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Sunday, December 28, 2008

American Idol Season 8 Commercial With ALL 7 Winners Showcased!

It's about friggin' time that money grubbing show that exploits vulnerable, young contestants gave it's Season 5 winner the recognition he deserved. Maybe they need to boost their continuing falling viewership by seducing his fanbase back into the fold.... or maybe they're trying to tell us that winning actually does matter and that fourth place losers such as Daughtry are not what the producers had in mind during the initial concept of the show. This caused a huge exit by a lot of fans. Fly-by-night copy-cats have a limited life-span and certainly aren't thinking long-term success. As nice as this commericial is, however, Taylor Hicks doesn't really need American Idol anymore. After all, he's had a tremendously successful year in 2008 making his mark on the Broadway stage, playing to sold out shows and starring in the National Tour of "Grease" this Winter and Spring across the country. He has also been named one of the most successful celebrities to hit the Great White Way this year. The playing field is just about level these days in that he will use the show to his advantage, as I'm sure they will use him to further their never-ending deep pockets .... take a look for yourself (thanks Skeeter for capturing this)!


Trixi said...

Maybe with Clive and Nigel out, their way of thinking is changing? Probably not, but they couldn't have a commercial about the winners without Taylor. So whether or not they wanted to put Taylor in their commercial... they HAD too! He was the winner...fair and square.

Maybe the commercial will refresh peoples memory about Taylor and look and see what he has been doing.

taylorfan06 said...

AI is all about the CHEESE.

Taylor Hicks was the ONLY performer who ever had originality AND depth. I will not be watching the show, but IF Taylor does make an appearance, how can I refuse watching?

I can only hope that they do the right thing and acknowledge his accomplishments. I really hope to see "The Distance" giving Taylor the recognition he deserves AND has worked so hard for.

Since everything seems to be based on numbers, let's show AI how much Taylor still matters with our pocketbooks. I'm planning on buying my share of copies. How about you??

nicholas r. said...


Buying several copies of Taylor's album is a great way to support him, and I will be doing so too...but...if we really want "The Distance" to get recognition, like it or not, we will need to spend some time working on getting the single(s) signifigant airplay. Getting his songs played on the radio allows him to be heard by thousands at once and will no doubt equal more CD sales. Easier said than done, but I think we can do it, especially now that Taylor appears to have some great people working for him who won't be telling us "don't request his single to radio" as jrecords did.

taylorfan06 said...

My hope is that the new Taylor single(s) will be so undeniable that they will get the recognition and the airplay they deserve which is so important in selling CD's these days.

I want Taylor to do well in getting his music heard. I do believe that the people behind him will work smart and put him where he needs to be - on the radio. Let's get that voice "heard".

I'm dying to hear "new" Taylor music myself.