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Monday, December 1, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Sales Update

Now that we're heading into another chapter of Taylor's recording career with the release of his new CD on February 10, 2009 under his own label, "Modern Whomp Records", I'd thought I'd update everyone of the sales of the last album for JRecords. According to the World Wide Albums website, an estimate of sales worldwide of the "Taylor Hicks" album finds a very respectable and solid 803,200 to 835,232 CDs sold to date. Not bad, folks, not bad at all!


Trixi said...

I would have to agree with you Griz....not bad at all.

For most artist and labels those aren't bad numbers. Like Taylor has said... slow and steady wins the game!!!

juliegr said...

I'm in total agreement! Thanks for the new numbers, Griz.

Did you see the article in blogcritics?

Check it out.


taylorfan06 said...

Those #'s are great considering the lack of airplay.
TH is a solid CD with MANY great songs that SHOULD have been BIG radio hits. For those who still don't have a copy, I urge you to download or pick up a physical copy today! It makes the PERFECT holiday gift.

I wonder if a video OR 2 might have pushed it over the million mark. I could picture some fun videos for some of those songs. I guess I just have to settle for the youtube videos and WATW which are AMAZING!!!

taylorfan06 said...

GREAT article, juliegr. Thanks for the link.
I really hopes that a single is released SOON, before the release of the CD.

I also hope that WATW is released on 2/17, as reported earlier. It's the BEST concert and I want ALL the fans to see it. Taylor was a bit vague on the release date.

Nicholas R. said...

The album has sold at least 100,000 more worldwide than in the U.S. As of September, nielson soundscan showed it had sold 703,000 copies total, and since then has sold less than 50 copies per week. The CD is still floating around in many stores if you hunt it out. My local FYE, Barnes and Nobles, and Borders all have copies in stock. With regards to the sales numbers, no they aren't bad at all, but don't expect the new album to come anywhere close to it for several reasons. Not because the music will be any worse, but because:
1. the music industry as a whole is down at least 40% from two years ago,
2. As a general rule, Idols almost always sell far less with their second post-idol album, and
3. Sales for "Early Works" are 4,000 total, further evidence his fan base has shrunk considerably over the past few years. I know it's a collection of old songs available at 1 retailer(ok,now it's on itunes and various online sites too) but still, nowhere near the 703k of the self titled. 4k copies sold is exactly .006% of 703k.

taylorfan06 said...

That was some post Nicholas. I am disappointed in the sales of EW. I bought a few copies actually and gave them as gifts to friends (who gave very positive reviews.) Lack of promotion did hurt that release, but I sure hope with the exposure Taylor will get from "Grease" that word will spread for the Feb. 10th release of the new CD.

Never say never. The music biz is pretty sad these days, but I hope the new single, which should click with people, will get airplay (which the last CD did not) and open up their minds to his music.

All I can say is give it a chance. His style of music is a good fit for me, as well as other people that I know. Regardless, I SO look forward to that new CD and will be buying numerous copies for myself and as gifts when it's released.

I wonder, Nicholas, have you seen Taylor LIVE yet? I bet you'll say, "that's not what I expected, he's really good." Yes, HE is.

Anonymous said...

Taylor is gonna sell a hell of alot of cds...no doubt in my mind. This time, he did not have the ball and chains. He also did not have the constant bashing of TPTB...instead of them promoting him. I don't really think the numbers matter to him...he is very proud of this and you can tell. His success has been fantastic...I love that he did Grease and is touring...picking up new fans all the time. Promoting his CD on the tour is great. The soul patrol is out there ready and waiting. Slow and steady...so, if it doesn't do what the first did...which I doubt...then, so what? The economy sucks...and no one is doing well. So...you have to go by the OTHER artists and what they are doing. Everyone is hurting. We are in a major recession if not a depression. Yet...he is still moving forward. I think he has probably made some valuable connections during his time off.

Just my opinion...blondebabe

Nicholas R. said...

Haha i know that was a long post. I'm really wondering about airplay for the next CD, I hope the first single has a more focused radio format target than JTFTW or HK did. It still blows my mind Taylor didn't have a huge hit with JTFTW, but what's done is done.

As far as seeing him live, yes I have seen him live twice, first in Boston at the Avalon and then in Cohasset(MA) at the music circus.
I thought the Boston concert was fantastic and exceded my wildest expectations, but Cohasset seemed a bit too loose to me, the songs and their attendant tags really seemed to drag that night.

I for one can't wait to hear news about the new single tonight from Providence.

Nicholas R. said...

Oh and here's a great story and interview of Taylor I just found from the Providence journal.


taylorfan06 said...

Thanks for the link Nicholas. That's was a wonderful article. The buzz is already starting. GREAT to have you as a fan.