the current idol David Cook there.I like David alot and I think he's talented but Taylor is still very much my first and only Idol love. Can't wait till Feb.

Tappanga said...

Hey Griz, do you mind if I repost this on our JMO section of SoulThing.net? I totally agree with everything you've said and I think others do as well.


Anonymous said...

I have been a member of THHQ for 2 years and agree with you that it could be better. I did get great seats when i saw Taylor at Hard Rock in Orlando as a member. I get most of my info on Taylor from your site in which i say thanks.

Anonymous said...

The HQ blows and the new TH site is just an off shoot of the HQ with the same person there trying to worm her way to the top there.

Who the hell appointed her Queen anyway? She seriously needs to be dethrowned.

soulthing said...

Tapp - yep, repost it in big letters!~ Heh! Gypsee just pissed me off big time today...

Anonymous said...

Gypsee is a manipulator and has done more to divide the Soul Patrol than anyone I know. I'm not renewing anymore and it's because of her. look at her trying to take over Taylorhicks.com now. It's sickening.

Anonymous said...

Hey Griz...

I think you already know how I feel. I posted very little and now...not in over a month. BORING! That of course, is not the reason. I am sure that gypsee is very glad. She wrote to me and to my sister, Missy Scarlett and told us that we were not allowed to post to each other. We had made maybe 2 comments to each other...but, only maybe once directly...what a crock of shit!

I also was never welcomed...wrote Gypsee when I joined...nothing. I have written all of the admin and the owner...and no response...I asked how to get my proratis share of money back or all of my damn money back from this inept site. Nothing in response...they did not even read my message. Yet, the continue to send me information...to spend my money. NO FRIGGIN WAY!

I rocked the boat...so to speak. I have a few stalkers there. I think it is worth 2 cents. I will never join again. EVER!

When I first joined...I saw a few old buddies...I was told that I was off topic when I told them hello and how were they. Sorry, but mommy dearest has a chip on her shoulder...I am over it!


Trixi said...

The only reason I joined was for the pre-sales on tickets. I hadn't been on the site for a couple of months I think? I only went there today because I saw on Alerts that there was a new message. I guess I should have just come here. I can always count on you to have the latest info.

I haven't had any run ins with Gypsee, but I never posted there a whole lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trixi...

Neither had I ever had any kind of a run in with her. I did not know her from Adam. I rarely posted. Go figure.


Tappanga said...

Thanks! I'll post it now.


chrissie245 said...

You know I agree with ya, griz. That site needs to be closed down, especially if it comes up on a search as a place to get Taylor news. Any new fans, getting their feet wet on a Taylor site, can be put off by finding HQ. Not a fan friendly place.

Anonymous said...

I renewed over at HQ to support Taylor and get a chance at M&Gs but
have never liked the boards or the format. I feel like I'm in a cave over there. Almost every fan site has news before they post news there so why visit when there's not a tour? I agree, not a great spot for new curious fans to find out about Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a way to contact Music Now and get Gypsee removed as admin? She is a master manipulator and user of many. She's one of those people that will spit in your face and try to convince you it's raining.

Now, she and her SOS buddies are trying to take over the new TH site.

griz you do alot of research- can you start some sort of petition to get rid of her?

soulthing said...

There's going to be a big problem amongst the fans if Gypsee gets any authority over on TH.COM. That better not happen. She's just waaay too involved in every conversation trying to steer it to her idea of political correctness. She needs to back off and let people 'discuss' without sticking her nose into it.

I'm not going to petition her removal at THHQ because the site will probably go down eventually anyway when enough people don't renew. Little to the Admins over there know the real reason is their moderator. I would support anyone else doing it though! ;)

Anonymous said...

Griz...I wrote to MusicNow and got NO response...I told them of the situation. I paid to be on that website and I can talk to whomever I want. Ridiculous! No answer. I asked for a receipt...not any of the admin had even opened my pm. I am having trouble getting onto the new site...but, I thought she was NOT involved. If she is not a moderator...then WTF? I would quickly tell her that she is out of line. I don't think anyone should put up with her running a show that she has nothing to do with. I am confused.

Anonymous said...

Gypsee is a nasty person who is only interested in her own promotion. People think she has power because she works hard to give that impression. She uses people. She's not good for Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Taylor can't even stand Gypsee. Stephen Merch runs the other way when she tries to contact him-which is like 6853982 times a week.

Poor Taylor. I'm sure she tortures the powers that be for him to do audio-blogs.

She was ousted from the Bo Bice Community for her elitist behavior.

AmyH said...

HQ has been a problem since it launched. From techie issues to user friendliness, nothing has gone well over there. The appointment of a fan to a Moderator position was stupid. To add to that, the appointment of a fan who is a VERY polarizing presence in the fandom was insane.

