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Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taylor Hicks To Appear on American Idol Next Week 4/29/09!

Yes, the shit has hit the fan and pigs really do fly! I can't believe it. The Idol producers decide to the right thing - finally - after 3 friggin' years! After 3 years of snarking on their Season 5 Winner. Yes, Taylor Hicks is returning to where it all started for him - on the American Idol stage. No doubt, he will be satisfying the curiosity of millions of AI watchers who have no idea what he's been up to the last few years. Face it, Americans have their heads in the sand most of the time. They'll be able to see the real Taylor Hicks, the musician, singer and entertainer he has become since he left the Idol stage. He will be returning a new man with a new image - a self confident singer/songwriter/musical theater performer who just released his new album on his own label. No winner can say that. How satisfying, eh? What an accomplishment in my book. No doubt, Ryan will be asking him about his role in the Broadway production and his starring role in the touring company of Grease where he plays Teen Angel. I'm assuming he will get a proper introduction this time (as opposed to his non intro during the Season 6 finale when he sang "Heaven Knows").

He will be singing his new single, the rockin' Seven Mile Breakdown. No word whether Simon Cowell will be singing background vocals (I kid), but I can't wait to see him lay that scowl on his face watching his nemesis on stage. Oh joy joy joy!

Since contestant Danny Gokey's late wife was a big fan of Taylor's, I'm actually interested if they'll get a quick handshake on stage, since he and Taylor have gotten their fair share of comparisons this year (although I see little similarity).

Borrowing a line from his new song, "he's going to tear that old place down and be on his way"........ Alright!

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jerseyirish said...

I am so excited he will be on also. He is gonna rock the place with SMB, move over Adam, Taylor has returned. I am glad they have done the right thing by having him back. I am also hoping that Ryan will speak to him after his performance as he does with every returning Idol, winner or not. Taylor has come a long way since he graced that Idol stage and America needs to see that and see they will. He can't get a bigger viewing audience then at Idol, maybe an increase in CD sales after his appearnce worked for Cook, Studdard and Hudson all had increases in sales after they were on.


Anonymous said...

Would like to see the band that recorded with Taylor on the CD there, that slide guitar added a lot to the song. By the way I believe on May 13 Taylor will be playing in the Regions Charity Golf Classic(at Ross Bridge) in Birmingham. Pro-Am is on May 13 & 14. He was interviewed a couple weeks ago here and said he would play in Regions. Jiro

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that he would pick this song for his next release. Taylor needs to stay with what he does best, LOVE SONGS! I was expecting Maybe You Should. Or, Woman's Gotta Have It, both great songs that show Taylor's vocals. I am DREADING his appearance on American Idol if he sings this song! Who is managing him? UHHHHH, I am SO frustrated! Taylor never will be recognized as the great talent that he is if he keeps releasing these terrible songs!