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Friday, December 12, 2008

Impressive Respect For American Idol's Soulman

If in fact Taylor's CD cover looks like the one shown above, don't you think that it looks a bit (okay quite a bit) like the latest CD cover by fellow blue-eyed soul and legendary singer Michael McDonald? Both have that septia tone glow to them, both have that cityscape, eerie nighttime quietness to them and both artists have that sort of cold blank stare - one looking at you and the other looking down the road - and both dressed in black. It's no wonder that both albums were produced by the same guy, Simon Climie and both have almost identical session men who backed them in the studio. Those session men are mostly from Eric Clapton's current touring band and are some of the finest blues & soul musicians in the industry. Everyone from bassist Nathan East to guitarists Doyle Bramhall II and Michael Thompson; from keyboardist Toby Baker and Tim Carmen to drummer Abe Laboriel Jr., who also has played behind Paul McCartney and Sting. It is quite impressive that such an elite and prestigeous group of session men, excited to work with Taylor, were enlisted to accompany him - the winner of Season 5 of American Idol - that lone bluesman who didn't look like the typical American Idol, that young pop star who will make pre-teens part with their parents money in a hurry; that tool that will do as they are told, record what the corporate pigs say and be a true croonie for the corporation.

Nope, this winner, Taylor Hicks, has managed to break free; sort of like finding his "New Found Freedom". He has has forged his own path and is living out his dream his way, playing his music and being true to himself the way he sees fit. Taylor is earning and has earned respect from his peers, both in front of and behind the scenes the old fashion way - through years of hard work, determination, respect, and by having the gift of voice - one of the finest blues voices around today.


juliegr said...

As usual, a very perseptive column Soulthing.I like the photo so, of course, I'd agree with you.

Thanks for the comparison photos of MM and TH. ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like the album pic at first, but after reading your column and seeing the comparison photos, I like it alot more.

Great write-up Griz!


Trixi said...

I liked what you had to sy Griz. Taylor seemed ecstatic with the group of musicians that are working with him. After all Clapton isn't just a fly by night musician.

With every article, review, interview, it's making February seem like it will never get here.

It sure seems that Taylor is in good hands. His own!

taylorfan06 said...

Personally, I'd prefer a smiling picture of Taylor on the cover of the Feb. 10th(?) CD cover, and IN COLOR.

Even though what's on the inside WILL be amazing, there's nothing like a smiling picture of Taylor to "grab" your attention.

That b&W pic is just a bit too brooding and low energy. Just saying.

taylorfan06 said...

Regardless, I WILL still be buying a copy... or ten!

itsallgrey said...

I'd have to say that I love that picture of him on the cover. Are we for sure that that is the actual cover?

soulthing said...

Nah, we're not sure, but I bet if it's not, the actual photo will be from the same photo session. It will definitely a great cover to stare at while listening to the new sound of the CD!