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Monday, December 8, 2008

GREASE, Starring Taylor Hicks Grosses Over $1.1 Million In Its First Week!

Despite a sluggish economy, Taylor Hicks is bringing people out to see the touring company of 'Grease' this winter, which started in Providence, RI on Dec. 2. According to the Providence Journal, "...the new national tour, headlining American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, is doing well at its first stop in Providence. Lynn Singleton, president of PPAC, said he expects the show to gross about $1.1 million this week, or about 10 percent better than Legally Blonde, which opened its national tour here in September.

“We’re very pleased,” said Singleton. “The market has responded well in a daunting time, and on top of that the crowds seem to love the show.”

Singleton said he expects the show to play to about 80 percent capacity before it closes in Providence tomorrow. From Providence the touring show leaves for stops in 13 other cities by the end of May...."

And, he's making believers out of just about everyone who sees the production. Jessica Braley of the Herald News put it this way:

"...Consider yourselves warned. The number of times I voted for Taylor Hicks to win “American Idol” may directly interfere with my ability to be partial when reviewing the touring production of “Grease” at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

At first, I was skeptical at the Idol winner’s ability to pull off the teen role first made famous by Frankie Avalon, but with a booming voice and a few flashes of his harmonica skills, Hicks made a believer out of me. Catching a glimpse of the star posing for pics with fans on his way into the theatre certainly helped.

Bringing a personality and a personal history to the role, Hicks delivered a shining, literally and figuratively, performance as Teen Angel and his performance of “Beauty School Dropout” was certainly one of the high points of the show. Descending from a glittering, fur-lined ice cream cone to the stage in a sequined, glittering suit complete with flashy angel wings, Hicks mesmerized Frenchy and the audience. Frenchy, played exquisitely by Kate Morgan Chadwick, snagged a few laughs when pleading with Hicks as she toyed with his open shirt, “You know ... I voted for you...”

Or how about this unsuspecting blogger who completely get turned on by Taylor's performance as Teen Angel.... check this one out ...

"...omg omg omg just saw grease at ppac.

well, saw it last night. but it hit me so hard that it feels like i just saw it.

see now i feel bad because i honestly enjoyed it, and those last two sentences make it seem like i didn't. so, to clarify, i did enjoy the performance. but what i enjoyed most was TAYLOR HICKS.

awww yeah he's too old to play any of the main characters so he played 'teen angel' and sang 'beauty school drop out' to frenchie.

and i'll be the first to tell you that i was never really big into mr. hicks, there. or american idol at that moment. but now that i saw this show? well, i will also be the first to say that he stole the show.

really, he did. good song, good acting, really enjoyed himself. of course, he has sang this song hundreds of times, but he seemed to really enjoy it. and thus, i did too...."

or Dick Upson of the Blues, Soul & Rock 'n Roll blog:

"...Hicks has a big, soothing voice that was perfect in the best doo wop fashion as Teen Angel consoles poor Frenchy that she can still "...go back to high school.." even if she is a "Beauty School Dropout..."

Or how about this from Randy Rice at BroadwayWorld.com:

"...Taylor Hicks, whom the audience adores, has a magical entrance and does a fine job as Teen Angel. While Hicks may be a draw to bring the audience into the theater, he does not rely on gimmickry. Hicks understands the campy nature of the role but approaches Teen Angel with artistic integrity. He gets to wail a few bars on his harmonica, which adds another dimension to the character..."

You GO Taylor!!!! Show the country what you got, dude!

Photo by Diane @ The Boogie!! Thanks! :)


juliegr said...

Welcome back chica! ;)

Taylor and the producers of Grease made another good decision about the tour production! What a fun time is ahead for everyone on the tour route.

Trixi said...

Just keep bringing the good news, and the NEW fans!!

If people would just get rid of the stereotype of who Taylor is, they would be able to see a great entertainer. Notice I said entertainer. That is what Taylor is. He is a good musician, good song writer, good harp player, and a good actor. Put all those together and what do you get? Entertainer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man ole man this is sweeeet! It just warms my heart to read and hear all these awesome reviews. Taylor is finally getting the accolades he deserves since winning AI. I can't wait to see this performance in April and especially looking forward to hearing his new music. 2009 is going to be a great year for Taylor and his fans!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all this great news. Eighty percent filled in this economy and in wintery cities will be great. When I read Luke, last night I smiled. Tay is keeping his name out there and showing his talents. rosie

taylorfan06 said...

So glad to read these POSITIVE reviews, not that I'm surprised though. Taylor has "it", and it shows in every city he performs.

I totally agree with Trixi about the stereotype of Taylor. Like Taylor has said before "give me a chance, give me a chance." I'm glad I did back in Jan., 06.
He the real deal, a born entertainer who had added so much to my life.

Taylor is truly an "angel".

jerseyirish said...

First time posting, this is such great news. Taylor just continues to prove all his critics wrong. All the press is so positive and he is the reason the Grease tour is making money, he is the show. So many of the reviews I have read say that he is just a natural. 2009 can only get better for him, he is realizing his dream. Thanks for posting the results of his first week out.


Coun1100 said...

Welcome back griz! Thanks for the information! The world is finally noticizing how talented Taylor really is and I'm so happy for him. Mark my words.....Taylor's new CD will grammy worthy!

taylorfan06 said...

Is that the CD cover? Very Sexy!

taylorfan06 said...

On further evaluation, I hope that Taylor goes for a SMILE pic for the cover. He actually looks a little pissed off in the pic, similar to the post idol CD.

Lets see the gorgeous smiling face on the cover. Better energy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the release of the record has pushed back to March 3.

taylorfan06 said...

If that's the case, it better be a masterpiece.

Trixi said...

I haven't heard anything about this. Where did you get your info anoymous?

soulthing said...

I haven't heard anything about it being pushed back to March 3. Taylor just said yesterday in that Michigan interview that Feb 10 is the date of release, so I'm going with that.