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Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The SoulMan, Taylor Hicks, Hits The American Idol Stage Tonight!

Taylor Hicks comes home tonight to the stage that he completely dominated 3 years ago. Yes, the American Idol Season 5 winner takes the stage to sing his brand new single, the brilliant Seven Mile Breakdown, which will be released to country radio on May 5. It's one of the best songs on Taylor's newly released CD, The Distance. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, run and do so!

Things to watch out for tonight:

1. Taylor reminding America why they loved him and why he won in May of '06.
2. Taylor rumbling the studio, setting off a minor earthquake in Los Angeles.
3. Seeing Kara and Paula melting in their seats from his model-esque good looks.
4. Making sure that people realize Danny Gokey is no match and there is no comparison to Taylor. There is one and only one Taylor Hicks.

and last, but not least:

5. Simon looking pained and irritated as he watches Taylor show him what a real *star" looks like - not the pseudo stars that he manufactured, i.e., Leona Lewis, Daughtry and El Divo (who are they, anyway?)

It's payback time to all the naysayers, haters, chrolls and trolls that have infested the landscape these past 3 years. Blow it out your ass! Yes, it's time. Tear that 'ol place down, Mr. Hicks, and show those amateurs how a pro does it!

Seven Mile Breakdown at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles


Trixi said...

Taylor needs to look Simon right in the eye when the lyrics "I'm going to tear this whole place down and I'll be on my way"!!!

Knock'em dead Taylor...i can't wait, and by the sounds of it a lot of other people, non-soul patrol, are looking forward to seeing him also.

jerseyirish said...

Couldn't have said it better. You are right on with your post. Taylor is not a manufactured entertainer, he is the real thing. I think it kills Simon that Taylor has risen above all his nasty jabs and just keeps smiling, cause he knows he is a winner!!!

I too hope Taylor looks Simon right in the eye as if to say F-- You, I did my way.

America is going to remember why they voted him in 06, he takes to that stage and owns it, nothing Simon can do about that!!

I hope he has fun and knocks the socks off of folks, the non believers, he is gonna make belivers out of them.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to see Taylor on Idol tonight. I know he is going to be great. As for Danny Gokey, I think he's got a great voice and i hope he wins this year. I do not understand the comparison between him and Taylor. They are nothing alike. They both have different singing styles. Taylor is from the south and Danny is from the north.They don't even look alike, so i don't get it?

Anonymous said...

I thought the acoustics were bad on AI tonight and the people trying to accompany Taylor were struggling. Then Taylor cuts out some of the song, so all in all I was disappointed. Seems like Taylor was rushed in and out quicker than most former Idols. Maybe it was Taylor's choice to handle it that way. Jiro

Trixi said...

I thought Taylor did great. He had to cut the song to make fit their time slot. Isn't that song like 7 min long usually?

I was very happy with the appearance. Hell froze over... Simon stood and clapped!!