It took a while for my eyes to be opened as to her true nature, but once they were there's no shutting them again.

I already quit the new place (the Soul Lounge) because of the bullshit. The idiocy from HQ spilled over onto it and then some. I felt stalked by the Administration and can't help but wonder if Miss Thang is lobbying for an official position there as well as HQ. It seemed to me that the Admins were on my ass as soon as I publicly challenged Miss Thang.

I told the Admin where they could shove it and told them to delete my membership. This was less than a week after TH.com launched. (not HQ, The Lounge).

soulthing said:
Gypsee just pissed me off big time today...

What'd she do?

AmyH said...

BlondeBabe - As far as personal communication goes, you WERE off-topic and out-of-line with the conversations within threads. If you want to say hi to someone, that is what PMs are for. It's pretty annoying to try to read a topical thread that has gotten bogged down with personal crap that is of no interest but to you and your buddy.

However - that being said, it certainly appeared that some people were allowed to carry on off-topic, personal conversations while others were shut down (none too politely I might add).

If she is going to come down on you and your sister for having OT, personal conversations, then she should come down on EVERYONE who does so. Rules can't be applied arbitrarily.

Anonymous said...

Amy- You should have stayed at the Lounge and stood your ground. She got exactly what she wanted. She's sitting waiting to cease the opportunity to take over there also.

I couldn't agree with you more. To allow a fan to become a moderator in the professional faction such as the HQ was idiodic. She does nothing but advertise her crappy website. But, let someone else try to link their own websites or personal blogs there, and she'll remove it.

Many have opened their eyes wide open to her ways. She has a way of getting people do to all sorts of her nasty dirty deeds.

She brags about being instrumental in doing away with Gray Charles as well.

Well, not that that's such a great loss.

Her self appointed, self importance, self indulgence is beyond repair and the friendships that have been lost at her hand is irreversible.

juliegr said...

If I remember correctly, Stephen (merch man) came to all the sites and asked for recommendations for the moderator position on THHQ. The resulting vote was overwhelming for Gypsee. I don't think she "took over".

I'm ashamed that so many people made comments bashing Gypsee without having the guts to own their comments.

AmyH said...

Julie - That didn't happen. I have ZERO recollection of Stephen or anyone else asking for suggestions as to who to appoint Moderator.

I do remember him (Stephen) asking for overall/general suggestions, but Moderators were not something tossed into the mix.

She may not have weaseled her way into HQ (which she DID take over once she was ensconced), but she is certainly doing so in The Lounge.

Anonymous said...

Julie- Most of us have been around Taylorland since day one and I don't ever remember Stephen petitioning suggestions for a mod at HQ.

I do however, remember him asking what could be changed etc.

If you want to talk about ashamed- go see your pal and ask her about how many psuedo names she and her possee posted with on the hate blogs.

Or how many people she gets to IM other for information.

Anonymous said...

Julie, let me tell you something about Gypsee. You put your name on something where you are critical of her and she will be your enemy for life and who needs that. Look what she did to Gray Charles on that MFOYA site. Stephen never asked the SP for mod suggestions and did not want her to use her real name, but she insisted. Bad move.

juliegr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Well, I have stuck with HQ since it opened, and I kept hoping and hoping that it would get better but.... I have to agree with everything Griz has said. And the short , short little blog really disappointed me. It's like we're just an afterthought. It's like he just threw us a necessary bone without much meat on it to shut us up.

Just disappointing. I won't be renewing.

juliegr said...

I repeat if you have the guts to bash anyone -- including me -- own your comment. I "owned" mine as did AmyH -- that's why so many of you are able to reply to me personally.

BTW, since Stephen asked SP for suggestions and Gypsee was recommended and selected by Taylor (I assume) how do we know it wasn't to be a moderator?

I repeat if you have the guts to bash anyone -- including me -- own your comment. I "owned" mine as did AmyH -- that's why so many of you are able to reply to me personally.

Also, I'm wouldn't call myself a "pal" with anyone in this discussion -- unless you know something I'm not aware of, I wouldn't use the term "pal" to discribe the nature or reason for my post. Since I'm WAY past 6th grade and junior high school, I'll bow out of this discussion.

A Sad Taylor Hicks Fan said...

You folks kill me .. Taylor needs to get that CD out soon before you start feeding on each other.

AmyH broke a rule at the new TH site & got called on it .. instead of acting like an adult she changed the text where the admin had removed a link and acted like a spoiled child. .. and why shouldn't she??? She has been given free rein to slap & delete at will over on the Boogie ... Amy you acted like a child. They were not rude to you.

