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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taylor Hicks Outsings Kelly Clarkson on National Anthems

Well, I'm terribly sorry Kelly, I don't care how many 'units' big 'ol Clive has pushed out of you, Taylor Hicks blows your version of the National Anthem right out of the water. It's too bad those 'pitch machines' you use in the recording studio couldn't cover your horribly flat, wobbly notes you sang live at the beginning and those god-awful vocals runs in the middle of the song. Hey, just keepin' it real, baby! You go Taylor and show 'em how it's done .... simple, yet pitch perfect with real feeling and sincerity.

Kelly Clarkson @ Opening Day at Yankee Stadium 4-16-09

Taylor Hicks @ Opening Day at AT&T Stadium (SF Giants) 4-7-09


jerseyirish said...

Wow, She was off key through most of it, and sounded out of breath also. No comparision to Taylor, you can hear his emotions come through when he sings the Anthem. He has her beat on this one!!!


Trixi said...

Yep, I agree this one goes to Taylor. Her voice sounded really shaky.

Anonymous said...

She sounded horrible. I agree Taylor's version was clearly the winner between these two. And his album is pretty damn good too!

jerseyirish said...

Did you see this write up?


I think alot of folks noticed she did not do well with it.


woo said...

I think she is singing a different star spangled banner...