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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks Brings the American Idol House Down Once Again!

Taylor Hicks seized the moment and conquered the American Idol stage yet again - 3 years after he was crowned Season 5 Winner. He performed flawlessly - blowing some harp and earning a standing ovation from all 4 judges - yes, included Simon Cowell - I know, I was floored too! And as far as I can remember, the judges have NEVER given a returning Idol a standing ovation before tonight. Kudos, Taylor for getting them on their feet for you! He looked so stunning in a black sleeveless vest, form fitting jeans, and boots. Simon cames in his underwear. Nice, Simon. Taylor outshined all the other guests with his charisma, his stunning voice and his mere presence. Yes, he IS a STAR in every possible sense of the word. Enjoy the performance, fellow fans, and check out the pictures!


Trixi said...

Great still shots Griz. Taylor was awesome. I fell for him all over again!!

Everyone should be proud of Taylor tonight. He kicked ass and took names!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Griz! Yes, Taylor did kick some serious ass tonight! I have this performance on my DVR and I can't stop watching it.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY!, Taylor has gotten the respect he deserves! I am so happy for him. He was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

After sleeping on it and watching replay a couple times this morning I've changed my mind about Taylor's performance. It wasn't bad at all, even though the tune was cut short, I guess at AI time limits. Seems like could spare 4:18 for the tune and a little more interview time. Jiro

jerseyirish said...

Great pictures, wow. He looked and sounded fantastic. Absolutely brought them all to their feet, don't think I have seen the judges give any returning Idol a standing ovation. Way to go Taylor!!!!


browneyes said...

Thanks Griz for these great pics!! Taylor looked and sounded amazing and finally got the respect he deserves. The standing "o" floored me too! You could see the joy in his performance and how much fun he was having.Taylor is a STAR!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Simon wore his underwear. LOL

I think Simon was sending a message. Mr. Cowell seems to have found truth in the old saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." I think he decided ahead of time to finally show Taylor some support, and it was killing him. The underwear was his way of disrespecting Taylor while he gave him a standing O.