So today is bash Gypsee day .. What has she done that is so terrible at HQ .. try to be nice ??? As far as I can tell it's the HQ that is the problem .. Music Today could care less about that site. We all know it .. BUT I will pay to stay if it gives me a shot at good seats for a concert and maybe a M&G.

As far as all of this infighting is concerned .. please give it a rest .... man it looks so bad for Taylor when this crap hits a Google alert ... There are people that have posted here today that sit on one board making fun of another... They go start crap on the Boogie & then go laugh about it behind closed doors ... Amy... you call these people your friends & they talk and laugh about you behind your back .. A fav game is "Let's go start crap at the Boogie". Griz .. you are a favorite topic of ridicule. THEN they come here because you are bashing Gypsee & jump on your bandwagon.

I just do NOT understand why this crap has to be aired out where everyone & their brother can read it ... Taylor fans take a beating everywhere... we sure don't need it from each other. You have a personal beef... keep it personal. You want to share what you wrote in a pm to others in a pm .. go for it.... Please stop poluting the Taylor internet space with this crap.

We all agree ...

1) The HQ has been a disappointment ... This is the fault of the administration .. not the fault of a moderator.

2) We are all ready for the new CD and tour.

I just hope we survive the infighting until it happens.

AmyH said...

SadTaylorHicksFan - You are a liar. That is all I have to say about that.

Keep telling your lies, Miss Anonymous.

soulthing said...

"A Sad Taylor Hicks Fan" - I beg to differ, but Gypsee is 80% of the problem at THHQ for *ME*. Her censorship of the direction of certain conversations is unacceptable and that's one thing I can't put up with. She needs to target the trolls that are currently very active over there and leave Taylor's long time supportive fans alone.

Anonymous said...


I have never once bashed griz anywhere. Don't speak for the anonymous posters here when you're one yourself and probably do what you acouse others of.

This crap should be aired out. Everyone is so afraid to say these things anywhere else. Yet, many fans feel the same way about Gypsee.

Speaking of going over to the Boogie and causing trouble didn't Gypsee and her tag team partner Wonder just make a huge deal over a chop of Taylor as a sexy angel a few weeks ago?

Gimme me a break.

Griz- thanks for letting people vent.

Wonder said...

I hesitate to get involved in this discussion because the last thing I want to do is fan the flames, but I think a few things need to be said.

HQ as a whole is a failure. I think most of us can agree on that. It's never attained the goals Taylor seemed to want to achieve with it. Where the blame should be placed for that failure is open for discussion. But I would like those of you bashing Gypsee for the tone and content of the message board there to stop for a moment and think beyond any personal beefs you might have with her.

I can't and won't speak for anyone else, but I have to think that the manner in which the message board is moderated is not of her choosing, but rather of those in an administrative position there. She is, in essence, an employee. And as such must follow the guidelines she's been given by her employers. As anyone in the working world knows, if you don't follow the rules at your workplace, you don't stay employed for very long. The fact that she's remained a moderator there makes it obvious to me that the admin is satisfied with the job she's been doing.

As for this: Speaking of going over to the Boogie and causing trouble didn't Gypsee and her tag team partner Wonder just make a huge deal over a chop of Taylor as a sexy angel a few weeks ago?

Firstly, as someone who's been involved in Taylor's internet fandom since the early days of Gray Charles and was one of the charter members of the Boogie Board, I felt I had the right to voice my opinion of the Taylor chop. I didn't then (and still don't) feel that posting it was in good taste, especially not on one of the largest, busiest and most well-known of Taylor's fan boards.

Secondly, if there was tag-teaming involved I certainly wasn't aware of it. I had my say, got slapped down for it (which I fully expected), posted a second time and then washed my hands of it. There is enough negitivity within this fanbase now; I felt no need to add to it.

Having said that, I just want to thank Griz for giving me the opportunity to add my voice here. And now I think I'll go find some leaves to rake ...

Crazymomelon said...

I am incensed at the cowards who post such nastiness under their 'anonymous' cloaks.
Griz does us the favor of allowing a free interchange.
At least return the favor by including your internet "identity" while spewing your "opinions".
It's only fair to those you are critiquing.
I am not angry with HQ. It is what it is - a slow-moving dinosaur ill equipped to handle the style of a Taylor Hicks fansite.
It happens.
So, maybe Taylor will cut his losses (these websites don't come cheap) and move on next year. BFD. $25 gone. would you like to see my portfolio?

Anonymous said...

Wonder said: I had my say, got slapped down for it (which I fully expected), posted a second time and then washed my hands of it. There is enough negitivity within this fanbase now; I felt no need to add to it.

I say: Then why did you?

Trixi said...

Sounds like it's time for a group hug!!