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Friday, November 2, 2007

Jordin Sparks - The Newest AI Loser

Are they kidding with this album cover? It looks like all of her 17 years of life have just been sucked out of her by the AI conglomerate. "Jordin, make sure you don't smile or even give a hint of personality in this picture". And what's with the leather jacket? I guess that's supposed to make me think she has an edge? That this is a CD worth spending $18 on? I think not, folks.

Ms. Sparks, watch yourself. Your dangerously close to becoming one of their brainless puppets devoid of any artistic redemption.

Wake me up with this nightmare is over.

To her credit, she's not wearing a bumble bee outfit and ho-boots Katharine McPhee was advertising on her CD. I mean, really, Open Toes? LOL!! No wonder it's the worse CD ever to come out of Idol.

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